The E-Sylum:  Volume 6, Number 1, January 5, 2003, Article 13


  Steve Pellegrini writes:  "With a little patience many
  if not most modern books can be found at discounted
  prices. In Portland we have an outlet store which sells the
  thousands of books and periodicals which regularly get cleared
  from the public library system.  The bookstore is located in a
  retired Public Library building and is stocked with shelves
  complete with sets of References, rare old archives from the
  Oregon Historical Society, biographies, literature -- something
  for everyone. On one shelf is a 50 year run of 'National
  Geographic at .25 an issue - with a thick hardback Index for
  an extra 5.00.  One gem I managed to pick up here was a
  matching set of Will Durant's 'History of Civilization.' Ten
  volumes, so nearly unused that they still smell of printer's ink
  and glue. They were tagged at $3.00 a book or $20.00 the set.

  Also here in Portland is 'Powell's New & Used Books' which
  bills itself as the largest bookstore in the world. It's a small
  city of discounted books where you can easily lose an entire
  afternoon on the browse. Book bargains are everywhere."

  Larry Gaye adds: "I do want to comment on John
  Dembinski's missive regarding full retail prices.  I too refuse
  to buy retail and have done so for a long time.

  I am fortunate enough to live in Portland, Oregon and have
  Powell's in my backyard, well almost, only about a half mile
  away.  I continually haunt the stacks for deals.

  Some of my best buys have been there.  Whether it's
  numismatic literature or just plain "stuff,"  I love the books
  I find there.  I have made exceptions to my rule.  I purchased
  a signed first edition of both The Sparrow, and The Children
  of God by Mary Doria Russell; two of the most compelling
  stories I have ever read.  I needed almost six months to lapse
  before I could read The Children of God , the sequel to The
  Sparrow.  These are two amazing books.

  If any of you are planning on coming to Portland for the 2004
  National Money Show plan a little extra time to visit Powell's.
  It's quite easy to get to from the convention site.  If you want
  directions just contact me and I'll be happy.  I'll be easy to find;
  I'm the show chairman.  See you here in 2004."

  [The American Numismatic Association's National Money
  Show will be in Portland, March 26-28, 2004.  The summer
  convention will take place in Pittsburgh, PA  August 18-22,
  2004, and I'll be chairing that event.  Like Larry, I hope to
  see many of you at the show.

  I attended the 1998 summer convention in Portland, and
  visited Powell's while I was there.  It is indeed a pleasant
  place to browse for books.  If memory serves, it was enroute
  to Portland that my plane stopped in St. Louis where none
  other than Eric Newman boarded.   I quickly switched seats
  and spent the rest of my journey swapping numismatic yarns
  with Eric.   The chance to catch up with old friends is the best
  feature of any convention.  -Editor]

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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