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The E-Sylum: Volume 22, Number 46, November 17, 2019, Article 17


Here's a selection of lots that caught my eye in the upcoming November 21, 2019 sale from Numismatic Auctions LLC. -Editor

Lot 79: 1881 Shield Nickel

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 79

Nickels 1881. Key date. PCGS doily holder CAC green tag PR64 with original sky blue toning and watery mirrors. Cool coin in an elusive slab, worth a premium bid

Beautiful coin. -Editor

Lot 253: 1871 Nickel Pattern Judd-1054

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 253

Copper 5 Cents Pattern, 1871. Judd-1054. PCGS Shield PR63RB with desirable color and a very unique design – seldom obtainable.

I've always loved pattern coins, particularly the five cent ones. I remember being captivated as a young collector by the photos in a COINage magazine article. -Editor

Lot 282: Henry Cook Storecards and Priced Catalogs

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 282

Very Rare Original Boston, Massachusetts Henry Cook - Money Broker & Numismatic, Antiquity and Curio Dealer Medals and Catalog Pair. Features AE & WM examples of variant MA115Aa1a/e, R8 depicting the Constitution, cannon, flag, weapons and accoutrements, beautiful iridescent brown and P/L Unc along with a wonderful original pair of identical Auction Catalogs offering Coins, Medals & Autographs from the cabinet of Henry Cook, dated July 30, 1862. The booklets each with handwritten notes of prices realized – one in ink, the second in pencil. The 662 lot catalogs detail a fabulous listing of English, Colonial and U.S. Coins, early Medals, Cents, Half Cents, Patterns, Ancients, World Coins and much more, catalogs VF with slight foxing and natural paper age, otherwise nice. A spectacular find and a terrific opportunity for the Boston area numismatist! 4 items in all. ($750-1000)

Great tokens from a famous old-time dealer, with something for bibliophiles as well. -Editor

Lot 391: Canadian Five Cent Coin Set

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 391

Noteworthy Vintage Collector Assembled Five Cents Silver & Nickel Set in Original Library of Coins Album. Features Five Cents Silver, 1858 to 1920, complete by date, mint and major varieties along with a similarly complete set of Nickel Coinage from 1922 to 1975. All hand-selected and meticulously built over a number of years. Good to BU with many better grades throughout and originality being a huge plus. Rather than break up this collection, we offer it instead intact to you. The consignor notes a very strong Charlton catalog value into the high four figures for the grades present. Close inspection is strongly recommended, nice collector examples abound and are minus the typical cleanings and damage that plague this series. 55 Silver + 60 Nickel coins in the original album.

A classic collection, assembled the old-fashioned way. -Editor

Lot 463: Philip II Gold Stater

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 463

The Macedonian Kingdom. Philip II, 359-336 BC. AV Stater. Pella Mint. Laureate head of Apollo r.; Rx: Galloping biga r. ANACS EF45,

Impressive design. -Editor

Lot 479: Alexander the Great Tetradrachm

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 479

Thessalonika in Macedonia – Aesillas as Quaestor, 90-75 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Alexander the Great, wearing horn of ammon; Rx: AESILLAS Q, club, money chest and Quaestor's chair all within laurel wreath. ANAC

I guess it was the flowing hair locks that caught my eye on this one. -Editor

Lot 553: Fish Money

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 553

Ancient Bronze Fish Money Western Zhou Dynasty, 1100-771 BC Rare Fish Money Quartet, ND(c.1046-771 BC) 98mm to 127mm long, 19.6g to 28.1g each. Avg pleasing VF, one VG-Fine with simple silhouette style designs including fins and an integral piercing at the eye as made for suspension. All with attractive, smooth Salmon to Sea Green colored patina. 4 pcs. ($200-300)

For the collector of odd & curious. Or odd & curious collectors. But seriously, folks, these are great numismatic items. -Editor

Lot 606: Round Hole Cash Coin

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 606

Round Hole Cash Coin Pair, ND. Two 35mm examples, 7.6g and 7.5g respectively. Feature similar designs to prior lot yet one on rt the other on the left side. Avg Fine with brown to dark brown patina, one with natural flan clip. 2 coins. ($300-400)

Chinese cash coins have square holes don't they? Well, not all of them. The sale includes several rare round-hole cash pieces. -Editor

Lot 611: Early Silver Sycee Ingot

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 611

Yunnan Sanchuo Jieding. Provincial Three Stamp Remittance Ingot. Silver 5 Tael Bank Ing

Interesting an popular. But let's see 'em slab that! -Editor

Lot 852: 1780 Maundy Set

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 852

1780. KM-MDS57. Handsome original gold, blue and violet pewter toned AU-Unc to Unc. 4 coins. ($200-250)

The sale as a very long run of these great, inexpensive sets. -Editor

Lot 1164: Costa Rica Specimen 100 Colones Banknote

Numismatic Auctions sale 64 Lot 1164

Costa Rica Specimen 100 Colones, ND(c.1919-1932). P-178s. Desirable Unc with nice color and paper quality. ($250-300)

Attractive note - lots of great banknotes in this sale. -Editor

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