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The E-Sylum: Volume 25, Number 20, May 15, 2022, Article 17


Here's the press release for the June 2022 sale from MDC MONACO. Great coins and medals!! -Editor

On June 3rd and 4th, an auction of collector's coins and medals will take place in Monaco. Indeed, 1267 lots from Antiquity to today will be presented for all over the world. The sale will be conducted by the expert Nicolas Gimbert in the salons of ONE MONTE-CARLO.

Several remarkable sets will be presented: MDC 2022-06 sale cover

  • A beautiful selection of ancient coins, Greek and Roman, as well as a collection of Gallic coins.
  • For French coins, several great rarities will be offered for sale: a Royal d'Or of Louis IX, a Franc à Cheval of Charles VII or an exceptional medallion of Louis XIII and Marie de Medici in gold.
  • Among the foreign coins, we note a nice set of Chinese coins, rarities for Great Britain, Mexico, or Romania, etc...
  • For Italy and Venice, we must note a collection of gold oselles (multiples of gold offered directly by the doge), some of them struck in Murano, among the most beautiful known.

A prestigious 408-page catalog with numerous enlargements and historical comments will be available. LIVE participation will be possible on the BIDDR.CH platform.

  00114a00 00114r00

Lot 114.
Vitellius (69). Aureus 69, Tarragona.

Obv. A VITELLIVS IMP GERMANICVS. Laureate head left.

Rev. LIBERTAS RESTITVTA. Liberty standing right with a spear and the pileus.

RIC 9 (R2) - Calicó 564 ; Gold - 7,31 g - 19 mm - 6 h. Provenance Schulman Vault Collection auction NGC MS* 4/5 3/5 flan flaw. Slight planchet flaw on the cheek. Striking and high relief portrait. Close to its mint state with its original lustrous largely present. Mint State. Price: 100000€

  00230a00 00230r00

Lot 230.
Westphalia, Jérôme Napoléon (1807-1813). 40 frank 1813, C, Kassel.

Obv. HIERONYMUS NAPOLEON, Jérôme Napoléon's Laureate head left, below signature Tiolier.

Rev. KOENIG V. WESTPH. FR. PR./ (Mint Mark) (date) (Engraver Mark), Wreath made of connected branches and leaves, in the center : 40 FRANK.

DMP.742 - Fr.3516 ; Gold - 13,10 g - 26 mm - 6 h. Top Pop (2) : The finest graded ! NGC AU 55. Edge inscription. Extremely rare original mintage! Heavyweight with over 13 grams. Coin alignment. small handling marks and regular wear of the reliefs. Nice golden patina on the original lustrous. About Uncirculated. Price: 100000 €

  00264a00 00264r00

Lot 264.
Léopold Ier (1618–1632). Module de 7 1/2 ducats, Léopold and Claudia of Médicis wedding ND (1626), Hall.

Obv. * LEOPOLD. AR: D: AV. E. CLAVDIA. ARCHIDVCISA. AV. MEDIC. Busts adjoined, crowned and cuirassed, right.

Rev. DVX. BVRGVNDIÆ. COMES. TIROL. Crowned and displayed eagle face-on, under a crown.

Fr.180 (8 ducats) ; Gold - 25,91 g - 39 mm - 12 h. Top Pop : this is the only coin graded ! Provenance Rudolf Scherer, Wien, Münzen-Sammlung, oktober 1912 (von Morosini, Preis K550 ; Achtducatenstück) NGC AU 55. Utmostly rare. Extremely fine. Price: 100000 €

  00411a00 00411r00

Lot 411.
Charles VII (1422-1461). Franc à cheval ND (c.1424), Montpellier.

Obv. KAROLVS: D - EI: GRACIA: - FRACORVM: REX. King on horseback, galloping to the left, sword raised, crowned with a helmet, wearing over his hauberk a fleur-de-lys coat of arms; horse's caparison is fleur-de-lys.

Rev. (clover) XPC: VINCIT: XPC: REGNAT: XPC: IMPERAT. Cross with fleur-de-lys and leafy with quatrefoil in heart, with a K in 1 and 4, within a quatrefoil adorned with two lilies and with clovers.

