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Here's the press release for World Banknote Auctions upcoming Live Sale 26. More great notes! -Editor

  WBNA sale 26 montage

World Banknote Auctions has now listed Live Sale 26 on its website, which closes in two different segments. The first segment, the traditional live sale, closes on May 26th, 2022, with live bidding that day at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific. The following day, on May 27th at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific an additional segment closes in a timed auction (no live bidding, although lots may be extended if a bid is received 10 minutes before closing). Live Sale 25 offers a total of 936 lots from around the world, with highlights including a strong middle eastern selection, including the key note for Qatar & Dubai, as well as a strong selection of other items for both the beginning and advanced collector. Some highlights are selected below but the entire catalog can be viewed on the company's website,

  WBNA Lot 26007 Angola branch of the Banco Nacional Ultramarino 2500 Reis

Lot 26007 is an extremely rare note from the Angola branch of the Banco Nacional Ultramarino, the main bank for the Portuguese colonies throughout most of its history. This particular example, Pick-25, is graded Extremely Fine 40 by PMG (with a comment for being stained) and is the single finest example of the 2500 Reis for St. Thomas & Prince that was overprinted for use in Angola as an emergency issue. Rare in all grades but particularly this nice, this is a very difficult Portuguese colonial note from a very popular country. It carries a pre-auction estimate of $2,000-$2,500.

  WBNA Lot 26021 Bahamas $50

Lot 26021 is the very rare $50 from the first decimal series of the Bahamas, dated 1965, graded Choice Uncirculated 64 by PMG (Pick-24a). The $50 denomination is a key denomination for any series of the Bahamas, particularly in higher grades, as these were generally quietly introduced into circulation and few were saved by collectors, a situation that was not helped by stringent cash export regulations. This Queen Elizabeth II rarity carries a pre-auction estimate of $4,000-$5,000.

  WBNA Lot 26069 Brazil 5 Centavos on 50 Cruzeiros 100 piece bundle

Lot 26069 is a quite unusual offering of a full bundle of 100 pieces from Brazil. Undated (issued 1966-67) this is a 5 Centavos on 50 Cruzeiros issue (Pick-184b). What's interesting about this lot is that this bundle caries serial numbers from 1 to 100. While many different series were used for these notes, packs such as this seldom if ever appear on the market. Quite unusual and seldom offered, this bundle carries a pre-auction estimate of $400-$500.

  WBNA Lot 26164 Imperial Bank of China 1 Tael

Lot 26164 is a well-circulated but problem-free (PMG Fine 12) example of a Chinese 1 Tael 1898 from the Imperial Bank of China, issued in Shanghai (Pick-A46a). While paper money was introduced in China as early as perhaps the 7th century, the Imperial Bank of China was the first bank modeled on Western standards in the country. The first series was issued at various branches across the country with each unique having minor design and color differences. A scarce note in any grade, this lot carries a pre-auction estimate of $1,500-$2,000.

  WBNA Lot 26330 Northern Ireland Northern Bank Limited 100 Pound

Lot 26330 is a modern rarity from Northern Ireland, a 100 Pound dated 1.11.1990 from the Northern Bank Limited (Pick-197a), graded Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 EPQ by PMG. 100 Pound notes are still issued in Northern Ireland (as well as Scotland), but many types that are now obsolete, such as this one, have proved to be very difficult to find in the best of grades. This type, which is now over 30 years old, is such a note. This modern rarity carries a pre-auction estimate of $1,000-$1,200.

  WBNA Lot 26379 Madagascar 1000 Francs

Lot 26379 is a 1933-dated 1000 Francs from Madagascar (Pick-41) graded Choice Very Fine 35 by PMG (with a comment for pinholes). A very scarce type that is seldom offered, this note has exceptional eye-appeal for the type, with fresh, crisp paper, nice pastel colors and good eye-appeal. An appealing French colonial note popular with a wide variety of collectors, it carries a pre-auction estimate of $1,500-$2,000.

  WBNA Lot 26414 Union Bank of Australia 10 Shillings

Lot 26414 is a private bank issue from New Zealand dated 1923. This 10/- Shillings from the Union Bank of Australia (Pick-S371a) is graded Choice Extremely Fine 45 by PMG and is the finest of just two of this Pick number in the PMG population report. Bright orange colors and an appealing design are complemented by mostly original paper, a strong handsigned signature and exceptional eye-appeal. This rarity from New Zealand carries a pre-auction estimate of $3,000-$4,000.

  WBNA Lot 26427 Palestine 500 Mils

Lot 26427 is the first date of the 500 Mils for Palestine (1.9.1927, Pick-6a) graded Choice About UNC 58 by PMG (with a comment for Stain Lightened). An extremely rare date for a type that is generally considered rare in AU condition, this is a major offering that provides a seldom encountered opportunity for the specialist of Palestine and/or the Middle East. The note displays original paper wave, strong embossing and overall exceptional eye-appeal. A great companion piece to the 5 Pound of the same date sold previously on the website, this rarity carries a pre-auction estimate of $15,000-$20,000.

  WBNA Lot 26439 Overprinted Philippines Victory Series 500 Pesos

Lot 26439 is the overprinted Central Bank issue of the old stock leftover from the American administration. This was the highest denomination of the Victory Series of the Philippines, the 500 Pesos issued in the late 1940s (Pick-124d) graded PMG Choice About UNC 58 by PMG, which was then overprinted after independence of the Philippines but before newly printed notes could be issued. A very scarce note in high grades and surely missing from many advanced collections, this lot carries a pre-auction estimate of $3,000-$4,000.

  WBNA Lot 26450 Qatar Dubai 25 Riyals

Lot 26450 is a major rarity that is seldom offered for sale at public auction in any grade, even though it was issued as recently as the 1960s. This Qatar & Dubai 25 Riyals issued circa 1966 (P-4a) is graded PMG Extremely Fine 40 by PMG. Issued by the Qatar & Dubai Currency Board, these circulated prior to 1973, when both Qatar and the United Arab Emirates started to issue their own respective currency (the Riyal and the Dirham, respectively). While the lower denominations are generally available, the 25 Riyal is a major rarity that saw the lowest issuance of the series. This auction also includes the 50 Riyal of the series, which is also quite rare, offered in lot 26451. The 25 Riyals, which can rightfully be considered one of the great rarities in the Middle Eastern series, carries a pre-auction estimate of $30,000-$40,000.

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