The E-Sylum:  Volume 9, Number 47, November 19, 2006, Article 1


Among our recent subscribers are Don Hartman and Steve Bobbitt.
Many of us know Steve as the former public relations director at
the ANA (and husband of Numismatist editor Barbara Gregory).
Welcome aboard!  We now have 999 subscribers.

This week's issue brings us to the brink of the 1,000 subscriber
mark, and several readers have offered suggestions and assistance
for marking the occasion.  The issue opens with sad news, however
- former Medallic Art Company president William Louth has passed away.

Several new books are discussed in this issue.  John and Nancy
Wilson and David Gladfelter review Dave Bowers' new book on obsolete
paper money, readers comment on the Tribute Edition Red Book, Krause
Publications plans a new series of portable guides, and Jane Colvard
reviews Douglas Mudd's new book, "All the Money in the World"
(reprinted with permission from the ANA's Numismatist magazine).

I couldn't resist following up a bit on a short query from John
Kraljevich, and managed to uncover some good information on an early
ANS officer, Alexander Balmanno, and along the way discover a great
online resource for numismatic research in the Brooklyn Eagle
newspaper archive.  Other Internet resources mentioned this week
include the Digital Librarian (a librarian's choice of the best of
the Web), the Roman Provincial Coinage Online project at the
Ashmolean Museum, and an online copy of Toda's classic work on
Vietnamese cash coins.

In a rare event, we have a submission which arrived via the U.S.
Postal Service from Joseph Lasser, whose numismatic mentor as a
boy was none other than Julius Guttag!  Another rare event occurred
this week when subscriber R.V. Dewey tracked me down by telephone
to thank me for answering his earlier query on a lot in the 1954
Farouk sale.  We bibliophiles are an odd bunch, taking pride in
having obscure data close at hand.  Glad to help!

>From the numismatic museum desk we have a report on the Money Museum
of the Central Bank of the Philippines, and discuss the great Coin
World article on the opening of the Newman Money Museum.  Speaking
of Coin World, the November 13 Coin World offers a new numismatic
term (new to me, anyway).  Don Kagin's ad for "an offering of rare
and unique assay & presentation ingots and bars from the Robert
Bass collection" credits research by E-Sylum subscriber "Fred N.
Holabird, Leading Ingotologist."

It's a whopper of an issue with other articles covering a new chapter
to the story of Alexander the Great and his elephant medallions, the
donation to a British museum of an extensive collection of war medals,
and several other interesting subjects.  Read on to learn how coin
tricks landed three Japanese magicians in jail, and why poor-quality
banknotes are inciting fistfights in Kampala.  Have a great week,

Wayne Homren
Numismatic Bibliomania Society

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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