Dy.451 - L.455 - Fr.302 ; Gold - 3,03 g - 27 mm - 4 h. The second highest graded after the MDC 7 n° 225 (Toulouse). Provenance the collection X.. (ex. reported by Lafaurie) then Künker auction 201, February 2, 2012, N° 21 PCGS AU55. This is the last royal franc strucked! One of the greatest rarities of French royal numismatics. Nice mintage fairly neat and well centered. About uncirculated. Price: 200000 €

The franc à cheval of Charles VII is known from only three examples, two for Toulouse and one for Montpellier. For Toulouse, one copy is kept in the Cabinet des médailles of the Bibliothèque nationale de France; the second known copy was sold at MDC 7 auction n° 225. For Montpellier, the mintage is known by the mention of Lafaurie in 1951, coll. X.. probably the copy of the Künker auction in February 2012 and which is our copy, unique! The manufacture of Toulouse is attested by the Archives, while those of Montpellier are missing. For Toulouse, the franc à cheval was made between July 8 and August 21, 1424, with a value of 24 carats (1000 thousandths) and a weight of 80 pieces per marc, i.e. 3.059 g. Were used 56 marcs 2 ounces of fine gold (13,76 kg) to manufacture 4500 specimens, as the register of the National Archives Z1b 992 indicates: "C'est le compte d'une boueste de la Monnoye de Tholose de deniers d'or fin appelez frans à cheval qui ont cours pour XX sols tournois la pièce, à XXIIII caraz et à demi-carat de remède, de IIIIxx de poys au marc de Paris, fait en achat par Jehan de Veyrières pour lequel Jobert Vidal a tenu le compte du VIIIe jour de juillet inclus mil IIIIcXXIIII que la première délivrance fu faicte jusques au XXIIe jour d'aoust exclus ensuivant oud. an, en laquelle avoit XV deniers d'or qui font IIIImVc deniers d'or, poisent LVI mars II onces d'or". For Montpellier, the archives are missing. We also note, according to Jean Duplessy, that 200 copies were struck in Romans on July 1, 1424.

  00735a00 00735r00

Lot 735.
Second Empire / Napoleon III (1852-1870). Pattern 100 francs laureate head, special mintage 1862, E, Paris.

Obv. NAPOLEON III EMPEREUR. Laureate head right, below (Engraver Mark) and signature BARRE.

Rev. EMPIRE FRANÇAIS (date). Value around the imperial arms on a crowned mantle and broaching the sceptre and the hand of justice.

G.1136 - Maz.1603 - VG.3613 ; Gold - 32,18 g - 34,8 mm - 6 h. Top Pop : The finest graded ! PCGS SP67. Special mintage with glazed mirror fields and sanded reliefs, of an exceptional quality of presentation. Vintage between two anchors on the reverse. Mint state. Perfect and very rare coin. Mint State. Price: 200000 €

  00737a00 00737r00

Lot 737.
Second Empire / Napoléon III (1852-1870). 100 francs laureate head 1870, A, Paris.

Obv. NAPOLEON III EMPEREUR. Laureate head right, below signature BARRE.

Rev. EMPIRE FRANÇAIS (date). Value around the imperial arms posed on a crowned mantle and broaching on the scepter and the hand of justice.

G.1136 - F.551 - Fr.580 ; Gold - 32,25 g - 35 mm - 6 h. Top Pop : The finest graded by PCGS ! PCGS MS62. Small flat on the ribbon end and high reliefs, with minimal handling marks in the fields. Retains a nice color and the original lustrous visible under a patina that has slightly browned the fields. Utmosly rare. Mint State.

Only two copies engraved by PCGS, in AU55 and our copy in MS62 and four copies engraved by NGC, one in 53, one in 61 and two in 62. Our copy is certainly the most beautiful of the three copies engraved in 62. Price: 250000 €

  00916a00 00916r00

Lot 916.
Guillaume III (1694-1702). 5 guineas, 2nd bust 1701, London.

Obv. GVLIELMVS. III. DEI. GRA. Laureate bust on the right.

Rev. MAG. BR. FRA. ET. HIB. REX (date). Cross formed by four crowned shields, with arms in heart, and canted by four scepters.

Fr.310 - S.3456 - KM.508 ; Gold - 41,66 g - 37 mm - 6 h. NGC MS 62+. With bust with large wig and full scepters. The edge is inscribed: + DECVS. ET. TVTAMEN. ANNO. REGNI. DECIMO. TERTIO +. This examplar has hardly circulated with the bust perfectly detailed on the right. Nice yellow-orange color. Mint State. Price: 120000 €

  00927a00 00927r00

Lot 927.
Victoria (1837-1901). 5 pounds Una and the lion, Proof 1839, London.

Obv. VICTORIA D : G : BRITANNIARUM REGINA F : D : bust facing left, wearing headband ; signature W . WYON R. A.

Rev. DIRIGE DEUS – GRESSUS MEOS. The queen facing left leading a lion with her sceptre : (date) and signature W . WYON R. A. in exergue.

