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The E-Sylum: Volume 19, Number 21, May 22, 2016, Article 2


America's numismatic elder statesman Eric P. Newman turns 105 this Wednesday, May 25, 2016. Happy Birthday! -Editor

Eric P. Newman age 20 circa 1931 Eric P. Newman
Eric P. Newman, circa 1931 and 2011

Dave Bowers writes:

It has been a pleasure to have known Eric ever since I was a teenager in the 1950s, to enlist his talents for various research projects, to visit with him in St. Louis and to have him visit me in New Hampshire. He is a numismatic treasure and a portal to enlightenment. Here's wishing him a happy 105th.

Ken Bressett writes:

Best Birthday Wishes Eric. You are my constant mentor and inspiration. The numismatic world would not be what it is today without your dedicated guidance and stimulation.

Roger W. Burdette writes:

Best birthday wishes to Eric P. Newman - a beacon of integrity and accomplishment in numismatics.

Beth Deisher writes:

Happy Birthday, Mr Newman! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and continuing to blaze the numismatic path for so many.

Jeff Garrett writes:

Happy birthday. I'm so glad you have been able to contribute to numismatics for so many years. We all wish you the best.

Jim Halperin writes:

Happy 105th birthday to my hero, friend and favorite lifelong polymath. When I grow up I want to be just like you!

Dick Johnson writes:

Eric: 60 Years. We have known each other for a long time. I remember I met you when I was a college student at Washington University in Saint Louis. You were kind and answered questions from a very inquisitive coin collector. You taught me a lot, perhaps I became a numismatist under your influence. In 1957 you lent me a rare coin to illustrate the cover of my Numismatic Directory, a university class project. I enjoyed our many discussions at the time on numismatics and literature of the field. We stayed in contact over the years. When I was editor at Coin World you were always available for counsel or information. I can recall many such events that brought our lives together, all pleasant memories. On your 105th birthday you can bask in the admiration of many numismatic friends. I am fortunate to be one of those friends. Enjoy.

Lou Jordan writes:

Dear Eric, Happy Birthday and thank you for all that you have done for numismatics.

George Kolbe writes:

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” By Poor Richard's measure you are the richest man in the world. As to the world of numismatics, you have immeasurably enriched it by sharing that knowledge. To your friends and colleagues, you are an inspiration. Happy Birthday!

John Kraljevich writes:

Being a fan of the doggerel poem
and the author of dozens of tome
it's worth writing some rhymes
to mark Eric's times
To amuse him and the people who know him.

Into 2016 Newman forges
With his eyebrows still looking quite gorgeous
He has now seen much more
in a century and quarter score
than the reigns of the first three of the Georges

His books line all of our walls
Ensuring his place in Fame's halls
He shot and he scored
against old John J. Ford
When facing him down took some real honest to goodness fortitude.

Joel Orosz writes:

If we were living in Japan, Eric P. Newman would long ago have been declared a living national treasure. In numismatics, however, we've known for decades that Eric is our living national treasure, and we wish him a very happy 105th birthday!

Ute Wartenberg writes:

Best wishes on your birthday from your friends at the American Numismatic Society! You, your foundation and your work continue to influence and transform numismatics in the 21st century. You are a model for us all.

Eric P. Newman 100 years medal
Medal for Eric P. Newman at 100

Andy Newman passed along this note from his father Eric:

In response to your request for a comment on the occasion of my reaching the advanced age of 105, I'm glad to take the opportunity to express my appreciation to the many wonderful people in the numismatic community who have made my life so exciting and fulfilling. As you know, I'm still working hard to advance numismatic research in every way I can. I will celebrate my birthday as I always do---with vichyssoise, barbecued ribs, and an ice cream sundae. I recommend it to everyone.

Enjoy your ice cream, Eric! I know you've always been a fan of ice cream. If that's a key to longevity, then based on the number and size of the scoops my middle son dished into a bowl earlier this week, he'll surely hit 100 himself.

Naturally, I'm a fan of the Newman Numismatic Portal. The headline I see in my head is "105-YEAR-OLD MAN BUILDS 21ST CENTURY WEB SITE". Thanks so much for your vision, dedication and continual support for numismatics and numismatic research. Happy birthday! -Editor

To order a copy of Eric's amazing (mainly) numismatic biography Truth Seeker, see:

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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