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The E-Sylum: Volume 3, Number 45, October 29, 2000, Article 5


Paul Withers writes: "I am pleased to announce the birth of a new book : LEAD WEIGHTS The David Rogers Collection by Norman Biggs and Paul Withers, with a foreword by Geoff Egan.

The book is A4 format with card covers and has 70 pages with a separate 4 page supplement which has prices and a guide for collectors. Lead weights might at first seem to be unconnected with numismatics, but David Rogers the late owner of the collection was a keen numismatist and some of the weights are clearly intended to check the weights of coins, or to weigh coins as bullion. A few goldsmiths weights, intended to weigh precious metal, are also included. Price 15 GBP. Post extra.

Lead weights have been used in Britain for about 2000 years, but very little has been written about them and what does appear is usually buried deep in archaeological reports. The late David Rogers was collecting at a time when the advance of metal detecting meant that large numbers of new finds were turning up in greater profusion than ever before, or have since. His collection, due to his dedication to the subject, was by far the largest and most important assembled. Nearly 300 items are arranged, described and illustrated. Geoff Egan writes in his foreword :

"The David Rogers Collection of lead weights, here published in a catalogue raisonne, is probably the largest and most diverse in existence in England for the period it represents. It was assembled over some fifteen years, at a time that turns out to have been uniquely provident of uncharted excavated material, then available in unprecedented quantity. This combination of chance factors was fortunately exploited by a shrewd collector's instinct, so that with this present work the subject is now advanced significantly...... This present guide is a milestone in the rational, carefully considered interpretation of a most difficult topic."

Galata Print Ltd.,
The Old White Lion,
Market Street,
UK   SY22 5BX

Those in the US may obtain the book through the US distributor, Allan Davisson, who may be contacted at"

Wayne Homren, Editor

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