Fr.386 – S.3851 – W&R.278 – Schl.148 ; Gold – 38.52 g – 37 mm – 12h. From the St James Auctions Ltd 11, 8th may 2009, n°244, then St James Auctions Ltd 17, 24th may 2011, n°211. NGC PF 62 ULTRA CAMEO. Proof. Edge : DECUS ET TUTAMEN ANNA REGNI TERTIO. Minimal hairlines on the mirror surfaces with ultra cameo. Mint State. Price: 150000 €

Conceived by William Wyon (1795-1851) in 1839 to commemorate the beginning of queen Victoria's reign (1837), the Una and the lion 5 pounds is considered one of the most beautiful british coins. Victoria, standing with a lion, is moving left, with the motto May God direct my steps above her. The young queen, 20 years old, is represented as Lady Una, from Edmund Spencer's The Faerie Queene, a poem written in 1590. This is the first time a british monarch is represented as a fictitious character : England as a lion is guided by Una, personified by queen Victoria, and her sceptre.

  01082a00 01082r00

Lot 1082.
Victor-Emmanuel II (1861-1878). 100 lire 1878, R, Rome. Obv. VITTORIO EMANUELE II. Bare head facing left, signature FERRARIS and (date) below.

Rev. REGNO D'ITALIA. In a two-branchs wreath, a crowned shield circled by the Supreme Order of the Most Holy Annunciation's collar, (mint) L.100 below.

Cud.1188c - P.453 - KM.19.2 - Fr.9 ; Gold - 32,25 g - 35 mm - 6 h. Top Pop : this is the highest graded example ! From Varesi 71, 10th November 2017, n°490. PCGS MS65. Only 294 struck and this is the most beautiful known ! Gorgeous strike with slightly satin reliefs and mirror fields. Uncirculated. Price: 150000 €

  01091a00 01091r00

Lot 1091.
Victor-Emmanuel III (1900-1946). Gold 100 lire pattern, the lion quadriga by S. Johnson, special strike 1906, Milano (Johnson).

Obv. VITTORIO EMANVELE III. Bare head facing right, signature EB and (date) below.

Rv. REGNO D'ITALIA (date). Allegory of Italy as Cybele, stading in a charriot pulled by four lions facing right. Below, a cartouche containing LIRE CENTO ; PROVA to the left and signature S.J. to the right.

Pag.P- (cf.140) - Luppino PPSJ3 - KM.Pr4 ; Gold - 32,25 g - 35 mm - 6 h. Top Pop : highest graded example ! PCGS SP64. Special strike with satin reliefs and mirror fields. Very rare. Mint State. Price: 100000 €

  01093a00 01093r00

Lot 1093.
Victor-Emmanuel III (1900-1946). Gold 100 lire pattern, the Agriculture by S. Johnson, Matte Proof 1907, Milano (Johnson).

Obv. VITTORIO EMANVELE III. Bust in uniform, bare head facing left, Savoy knot and signature EB in front.

Rev. REGNO D'ITALIA. Allegory of Italy standing to the right, head turned backwards, holding a sheaf of ears and a plow, L.100 to the right ; cartouche containing EB. PROVA (date) and S. J. in exergue.

Pag.P144 - Luppino PPSJ12 ; Gold - 32,48 g - 35 mm - 6 h. Top Pop : highest graded example ! NGC PF 64 MATTE. Very rare. Mint State. Price: 100000 €

  01152a00 01152r00

Lot 1152.
Carol II (1930-1940). 100 lei, centenary of Carol I birth, with large cupboards 1939, Bucharest.

Obv. CAROL II REGELE ROMÂNIOR. Head facing right, signature E. W. BECKER below.

Rev. 100 LEI / ROMANIA. Four branchs cross adorned with lilies, on a crown, a shield on top, and surrounded by (date).

KM.XM7 - Stamb.171 - Fr.13 ; Gold - 35 mm - 6 h. Top Pop : highest graded example ! NGC MS 64. Very rare, remarkable quality, with original mint lustre. Most likely the most beautiful example known ! Uncirculated. Price: 150000 €

  01265a00 01265r00

Lot 1265.
Annam, Tu Duc (1848-1883). Lang, gold strike, no date (1848-1883).

Obv. Around the central hole : Tu Duc thông bao, to the left ; Van thê vinh lai, to the right ; the moon and the sun under clouds, above ; the three mountains with longevity's trees in the middle of the sea, below.

Rev. Written in chinese, a quatrain The precious stone khuyet and the cinnabar, in a thousand years, become pure gold, transmissible to ten thousands generations. Thereby, we aknowledge the merit and we emphasise the virtuous men, because only wisdom is precious.

Schr.403 - KM.559 - Fr.32 v. ; Gold - 37,77 g - 65 mm - 12 h. Top Pop : Highest graded example ! NGC MS 62. Very discrete double-strike on the obverse for this impressive module ! Beautiful yellow with golden reflections. Well-centered and good engraving. Very rare. Mint State. Price: 120000 €

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