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A. J. Lansen of the Netherlands wrote the Introduction to a new book by Puji Harsono of Indonesia on the tokens of Bangka. With his permission, here is the text along with ordering information for the book. Thank you. -Editor

Bangka Tokens book - Sejarah Dan Mata Uang Bangka INTRODUCTION
This catalogue describes the history of the Indonesian island of Bangka and the tokens used by the Chinese Kongsi groups.

As far as we know, this is the first time that all these tokens are catalogued, described and brought together.

In my opinion this catalogue is now becoming the standard reference for these interesting historic tokens.

This catalogue covers the entire period during which these tokens were issued and circulated under the reign of the Palembang Sultanate.

The author has made a review of the maps, photographs and sketches used as illustrations in the book.

He also gives information about the sources he used to describe the history of the island. A very interesting part of history over the period 1436 to 1848 is compiled by the author.

In a separate chapter is a complete description about the function and establishments of the Palembang Sultanate from 1662 until 1823.

The era of the English and Dutch government is also described. Another chapter describes the organisational structure of the various types of Kongsi groups, working on the island in the tin mining industry.

The history of the different mining techniques and the treatment process of tin is described.

There is also a short, but detailed description about the Chinese way of gambling by the Kongsi groups.

Of course a full description of the inscriptions and the metallic alloys of the tokens is given.

The author has also a made an interesting compilation, in the scientific literature of the known tokens mentioned by E. Netscher and Van der Chijs, H.C. Millies, Johan W. Stephanik, R.J. Veth and Michael Mitchener.

A pedigree analysis of the Sultans of Palembang, owners of the island, over the period 1662-1823 is recorded.

In the Catalogue, on 74 pages, the author has made a full, detailed, description of 439 tokens. A few tokens are drawings but the rest are excellent good photographs, both obverse and reverse. Translations of the inscriptions, weight, diameter and specific details are given.

Comprehensive information is given in a bibliography as a reference for the collectors, who wish to seek additional details.

Even though the book is written in Bhasa Indonesia the description of the tokens gives every collector of these items a comprehensive clear view.

Collectors: this is your book, so please send your suggestions and thoughts to the author, he appreciates your aid !

We sincerely appreciate the interest and help of everybody and trust that numismatists throughout the world will continue to write or mail giving the author suggestions and corrections that they may have.

Sincere congratulations to Mr. Puji Harsono for publishing this very interesting book about the history and tokens of Bangka.

A. J. Lansen IJsselstein the Netherlands
Member of the Royal Dutch Society of Coin and Medal Numismatics.
Member of the European Society of Coin and Medal Numismatics -Belgium.

Additional information on the book : Sejarah Dan Mata Uang Bangka

Author is Mr. Puji Harsono, CEO/Founder of the well known auction house in Indonesia : "Java Auction" in Bandung. Book impression: 207 pages , descriptions of 439 Bangka tin Tokens.

Format : 19 ½ x 26 cm. Softcover. Introduction/preface : English. Text: Bahasa Indonesia. Book references : 7 pages . All photographs, statistics, maps and tokens in full color. (as far as possible) ISBN 987-654-03-4321-9

Price : 24 Euro, postage excluded.

Order by E.mail : att. to. Mrs Nadia Laksitha; or by post: Mr. P. Harsono, Trunojoyo nr. 60 Bandung West Java 40115 Indonesia.

For Europe, also possible to order : E.mail : or or by post: Mr. A. J. Lansen Haanderik 94 3401 ET IJsselstein the Netherlands. Payment possible by PayPal.

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Wayne Homren, Editor

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