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The E-Sylum: Volume 21, Number 10, March 11, 2018, Article 4


A new book has been published on the extensive series of medals and tokens issued by the Chicago Coin Club. -Editor

MEdals and Tokens of the Chicago Coin Club book cover Medals and Tokens a/the Chicago Coin Club
Author: William A. Burd
Price: $30.00
ISBN: 978-0-578-20026-2
Hardcover, 108 pages

Coinciding with the Chicago Coin Club's 100th anniversary next year, this book covers every medal, token and associated ephemera issued by the Club since it's founding in 1919. It is an in-depth look at each issue from the 100th meeting in 1927 to the 95th anniversary in 2014. The book also covers issues relating to the numerous conventions the Club hosted for the American Numismatic Association and Central States Numismatic Society. The book begins with the Club's predecessor, the Chicago Numismatic Society and ends with several appendixes covering the Club's award medals, souvenir sheets, and publications.

The information is presented in a story format rather than a list of technical information in catalog format. However nothing is left out. In addition to why and how each piece was created, the mintage, composition, weight; and original cost is included. There are over 150 high quality color images of medals, tokens and ephemera accompanying the text.

The 108 page hardcover book measures 8.5 x 11 inches and retails for $30.00 delivered. It is available from Chicago Coin Co. Inc., 6455 W. Archer Ave., Chicago, IL 60638.

Bill Burd kindly furnished an electronic copy of the book's Foreword by Carl Wolf, and I think it's spot-on. -Editor

Chicago Coin Club annual medals
Chicago Numismatic Society annual medals

The publication of this book comes on the cusp of the centennial celebration of the Chicago Coin Club.

Perspectives in Numismatics appeared in December 1985 and included a chapter on the Chicago Coin Club. At that time it was the most complete club history written. Since then the Club produced many more numismatic issues and it now requires a book to list them. There is no current work on a local coin club that provides anything approaching this survey of the numismatic material issued by the Chicago Coin Club.

In March 1993 Bill Burd joined the Chicago Coin Club and soon began collecting club-related material. After twenty-plus years, he assembled the most complete collection of club-issued numismatic material, including previously rumored unique pieces. This invaluable study provides information on artists, mintages and private mints. Without doubt, this book will be the most significant work on the subject, a rich source of numismatic history and will help collectors understand pieces in their collection.

Bill Burd deserves praise for his excellent research. The Chicago Coin Club is fortunate to have him as a member and will be forever grateful for his work.

And in the Introduction, Bill describes his impetus for writing the book, which is one I think all researchers can relate to - he wished such a book already existed. Since it did not, he ended up writing it himself. -Editor

Chicago Coin Club 1910 aviation medal obverse Chicago Coin Club 1910 aviation medal reverse
1910 Chicago Numismatic Society aviation Medal

While building this collection, I had difficulty finding background information regarding the various issues. I began to assemble a simple catalog adding information as I found it. I realized other collectors might benefit from my efforts and decided to put the material into book form.

In the book I have attempted to document every medallic item produced by the Chicago Coin Club and to answer the questions of what, why and when as well as the technical data of mintage, composition, size and cost. Although the title is Medals and Tokens of the Chicago Coin Club, I felt it important to include items issued by predecessor clubs" the Chicago Numismatic Society and Branch 1 of the ANA. In addition, I have listed personal items produced by various members to commemorate a club function. Although these items are not technically club issues, they closely relate to the event and were enthusiastically accepted by members as part of the celebration. All items shown are actual size except for a few instances where it was not practical.

I have purposely incorporated this information as a story rather than list the technical information in typical catalog fashion. Perhaps some will not like this format because of the inconvenience of having to read the story to find out the details, however I assure you it is worth the time.

Trust me, there's nothing inconvenient about reading the story. It's an important and interesting one which parallels the rise of organized numismatics across the United States. The book is easy and delightful to read, and I recommend it to any student of numismatics; one needn't be a collector of Chicago Coin Club exonumia, but by the end you might become one. The large format hardcover book is printed on glossy heavy stock paper and copiously illustrated throughout in color. I've included a handful of illustrations as examples. Other clubs would do well to emulate the approach of author Burd. Congratulations on a book well done. -Editor

Chicago Coin Club 25th anniversary medal
Chicago Coin Club 25th anniversary medal

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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