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The E-Sylum: Volume 26, Number 24, June 11, 2023, Article 5

STEPHEN L. BOBBITT (1950-2023)

Former ANA public relations officer Steve Bobbitt has passed. -Editor

Steve Bobbitt A third-generation Colorado Springs native, Stephen Leslie Bobbitt was born at Glockner-Penrose Hospital on February 15, 1950, to Harry and Madeleine Bobbitt. His parents had served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and met at the Naval Air Station in Norman, Oklahoma. They married in 1944 and began a family not long after, soon settling in Colorado Springs. Steve was especially proud of his parents' WWII service, which later inspired him to explore the history of the period—especially military battles and personalities—through books, documentaries, film and museums.

Steve attended Wasson High School in Colorado Springs, where he played French horn in the orchestra and marching band. His father opened an auto repair shop, Bobbitt's Car Clinic at 530 E. Kiowa St., in 1965, and Steve often helped out after school and on Saturdays. In his senior year, Steve accompanied his mother's sister, who was a French teacher in White Plains, New York, and her students to France, where he was enthralled by the magic of Paris and the bigger world that existed outside Colorado Springs.

He graduated from Wasson in 1968, and at age 19 enrolled in Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 1972, and in December of that year married Jacqueline Haines, whom he had known in high school and become closely acquainted with at Western.

The couple returned to Colorado Springs, where, in August 1980, they welcomed the birth of their daughter, Samantha Hope. Steve established himself as a trusted and well-regarded journalist. He began as a reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph, then served the Colorado Springs Sun as city editor. Following the 1986 closure of the latter, he was a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News and a correspondent for Colorado Business Magazine.

... Steve joined the staff of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) in October 1988 as public relations director, a position he held for 15 years.

In 1999, Steve and his wife parted, and in 2002 he married Barbara J. Gregory, a magazine editor with whom he worked at the ANA. Their careers at the nonprofit, educational organization enabled them to travel to a variety of inspiring U.S. destinations, from Seattle to Boston, Chicago to New Orleans, making new friends along the way. Always high-energy and personable, Steve had a quirky sense of humor, and loved getting to know people and their stories.

Although Steve enjoyed traveling and discovering new places, he never regretted making his home in Colorado Springs. He often said that the decision was fortuitous, for it was there that he married his first wife, Jackie, and shared many fun times; raised a lovely daughter; cherished his son-in-law and three wonderful grandsons; succeeded in the newspaper and public-relations business; and experienced 20 years of joy and adventure with his second partner, Barbara.

No funeral service is planned; however, a celebration of life—in true Steve style—will be held on Thursday, June 29, in Colorado Springs. Friends, family, and former co-workers who benefitted from his knowledge and example, are invited to attend. For location, time and RSVPs, phone or text 719-321-2516.

I was very sorry to hear this news. I've known Steve casually for many years, and often spoke with him at ANA events. He was proud of his rebranding of the annual ANA convention as The World's Fair of Money® to broaden its appeal from members to the wider general public. Great photo - that's how I remember him, always friendly, happy and smiling. -Editor

Dennis Tucker writes:

"When I met Steve Bobbitt it was through his wife, Barbara Gregory. When you meet spouses of hobby friends, there's always the risk of that connection being entirely surface-level. There was no such risk with Steve if you spent more than a few minutes in his company. He was aware of the easy conversational trap of How are you? Good to hear it. See you later interactions. Meaningless. That wasn't his style. I found his connection to be real, human, warm, good-humored. Steve sought true relationships.

"Maybe it was his journalism and public-relations background. But I don't think it was entirely something taught in school or honed through work. To have a friend you must be a friend, they say, and that's something either baked into your personality or it's not. For Steve it was natural. He and Barbara were fortunate to have each other, and I'm fortunate to have spent quality time with them and to get to know my friend's husband as a unique and delightful person. As a hobby community we need to rally around Barbara and strengthen her in this time of sad loss."

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