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The E-Sylum: Volume 3, Number 44, October 22, 2000, Article 2


Ken Barr writes: "According to Jim Bergman, John's service / funeral will be held at 3:00 PM on Monday, October 23 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, 4471 Lincoln Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630, 714-828-3131."

Charlie Davis writes: "I was so sorry to hear of John Bergman's death. I had known him for almost 20 years as a friend and colleague, confidant and sounding board. When I first went into business putting out fixed price lists, John would always call and tell me what I had grossly unvalued. He never picked the items off but always found a polite way to tell me I screwed up.

Whenever I went to Long Beach, John insisted that I stay at his house and I was never allowed to stay in a hotel. Each night we would come back from the show and be up most of the night talking books. Whenever NBS had a contested election, John was the one asked to receive and count the ballots. Whenever you bid in his auction, you knew the lot was properly described and that your bid would be reduced.

Honest almost to a fault, and knowledgeable to the nth degree - this is how I will remember John. He will be sorely missed"

Allan Davisson writes: "I am saddened to hear of John Bergman's untimely death. We did not have a great deal of contact over the years but every time I did deal with him I was impressed by his knowledge and decency.

This is a year of loss for numismatics as relatively young--men in their 50's--are passing away. Patrick Finn is gravely ill and in hospice care. Bill Warden passed away earlier this year. The passing of all three of these expert and generous people leaves a void in our numismatic community."

David Sklow writes: "Sherry and I were deeply saddened by the news of John Bergman's passing. I have known John for more than twenty years, and considered him a good friend. He was always the calm cool and collected one! The last time I saw John was when he attended the auction of another follow bibliophile who left us before his time, the Ken Lowe sale last November in Dearborn. There is definitely truth in the saying, "the good die young." I know I speak for all of the numismatic brotherhood, when I say John will be missed!! If there was one thing I learned from John Bergman, it was if you are going to sell Numismatic Literature, do it right and pack it right!! You never wanted him to find a book touching the inside edges of a carton! We have lost four giants of Numismatic Literature in the last few years, I only wonder what great stories, Bergman, Champa, Collins and Lowe are swapping upstairs!"

[Editor's note: John's love for fine numismatic literature is evident on his web site:, particularly in his article, "The Art of Mailing Books."]

Wayne Homren, Editor

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