The E-Sylum:  Volume 8, Number 42, October 2, 2005, Article 9


"The International Engraverís Line" by Gene Hessler
is now available, in a limited edition of 750, each with a
free engraving. The press release follows:

"With most of the 700 illustrations in color, The International
Engraverís Line is another feast for the eyes from the author.
This library-bound, 392-page compilation documents the lives
and work of men and women throughout the world who have
engraved and designed images on paper money from the 18th
century to the 21st-century issuance of the Euro. Since many
of these artists also engraved postage stamps, that work is listed
as well. Security and postage stamp artists who worked in the
United States are documented in an earlier work, The Engraverís
Line. As computer programs replace engravers, Mr. Hesslerís
work thoroughly documents and era of hand engraving that is
coming to an end.

Albrecht DŁrer established line engraving as a genre in the 16th
century. Later, this art form was adopted and perfected for bank
notes, securities and postage stamps. The pages of this fascinating
and colorful book are devoted to the lives and the work of the
men and women throughout the world, except those in the United
States, who have engraved and designed images on paper money
that have been used to purchase trinkets and treasures. (Security
artists who worked in America have been documented in The
Engraverís Line.) In addition you will find engravers of postage
stamps. Many of these miniature works of art, bank notes, listed
by Pick numbers and postage stamps, listed by Scott numbers
have become treasures in the hands of collectors.

Mr. Hessler has spent more than 15 years on this monumental
achievement. He has been in touch with engravers from all over
the world in an attempt to attribute their bank note work. Some
elderly engravers have since passed on after they related
personal information to the author about themselves, their
colleagues and predecessors. The historic information in The
International Engraverís Line cannot be found anywhere else.
This is the definitive book on the subject.

Many of the artists who are documented here, especially
engravers of bank notes, have received no other recognition ó
anywhere. Their employers often forbade them to discuss their
work in the ďoutside world.Ē British engraver Joseph Lawrence
Keen said that accepting a position with a bank note company
was like entering a monastery and surrendering oneís identity
ďas the iron door clanged behind you.Ē Mr. Hessler has
penetrated that door and now reveals what he uncovered.

In addition to issued bank notes you will see colorful essais,
or unissued bank notes, for Brazil, Czechoslovakia, France,
Ghana, Mauritania, the Netherlands and other countries.

In addition to the collector edition of The International
Engraverís Line, but included in the 750 (350 copies are
reserved for European distribution), there is a premium edition
of 100 copies, each is accompanied by 11 engraved works,
ten of them signed by the engravers.

One engraver accidentally signed the wrong notes that are
included in all but number 100 of the premium edition. The
first purchaser to identify this mistake and notify the author
will receive $50. With permission, the observant recipientís
name will be published in the numismatic press.

Collector Edition $69, Premium Edition $135, add $5
postage and insurance for each book; outside the U.S.
contact the author. Payment in US funds: bank checks,
money orders and personal checks drawn on U.S.-located
banks. Order from Gene Hessler PO Box 31144, Cincinnati,
OH 45231. For inquiries contact the author: engraversline at

Copies of The Engraverís Line, which focuses on engravers
and designers who worked in the U.S. are still available at $85.
Special: The International Engraverís Line and The Engraverís
Line $140 (incl. postage in the U.S.) For international postage
rates for this special contact the author: engraversline at

There will be three matching ultra-deluxe leather-bound sets of
The International Engraverís Line (TIEL) and The Engraverís
Line (TEL). TIEL will have inserts of six bank notes and one
portrait, all signed by the engravers. TEL will have the same
four inserts (three portraits and one bank note, all signed) as
the special edition that was issued in 1993 and an additional
insert. The price for this matching set will be $1200. Interested
parties inquire at: engraversline at

Gene Hessler, past editor of PAPER MONEY is the author
of four additional books (The Engravers Line; the Comprehensive
Catalog of U.S. Paper Money; U.S. Essay, Proof and Specimen
Notes; and An Illustrated History of U.S. Loans, 1775-1898.
Each has received literary awards.) Mr. Hessler has written over
350 articles including columns for Coin World and the Numismatist.
He served as curator for The Chase Manhattan Bank Money
Museum and the St. Louis Mercantile Money Museum.

As part of ďMoney TalksĒ, a series originating at the ANA and
broadcast on National Public Radio, one of his scripts was selected
to represent the nomination for a Peabody Broadcasting Award in

In addition to lecturing at the Smithsonian Institution, the ANS,
the ANA and elsewhere, Mr. Hessler has acted as a consultant
to museums including those of U.S. Federal Reserve Banks and
the Banknote and Postage Stamp Museum in Japan.

Mr. Hessler, a retired musician has traveled the world and has
performed with many of the most famous names in jazz and
classical music. He is listed in various editions of Whoís Who
in the Midwest, America and the World, and has appeared on
national television including two appearances on the NBC
TODAY show."

  Wayne Homren, Editor

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