The E-Sylum:  Volume 8, Number 42, October 2, 2005, Article 8


Paul Johnson writes: "I would like to announce a new
correspondence course that the Canadian Numismatic
Association has recently developed. I was the
Coordinating Editor of this project.

The course is available to all collectors and we believe is very
worthwhile. It was a team effort as we had eighteen qualified
individuals write the individual chapters. The course was
developed as a learning opportunity for collectors and not a
profit making venture.

If individuals do not want to complete the questions, the book
itself is a tremendous reference source numbering 486 pages
and more than a thousand photographs."

The following is from the CNA's web page announcing the
course: "The Canadian Numismatic Association has launched
a new correspondence course known as the Canadian
Numismatic Correspondence Course - Part II. Since the
release of the original correspondence course in 1995, there
has been an overwhelming demand to create a new course
for collectors. The original course was also launched in
Calgary in grand style.

This new course consists of seventeen chapters, 486 pages
and hundreds of photos and features all new material from
what was in Part I. The authors were chosen for their
numismatic expertise of the subject covered. The chapters
offers greater detail and more in-depth coverage than the
first course. These chapters include the following:

1 Canadian History and Numismatics
2 Buying and Selling Numismatic Material
3 Grading Canadian Coinage
4 The Benefits of Organized Numismatics
5 A History of Decimal Coinage in Canada
6 The Token - Canada's Original Currency
7 Canadian Paper Money for Advanced Collectors
8 Canadian Tire "Money" as a Numismatic Collectable
9 Canadian Commemorative and Historical Medals
& Art Medals
10 Exonumia and Related Items
11 Canadian Municipal Trade Tokens
12 The History and Collecting of Canadian Wooden Money
13 Ancient and Medieval Coins of the Western World
14 Computer Literacy and Its Use in Numismatics
15 An Overview of Canadian Numismatic Literature
16 The Benefits of Research In Numismatics
17 Developing Your Writing Skills and Using Illustrations
In Numismatic Publications

For more information, see the CNA web page at: CNA

The following is taken from the press release: "The course
is $50 for current C.N.A. members, $85.00 for non-current
C.N.A. members (which will include all benefits of membership
in the C.N.A. for a calendar year, including the 10 Journals
published during the year. Persons joining before December
31, 2005 will be considered members for the calendar year

The rate for junior collectors (16 years of age and under) is
$40.00 for current CNA members, $56.50 for juniors that are
NOT currently members of the CNA (Includes all benefits of
membership for a calendar year, including a special Young
Numismatist Kit only sent to new YN applicants). Pricing
includes all applicable taxes, shipping of the course, return
of the question & answer sheets and mailing of the Certificate
of Completion.

For further information on C.N.A. Correspondence Course -
Part II, or benefits of membership, go to the C.N.A. Website
at We can be reached via
e-mail at cnainfo at or telephone (416) 223-5980."

[This is a monumental undertaking and I encourage our
subscribers to consider purchasing the course materials.
I removed the author's names to save space, but I'll
acknowledge them here - they include a Who's Who of
Canadian numismatics, and quite a few are E-Sylum
subscribers as well: Wayne Jacobs, Michael Walsh, Brian
Cornwell, Chris Boyer, Paul S. Berry, Scott E. Douglas,
Robert J. Graham, Roger A. Fox, Ronald A. Greene and
Del Newbigging, Marvin Kay, MD, Serge Pelletier, Norm
Belsten, Bruce R. Brace, Bret Evans, Daniel W. Gosling,
Chris Faulkner and Peter N. Moogk, Ph. D." -Editor]

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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