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The E-Sylum: Volume 4, Number 1, January 5, 2001, Article 9


George Fuld writes:

"I visited with the relatives of Jacob Perkins (with the same last name) during the year 1958-9 in Newburyport. They only had two numismatic items in their possession. One was the oval gold funeral medal (Baker 169) in an ornate case with Masonic symbols in it. They agreed to sell me the medal for $150, but retained the case which they donated to the local historical society. I unfortunately did not get a photo of the case.

In addition, they had a coin die of Baker 60,, the General of the Armies colonial coin, obverse only. They wanted $5,000 for the die, and I could not offer them even a fraction of that. I did contact Mrs. R. H. Norweb to see if she wanted to purchase the die and donate it to the ANS. She politely refused.

Later in the year, Albert Collis purchased the die for an undisclosed price. As it is well known, this die was the source of the uniface Collis restrikes that appeared on the market. The die was a SOHO product, probably Hancock, which Perkins must of picked up when he visited London in the early 1800's."

Wayne Homren, Editor

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