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Frank Galindo of the Texas Numismatic Association (TNA) submitted this information about the organization's new 2018 medal honoring The Republic of Texas Rangers, with Captain John Coffee Hays featured on the medal. -Editor

In the annals of Texas history, one group of men stand as gallant defenders of early Texas, even before it became a Republic. It is the courageous Republic of Texas Rangers and their history that the new TNA medal honors. This 2018 medal also acknowledges and commemorates the one hundred and ninety-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Texas Rangers and their dedicated service to Texas.

Stephen F. Austin is known as the “Father of Texas,” but he could also be appropriately called the “Father of the Texas Rangers.” It was Austin, an American empresario, whose responsibility was to colonize and protect the original three-hundred families that arrived in the Mexican province of Tejas. To protect the families from fierce Indians raids, he founded the renowned Rangers in 1823.

The Rangers later became one of the most dedicated fearless forces to patrol and defend vast areas of uninhabited terrain. They were often on the trail for weeks in search of Indians and cattle rustlers, thieves, murderers and an assortment of other dangerous criminals.

Ranger companies were called by many names at various times. They were known as Spies, Scouts, Ranging Companies, Mounted Volunteers, Mounted Rifle Companies, as well as others.

TNA 2018 COIN Captain John C. Hays John C. Hays, who is featured on the obverse of the 2018 medal, was born January 28, 1817 in Wilson County, Tennessee. In 1836 he traveled to Texas. Sam Houston had a close connection to the Hays family, so he appointed him to a company of Texas Rangers. Hays soon became a leader and led the Rangers on several important campaigns against the violent attacks by the rebellious Indians.

Ranger Captain John C. Hays was one of the most daring and respected leaders of the Rangers. The companies he led were comprised of Anglos, Tejanos and Indians, who served proudly in all ranks, from private to captain. In the 1840s they were often engaged in battles and clashes with several hostile Indian tribes, Mexican bandits, thieves, as well as horse and cattle rustlers. Captain Hays died April 21,1883 in California and is buried there. A courageous man of many laudable accomplishments, he was a Soldier, Colonel, Freemason, Sheriff, U.S. Indian Agent, Surveyor, Rancher and Texas Ranger. Hays County was named in his honor. There is a monument of John Coffee "Jack" Hays located on the Hays County Courthouse lawn in San Marcos, Texas.

The history of the Texas Rangers is well known to many Texans. There are countless early Rangers of the Republic who played important roles in the development and protection of our great state. In 1839, two companies of volunteers were raised in San Antonio. One was led by Col. Juan Seguin and comprised of Tejanos, and the other was comprised of Anglo-Americans led by L.B. Franks. Each company was composed of fifty-four or fifty-five men. The men had to supply their own horses, weapons, rations and other equipment. These companies were authorized by a Proclamation of Mirabeau Lamar, while serving as President of The Republic of Texas.

Many have been forgotten, but these heroic men are now being recognized, thanks to historians, researchers and genealogists, who are now helping to identify them. Two of these Rangers were brothers, Trinidad and Antonio Coy.

Antonio Coy headstone Last year I attended a Texas Ranger ceremony honoring one of two Texas Ranger brothers. The Ranger being honored was Trinidad Coy, a former Republic of Texas Ranger who served under Captain Hays. A Texas Ranger memorial cross, provided by the Former Texas Rangers Association, was unveiled marking the honored Ranger’s grave. A Defender’s Medallion, awarded by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas for service in the Texas Revolution of 1835-36 by Rangers Trinidad and Antonio Coy, was also unveiled. Both brothers served as Texas Rangers in Captain Hays Spy Company. Retired former Ranger Ray Martinez was there to represent The Former Texas Ranger Association and dedicate the Texas Ranger Memorial Cross. “The Texas Ranger Memorial Cross Program” is funded in part by a grant from the Texas Historical Foundation and generous donations from Texas Ranger descendants.”

The information used for this article was obtained from several sources: The Former Texas Rangers Association Museum, The Handbook of Texas Online, and personal conversations with my friend, Yolanda Kirkpatrick, author, researcher, genealogist, historian and descendant of Ranger Trinidad Coy. She generously provided invaluable copies of documents and historical books related to the Republic of Texas Rangers. Thank you, Yolanda, for all your help.

The obverse of the 2018 TNA Medal features Captain John C. Hays, one of the most renowned Texas Rangers of the Republic of Texas. The reverse of the medal shows the official seal of the Texas Numismatic Association. The medal was designed by TNA Medals Officer Frank Galindo of San Antonio, Texas.

Orders for the 2018 TNA medal may be placed for the silver and bronze medal set or single bronze medals, by contacting Frank Galindo, TNA Medals Officer, via e-mail at or at P.O. Box 12217, San Antonio, TX 78212-0217. Single bronze medals are $6.50 postpaid.  Medal sets (one bronze and one silver) are $45.00 for each set, plus $4.50 per set for postage and handling.  If insurance is requested, there is an additional cost of $2.50 per medal set.   Make checks or money orders payable to TNA.   The Medals will be mailed after the TNA Convention.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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