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The E-Sylum: Volume 22, Number 1, January 6, 2019, Article 21


Here is the press release for Davissons upcoming Auction 38. Great variety and many top-notch coins, tokens and medals. -Editor

Davissons Auction 38, Closing February 27th 2019

Davissons Sale 38 cover Davissons annual mail/internet auctions are the culmination of a year of purchases and consignments. The most appealing and interesting lots acquired over the course of the year are held for this auction.

A highlight of their 38th major auction is a group of some of the finest crowns of Charles I to appear on the market in one sale since the Tallent Sale in 2008. Many come with century old pedigrees from famous collections whose former owners, Montagu, Slaney, Lingford, Brooker, Rashleigh, Cooper, Paget, represent a "who's who" of 20th century numismatics, and some of these pieces were rated by their owners as among the finest.

The sale opens with choice gold-ancient, world, some choice English hammered, and early U.S. gold, including one of the great rarities in the US currency gold issues, an 1861 Dahlonega dollar from the John Jay Pittman collection.

The ancient section covers, in a compact but select offering, Spain, Sicily with some beautiful tetradrachms, Macedon and Thrace and the beauty of Hellenistic dies on large silver, classic silver of Asia Minor, and a fascinating section of seldom seen Roman Provincial issues, the Koinon of Macedon series. Of particular note is an offering of Alexander type tetradrachms from less often seen mints such as Sinope and Myrina, and a beautifully toned Lycian tetradrachm of Mithrapata. Roman Imperatorial portraits of Julius Caesar (ex LaRiviere), Antony and Cleopatra, and Octavian follow several beautiful Roman Republic denarii. The Imperial section includes an exceptionally fine Nero sestertius.

The British trade token offering is made up of the Dr. Harry Salyards collection, and is an exceptional group. Dr. Salyards is the editor of Penny-Wise, the long-running publication of Early American Coppers, Inc. He built his collection to represent the counties as D&H defined them and his eye for quality is evident in the tokens. His enthusiasm is also evident in the many detailed notes he made on many of the envelopes holding his tokens. The envelopes and their liners accompany each of the pieces.

A selective smattering of coins from an extended late 20th century collection of American coins provides an important section near the end of the sale. A couple of rare highlights are featured: in the beginning gold section the John Jay Pittman example of the extremely rare, and series key, 1861 Daholnega gold dollar and at the sale's penultimate point a well worn but very presentable silver example of a St. Patrick farthing are but two of the historic American coins in this section. It continues with some choice Colonial copper, and a select array of U.S. type. For the most part the coins are "raw" and cataloged using conservative British and European grading standards. (For example, the grade "AU" does not exist for most of our numismatic colleagues across the ocean.)

The auction closes with historic medals (including an example of the Manly medal of George Washington), and a few pieces of fine ancient coinage-inspired jewelry.

The entire sale is available online at The sale is also available in a high quality printed catalog, free on request. 

There are no buyer's fees in Davissons auctions. UK bidders may pay in British pounds directly to a UK account. Bids can be placed online at, via email,, or via regular mail: Davissons, PO Box 323, Cold Spring, MN 56320 USA.

Davissons Sale 38 Lot 010

Lot 10 Charles II. AV unite. Ex Michael S. Tallent Collection. Estimate: $10,000

Davissons Sale 38 Lot 036

Lot 36 SICILY. Leontini. AR tetradrachm. Estimate: $4500

Davissons Sale 38 Lot 071

Lot 71 Roman Republican. L. Plautius Plancus. AR denarius. Estimate: $1500

Davissons Sale 38 Lot 117

Lot 117 Charles I. AR crown. Ex John Brooker Collection (SCBI Brooker 274, this coin). Estimate: $16,500

Davissons Sale 38 Lot 157

Lot 157 Edward VII. AR halfcrown. 1905. The key silver currency rarity in 20th century English coinage. Estimate: $6500

Davissons Sale 38 Lot 164

Lot 164 Scotland. Mary Stuart. AR testoon. Estimate: $7500

Davissons Sale 38 Lot 213

Lot 213 Middlesex 290. London, Piccadilly. London Corresponding Society. Æ halfpenny. Estimate: $850

Davissons Sale 38 Lot 338

Lot 338 United States. William Pitt, the Elder. Repeal of the Stamp Act. AR medal. Estimate: $1000

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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