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The E-Sylum: Volume 24, Number 25, June 20, 2021, Article 22


Here is the announcement for the June 30, 2021 sale by Archives International Auctions. -Editor


The auction will be held by Archives International Auctions at their offices in River Edge, N.J.

Archives International Sale 68 cover front The June 30th, 2021 auction by Archives International Auctions is highlighted by hundreds of rare and desirable banknotes rarely seen at auction. The Auction 68 catalog will consist of over 750 lots of rare and desirable U.S. & World Banknotes, Scripophily, Coins, Historic Financial Ephemera and Security Printing Ephemera.

We are striving to offer our clients and friends items of historical and collecting interest that have been off the market for decades or are new to the collecting world, stated Dr. Robert Schwartz, President of Archives International Auctions. Included in the upcoming auction is a wide variety of rare, interesting and desirable numismatic and historical objects to enhance the collections of every level of collector and dealer.

Archives Sale 68 Lot 106
Lot 106: Banque de L'Algerie

The auction will include hundreds of World Banknotes highlighted by dozens of rare notes from the Allen Berk Collection. One of the many highlights in the auction features a Saudi Arabia, Arabian American Oil Company, ARAMCO, 1940-1950’s issue Senior Staff Coupon, Ten Points Scrip Note in a PMG graded Very Fine 30 holder. This is the first issued note we have offered from this rare banknote series which is now one of the largest oil companies in the world. French Colonial issues feature the highest graded 1980 Chad, 5000 Francs banknote, P-8 in PMG graded Superb Uncirculated 67 EPQ; 2 exceptional lots of Madagascar notes dated 1960 to 1963, 500 and 1000 Francs are offered that rarely appear at auction; a rare French Antilles, 1963, 50 Nouveaux Francs, P-6a in CU 64 condition is offered as well as two different proofs from the 1941 French Equatorial Africa issues, as well as numerous other French Colonial notes. Also included are hundreds of lots of banknotes with many interesting group lots from an old-time dealer’s stock as well as items from old estate collections and consignments.

Archives Sale 68 Lot 053_2
Lot 53: Yue Soo Imperial Bank, 5 Silver Dollar Issue

The auction begins with Chinese and Asian banknotes including a unique 1941, 10 Yuan, Bank of China Color Trial Proof; a large group of high grade Central Bank of China notes, including 1936 to 1948 issues; an extremely rare and desirable, 1908, Yue Soo Imperial Bank, 5 Silver Dollar Issue, P-S1233b; a rare, French Indo-China, 1951, 5 Piastres, P-75r remainder, rarely seen at auction; 2 different lots of uncut blocks of 4 Specimen-Proofs of 1951 and 1953 Indonesia, Security Bank Note Issues; 2 different 1948 Laos Issara Essay Banknotes by Security Bank Note Company; Algeria is represented by an exceptional Banque De L’Algeria, 1907-1919 issue banknote and the first time we have offered this variety; an early Austria, 1863, Privileged Austrian National Bank rarity is offered; as well as dozens of other exceptional banknotes.

Archives Sale 68 Lot 355 1910 Russian 100 Rubles
Lot 355: 1910 Russian 100 Rubles

An exceptional group of Russian banknotes are offered with 11 lots offered out of 40 lots in the auction being the highest graded notes for those issues.

Archives Sale 68 Lot 457
Lot 457: Rhode Island Uncut Sheet

Archives Sale 68 Lot 486
Lot 486: Republic of Texas $500 Note

The U.S. section begins with 8 lots of desirable Colonial banknotes including 5 different lots of New Jersey, 1776 Colonial notes and a 1780, State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations, July 2, 1780, Uncut Sheet of 16 Notes. The Colonial section is followed by 40 lots of Obsolete, Confederate and type notes highlighted by a Republic of Texas, 1839-1841 set from $1 to $500; The Confederate section is highlighted by a set of 4 Erlanger Cotton Bonds which is followed by U.S. Checks, Drafts and Exchanges and then Historic and Security Printing Ephemera.

Archives Sale 68 Lot 548 Archives Sale 68 Lot 672
Lots 548 (Third Massachusetts Turnpike) and 672 (Santa Rosa and Sonoma Central Rail Road)

The U.S. and World Scripophily session will include over 230 lots of Automobiles, Railroads, Transportation, Banking and Finance, World, and many other desirable topics of Bonds and Shares with many rarities. Highlights of the scripophily section includes a 1797, Third Massachusetts Turnpike, Issued Stock Certificate signed by Caleb Strong, who served as the 6th and 10th Governor of Massachusetts; a 1910 spectacular Michigan Mining certificate from the Copper Crown Mining Company; 2 different Standard Oil Trust certificates dated 1882 and signed by J.D. Rockefeller; Railroad Bonds and Shares are highlighted by a unique California, 1881, Santa Rosa and Sonoma Central Rail Road Company $1000 Specimen bond; and dozens of additional bonds and shares from different topics.

Archives Sale 68 Lot 652
Lot 652: Standard Oil Trust Certificate

Previews will be limited and by appointment only and we will be observing strict safety precautions including the wearing of masks and observing social distancing to protect our team as well as our guests. We will do our best to accommodate anyone who desires additional information and photographs. For questions, please call 201-944-4800 or email .

The online catalog for the Wednesday, June 30th , 2021 auction is on Archives International Auctions’ website and can be viewed via the Archives International live bidding platform. It can also be viewed as a Virtual Catalog or downloadable Sale 68.pdf on their website. To pre-register for Live Internet Bidding, log on to the Archives International Auctions website, at .

Archives International is now working on their Summer and Fall 2021 auctions and are seeking quality consignments for future auctions or outright purchase including U.S. and worldwide banknotes, coins, stocks, bonds, stamps, postal history, historic ephemera, and autographs. To sell or consign one piece or an entire collection, please call AIA at (201) 944-4800; or e-mail them at

You may also write to Archives International Auctions, at 1060 Main Street, River Edge, NJ 07661, U.S.A. To learn more about Archives International Auctions and the auctions planned for June 30th, 2021, log on to .

Wayne Homren, Editor

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