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The E-Sylum: Volume 4, Number 14, April 1, 2001, Article 15


Mark Borckardt writes:

"In response to the discussion regarding three letter codes for auction, I have been using such a system for several years to record data on prices realized for such things as patterns, medals, Hawaiiana and other items. Most of this is simply for my own use, internal to my work with Bowers and Merena.

I have prepared a sample listing of three letter codes, attached, using Martin Gengerke's "American Numismatic Auctions" as a guide. The file only includes firms beginning with the letter A. If E-Sylum subscribers would provide feedback, I would be more than happy to complete this for the rest of the firms, with the idea of adding additional firms along the way. This listing is certainly available for the free use of any who care to access it.

[Editor's note - the list is short, so I've extracted it from Mark's file and appended it below]

In response to Dick Johnson's code of B&M for Bowers and Merena, I prefer to keep my codes to the standard 26 letter alphabet, thus for Bowers and Merena, I use BMG (Bowers and Merena Galleries). Certainly, ABM could also be used (Auctions by Bowers and Merena). In the special case of joint sales, Bowers and Presidential, Stack's and Superior, Akers and Rarcoa, etc., the easy solution would be to list these with the first firm based on alphabetical order. Notice also on the attached file that I use AUC for Apostrophe Auctions."

Code Firm

  • ACE Ace Stamp & coin Co.
  • ADE Adams, Edgar Holmes
  • ADG Adams, Geoffrey Charlton
  • ADM Adams, Mervin W.
  • ADS Adamski, Joseph J.
  • ADK Adkins, Gary
  • ADL Adler, Jonas
  • AKR Akers, David W.
  • ALD Alderfer, Sanford A. Auction Co.
  • ALC Alexander & Co.
  • ALB Alexander, Byron T.
  • ALX Alexandria Coin Sales
  • ALL Allgire, Richard L.
  • ALM Almanzar’s
  • ALP Alpert, Stephen P.
  • ALW Alward & Cagan
  • AMK A-Mark
  • AMB Ambassador
  • AMA American Art Association
  • AMH American Heritage Coin, Inc.
  • AMR American Rose Rare Coins
  • AMW Amwest
  • ACC Ancient Coin Club
  • ACS Ancient Coin Society of NY
  • ANC Ancient Coins
  • ANG Ancient Gens
  • AND Anderson Auction Co.
  • ANA Anderson, Al
  • ANH Anderson, H.W.
  • ANW Andrews, W.P. & Co., Inc.
  • ANM Antebellum Covers
  • ANT Anthon, Charles E.
  • ATI Antietam Coin Club
  • ANI Antiquity Imports
  • APF Apfelbaum, Earl P.L.
  • AQU Aquarius Gallery
  • ARA Ar Auctions
  • ARC Arcade Stamp & Coin Co.
  • ARI Ariadne Galleries
  • ARZ Arizona Exonumist
  • ARK Ark Auctions
  • ARN Arnold Numismatic Co.
  • ARO Aron, Michael J.
  • ASC Associated Coin Auction
  • ATT Attinelli, Emmanuel Joseph
  • ACT Auction (Old Saybrook, CT.)
  • AUC Auction ‘xx (Apostrophe Auctions)
  • AUM Auction Americana
  • AOK Auction Gallery of Oakbrook
  • AUW Auctions West

Wayne Homren, Editor

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