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Steve Davis of Numismatic Auctions L.L.C sent the following description of his firm's June 20, 2016 sale. -Editor

NA Sale 59 cover Auction Sale #59 is a highly diverse offering, containing a broad spectrum of items for collectors and dealers alike. A continuing selection of material is listed from the Andrew L. Tuttle Memorial Museum in this, the fourth segment from that fine collection as well as other fine consignments. Opening in Session One is a group of United States Colonial coppers and paper followed by type coins and series issues with highlights in 18th, 19th and early 20th Century along with a group of US Gold and a unique array of Gold Love Tokens, some wonderful coins and tokens of Hawaiian origin and notes and some unusual exonumia and paper, closing out with a group of Canadian coins, Gold, Maritime and Token issues. The vast majority of the material in the sale is uncertified and has been off the market for several decades, making it even more exciting.

Session Two following the United States and Canadian material, is a group comprised of Ancient coinage followed by World Gold and a very interesting and eclectic run of World coins highlighted by a comprehensive collection of Holy Roman Empire Coinage in silver, featuring Talers to minor sized coinage as well as a global collection of Taler coins, A specialized collection of South African and British Commonwealth coinage, another intriguing ensemble of cut & countermarked issues and fantasies and many unusual and seldom offered foreign coins from a plethora of locales such as Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, Central & South America and points beyond. Session Two closes out with many literally massive lots of World Coins, Paper Money, Tokens and Medals from around the planet for the collector, dealer or eBay selling enthusiast. The entire 80 page catalog is profusely illustrated with full color images.

Session Three details a number of items from all corners of the earth geared specifically to the collector, with estimates priced predominantly at $100 and under to invite those who seek to build their collections without spending a fortune. There are many high grade and scarcer issues throughout this session that are highlighted here even though they are not of an elevated dollar value, the consummate World Coin specialists will certainly glean a few jewels from this offering as well.

The firm anticipates an outpouring of participation given the breadth and depth of the sale with affordable items for the collector throughout as well as some higher end rarities. Catalogs are available free of charge by request from Steve Davis at Numismatic Auctions LLC, PO Box 22026, Lansing, MI 48909, Tel: 517-394-4443/ Fax: 517-394-0579, Email: or the entire Sale #59 Auction listing can be viewed online at

Numismatic Auctions sale 59 lookalikes
Jenny Lind

Interesting lookalikes! Collectors can find quite a variety of interesting material in Steve's sales. Here are a few items that caught my eye in the U.S. section. -Editor

Lot 73: 1900 Proof Barber Quarter

Lot 73

1900. Choice to Gem Proof with exquisite cobalt blue and violet toning. Tremendous eye appeal.

Nice eye candy! -Editor

Lot 114: 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar

Lot 114

Flowing Hair Dollar. 1795. 2 Leaves. PCGS XF40. Handsome light golden-gray toning. A truly wonderful scarcer variety and high grade type coin.

A remember a neighbor showing me a nice circulated 1795 half dollar when I was a kid. I eventually skipped over collecting U.S. coins and went into the more interesting private issues, but I would have enjoyed putting together a nice higher-grade type collection with coins like these. -Editor

Lots 258-260: Gold Love Tokens

Lot 258

Lot 259 Lot 260

258: Simple cursive style “From Mother” and border on effaced obverse of an 1855 Three Dollar Gold piece, VF, old piercing, plugged with gold long ago

259: Bold dimensional “KNM” monogram with floral style accents on effaced obverse of an 1859 Three Dollar Gold piece with loop intact. VF-EF.

260: . Superbly executed vintage Bee or Moth rendition on bordered, stippled field with black detail upon the effaced reverse of a Three Dollar Gold piece with loop intact. Near EF, host coin VG-Fine. A high art example on a rare denomination.

It's almost heartbreaking to see rare three-dollar gold pieces carved into love tokens, but as such these are rarities themselves. -Editor

Lot 330: Hawaii Waterhouse Token

Lot 330

Token Issues. Hawaii Waterhouse Token, ND (1860). Choice VFEF sharpness, a few areas of minor porosity reverse, otherwise nice. Rare Redbook listed issue.

Lot 331: Hawaii T. Hobron Token

Lot 331

T. Hobron 12 1/2 Cents, 1879. 6/2 Stars. PCGS AU55. Rare issue and grade, these tokens are seldom seen in hig

Hawaii tokens are interesting companions to the regular issue U.S. Mint-produced coinage. -Editor

To view the complete sale catalog, see:

Wayne Homren, Editor

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