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The E-Sylum: Volume 3, Number 21, May 21, 2000, Article 2


In kicking off this discussion, I noted that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was known as a stamp collector. David L. Ganz adds that

"FDR was also a coin collector and medal collector (little known). There is a modest exhibit in the presidential library at Hyde Park. His cousin, Theodore, has a nice collection of medals and awards at Sagamore Hill, in Junior's home on the premises."

Bob Dunfield writes:

"I have seen Jonathan Winters at several coin shows, including the Santa Barbara and the Santa Maria Coin Shows. At one Santa Barbara show at the Miramar Hotel, he was kind enough to autograph a copy of the 'Bank Note Reporter' for me! A picture on the front page showed a typical dealer and collector scene, and Jonathan created a new caption for the picture that was really quite funny! He's quite a character!

On the book collecting side - my wife and I try to attend the Burbank Book Fair as often as possible. I look for numismatic material (which is sadly represented); in fact, Malter Galleries are often the only dealers that have a reasonably good selection - mostly ancient coins though.

Several years ago, I spotted Jay Leno hurrying through the aisles. From what I understand, he is an avid book enthusiast. I informed my wife, Christine, that Mr. Leno and his entourage were there, and she caught up with him in time to receive a pleasant chat and an autograph on the book fair program! Another really nice fellow!"

Fred Lake writes:

"An easy way to pick out some famous names is to peruse Martin Gengerke's "American Numismatic Auctions" reference. He lists the consignors for most auctions held in the U.S.

Some names that come to mind immediately are Buddy Ebsen, Jascha Heifitz, Hoagy Carmichael, Gary Burghoff ("Radar" on M.A.S.H.), Moshe Dayan (from Israeli politics), Harry Einstein ("Parkyakarkus" from old radio days), and from more recent times John LaRocquette. I'm sure you will receive many more names of the famous or infamous who were collectors. A couple of more collectors of note come to mind. Adolph Menjou (Movies) and Wayne Gretzky (Sports - albeit more of an investor than a collector)."

Suellen Ruttkay of Coin World adds:

"Penny Marshall, director/actress, has been spotted at coin shows (generally in California) over the years. Her picture appeared in Coin World some issues back - She was referring to a "Coin World Ledger" at a show (Long Beach, I think.)"

Mike Keating mentioned Penny Marshall as well. Great name for a coin collector, don't you think? If we have a daughter, I wonder if my wife would go for that name...? Nah...

Harold K. Fears, Jr. writes:

"My favorite was the baseball player Andre Dawson. He had a substantial collection that was put up for auction several years ago."

From Carl Honore:

"Celebrity Collectors who come to mind are:
1) Enrico Caruso (Opera Singer)
2) Andre Dawson (Chicago Cubs)
3) Jerome Kern (Composer)
4) Adolphe Menjou (Actor)
6) Hoagy Carmichael (Composer)"

Well, we've come up with a good list of American celebrities; what about the rest of the world?

Doug Andrews writes:

"for celebrity numismatist, I nominate Farouk I, King of Egypt 1937-1952."

Any others?

Wayne Homren, Editor

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