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The E-Sylum: Volume 21, Number 13, April 1, 2018, Article 39


Here are some additional items I came across in the media this week that may be of interest. -Editor

Harper: Ryder Perfect for Mint Directorship

Numismatic News editor Dave Harper published this piece about the newly confirmed U.S. Mint Director. -Editor

The chair of David Rittenhouse has finally been filled after remaining empty for over seven years.

David J. Ryder was confirmed by the United States Senate as director of the United States Mint March 21.

The Mint directorship is both a hands-on management position and a political office. Both elements need to be mastered by the incumbent.

Ryder is a good choice to accomplish this. He has held the office before. He was Mint director in 1992-1993, appointed by President George Herbert Walker Bush. His time in the job was cut short by a change of the political party in power.

The office is also a keeper of historical memory. Last year, the Mint celebrated 225 years. A Mint director will be expected to foster the traditions that make it a great national institution and carry it on toward its next significant anniversary.

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Ryder perfect for Mint directorship (

Inventor Protects Great Coral Reefs
David Sundman of Littleton, NH writes:

I thought readers would find this interesting as the scientist leading the research project is the one who invented the polymer bank note.

Absolutely! Not numismatic, but a great project. -Editor

Great Barrier Reef The Great Barrier Reef is so big it can be seen from space, but scientists hoping to preserve it have put their faith in a substance 50,000 times thinner than a human hair.

A biodegradable “sun shield” film could lessen the impact of climate change by cooling water temperatures, thereby helping to prevent the degradation of the reef’s vibrant colours, researchers have said. One molecule thick, it would sit on the water above the most sensitive parts of the reef, which is a World Heritage Site.

Tests at the Australian Institute of Marine Science found that the shield reduced bleaching in most species of coral by blocking up to 30 per cent of sunlight.

To read the complete article, see:
Sun shield to save Great Barrier Reef (

Law Protects Shipwrecks

Interesting story on shipwreck recoveries gone bad and the laws they inspired. -Editor

On May 25, 1798, the HMS DeBraak was entering Delaware Bay when a squall struck without warning. The British ship that originally belonged to the Dutch capsized and sank, taking 34 sailors and a dozen Spanish prisoners down with it. Rumored to contain a hoard of gold and jewelry, the DeBraak became a popular target for treasure hunters in the years that followed. The wreck was finally discovered in 1986, lying under 80 feet of water at the mouth of the Delaware River. The team who found the ship attempted to raise it from its watery grave, resulting in one of the worst archaeological disasters in modern history. The event precipitated the passing of long-overdue laws designed to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

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Here's What Protects Shipwrecks From Looters and Hacks (

Ingots, money, and gold dust

Here's another part of the Coin World series looking at the process of conserving the coins recovered in 2014 from the wreck of the SS Central America. Check out the video with Bob Evans. -Editor

Here, Evans speaks about what was discovered in the SS Central America's safe, found in a field of debris close to the main shipwreck. He explains how raw gold was transformed into ingots. The prospect of transforming gold finds into personal fortunes was the direct motivation for much of the California gold rush.

To read the complete article, see:
Inside the the SS Central America: Ingots, money, and gold dust (

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