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The E-Sylum: Volume 17, Number 35, August 24, 2014, Article 12


Quiz Answer: Mystery Head Identified
Last week I asked who could identify the person facing away from the camera in John Mutch's photo of me speaking at the 2014 NBS general Meeting on The Past, Present and Future of Online Numismatics.

Wayne Homren 2014 NBS General Meeting

Pete Smith writes:

I enjoy an occasional quiz in The E-Sylum and answer when I can. Attempting to identify the back of the head included with your picture presented a bit of a challenge for me.

People who attended the meeting might try to remember who was sitting in that part of the room. The pattern of the shirt looked familiar. I also noticed that the person was wearing two identification badges.

I believe I can guarantee that I am the one person in the room who could not have seen the back of that head during the meeting. I will recuse myself from this quiz this week.

If you haven't figured it out by now, the mystery head is Pete Smith's. -Editor

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The Medal Collectors of America Web Site
Regarding last week's Featured Web Site, Anne E. Bentley, Curator of Art & Artifacts at the Massachusetts Historical Society writes:

Ben does a superb job on the website and it’s lovely to see it featured in the E-Sylum.

MCA logo

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Granville Stokes Atlantic Cable Token Rarity
Regarding the rarity of the Granville Stokes cable relic advertising token, Alan V. Weinberg agrees with Joe Levine that it is more common than the Rulau book estimates. He writes:

Granville Stokes Atlantic Cable token reverse My estimate of known pieces well exceeds 20 specimens as compared to Rulau's estimate of 4 - 6. I personally have owned 5-6 different specimens over the years and seen others I did not own. Still, it is one of the most unusual American storecards but is obtainable with some patience for a few hundred dollars.

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1792 Half Disme Research
Regarding the 1792 Half disme research project being conducted by Len Augsburger, Joel Orosz and Pete Smith, Alan Weinberg writes:

1792 Cardinal collection half disme I had the distinct pleasure of briefly reviewing the manuscript, still a work in progress, at the ANA and was flabbergasted at the detail and accuracy of what I read. This will be some book when published. Fascinating stuff.

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Coin Dipping
Regarding the R.L. Miles collection, Alan Weinberg writes:

Shortly before the collection was auctioned by Stack's in the late 1960's it was on full display on the balcony at the NY Metropolitan Coin Show - then the 2nd most prominent coin show in the US - at the then Park Sheraton hotel , 7th Ave and 56th St, near Stack's. I viewed the exhibit and noted many of the copper coins - including a choice 1796 half cent had been dipped to a bright pink. I recall back then that natural silver and gold toning was not in favor and "bright" was in demand. How many nice original coins had their appearance altered by this market-favored dipping and cleaning? These coins are re-toned now over the years and considered "original".

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More on Dealer Charlie Dochkus
Dave Hirt writes:

I noticed one of people that information was asked about was dealer Charlie Dochkus. His name brought back memories to me. I met him once many years ago, probably around 1953-1954, at a country market near Boyertown, PA. There was a coin dealer there, and coins were also sold at auction. What brought Dochkus to a low brow place like that, I don't know, but with a group I walked with him to his car. He opened the trunk, and there was a vast array of coins. I was a high school student at that time, and could not afford the high grade material he had. That was the only time that I met him.

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More on Hollywood Movie Money
David Levy writes:

Regarding the article THE BUSINESS OF HOLLYWOOD MOVIE MONEY, I think the first picture (the two guys lying over the money pile) it is not from Rush Hour 2 but rather from Breaking Bad.

David may be right. The article didn't specifically attribute the photo. -Editor

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MORGAN DOLLAR: America’s Love Affair With a Legendary Coin is an engaging history and coin-by-coin study featuring the recollections of dealer John B. Love. Hardcover, 160 pages. By Michael “Miles” Standish. $29.95 at or call 1-800-546-2995.

Wayne Homren, Editor

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