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Another lot from my library in the upcoming Kolbe & Fanning sale is a collection of numismatic correspondence. Only some if it is my own, and a wide array of past and present numismatic personalities are included, such as Large Cent collectors and fellow Pittsburgh numismatists George Clapp and James O. Sloss to dealers Fred Baldwin, Aubree Bebee, and John J. Ford, Jr., and U.S. Mint Directors Patterson and Linderman. As a numismatic bibliophile some of my favorites involve authors such as John Hickcox, Neil Carothers, M.H. Bolender and Walter Breen. -Editor

Kolbe-Fanning Sale 168 Lot 526 Wayne Homren Numismatic Correspondence Homren, Wayne [compiler]. BINDER 52: NUMISMATIC CORRESPONDENCE. Includes the following:

1) correspondence between Wayne Homren and John W. Adams, Nelson P. Aspen, Del Bland, Q. David Bowers, Walter Breen, Ken Bressett, John J. Ford, Lynn Glaser, Denis Loring, Arlie Slabaugh and others;

Signed with his signature purple ink, Breen's letters answered questions I had for him about Civil War numismatics and a topic I hadn't asked him about - bars in New York City, telling me that Civil War token issuer Pfaff's was a hangout for gay men. -Editor

2) three letters from Albert (Fred) Baldwin to James Sloss (1946–1955), accompanied by a photograph of Baldwin;

4) Aubrey Bebee letter (1984) to Orville Grady;

5) typewritten sheet titled Notes on Some of the Varieties of the Cents of 1796 signed by George Clapp;

6) letter dated December 14, 1945 from James Sloss to George Clapp;

7) letter from George Clapp to James O. Sloss (July 9, 1946);

8) 1983 letter from John J. Ford to Bob Kincaid;

9) letter from Albert Frey to A.C. Gies (October 21, 1902);

10) two letters from Howard Gibbs to James Curto (1947);

In the 1980s Bob Kincaid recruited me to help with research on US. Encased Postage Stamps which was later incorporated into Fred Reed's book on the topic. Gies and Gibbs were fellow Pittsburgh numismatists who'd passed from the scene before my time. -Editor

11) two letters from Charles Springer Hall to Walter Nichols (November 7, 1935 & undated);

  Numismatic Forgery cover Mormon Money Forgeries cover

12) letter from Mark Hofmann to Armand Champa, ex Armand Champa library (November 1, 1979);

This one is priceless - Mark Hofmann is the murderer behind the Mormon bombings, a master forger of documents, coins and paper money. See the earlier article, linked below, for more on Hofmann. -Editor

13) Western Union telegram from Glenn Mooney to the Hobby Shop with handwritten response signed by W.E. Steffee (April 30, 1956);

14) letters between the Hobby Shop and Glenn Mooney (1956);

15) 1934 letters to Walter Nichols from Albert Weitzel;

16) letter to Charles Ruby from Julius Reiver (May 30, 1970);

17) letter from Gilroy Roberts to Theodore Riviere (1983);

18) letter to Mel Came from James F. Ruddy (April 19, 1972);

19) letter from Norman Shultz (April 9, 1930);

20) letter to Norman Stack from Stephen T. Riley of the Massachusetts Historical Society (March 6, 1973);

21) letter from Mint Director R.M. Patterson to Hon. Charles Brown requesting copies of the 1848 Mint Report (January 25, 1849);

Hickox Historical Account of American Coinage 22) letter from John Hickox (January 25, 1858) to N.[?]A. Moore;

This is among my favorite letters. I was delighted to discover it in the stock of a dealer at a paper money show in Memphis, TN. See lot 318 for my copy of Hickox's 1858 An Historical Account of American Coinage, the first substantial work ever written on American coins. Only 200 copies were printed, and to my knowledge letters signed by Hickox are even more rare. -Editor

23) letter from F.E. Spinner to J.J. Roberts (August 15, 1863);

24) letter from Mint Director H.R. Linderman to J.R. Butler (January 12, 1878);

25) two letters between M.H. Bolender and Ed. C. Fritch (June 29, 1928 and June 12, 1928);

26) Treasury Department document signed by Deputy Comptroller Samuel Howard authorizing the Doylestown National Bank to begin operations (November 16, 1864), with intact seal;

27) letter to George S. King from Lyman Gage (1903) accompanied by check endorsed by Gage (July 23, 1869) and other parties;

28) Treasury Department letter dated November 1, 1867 and addressed to Hon. Edgar Cowan;

29) Treasury Dept. receipt August 7, 1907;

30) hand-written letter from William A. Ashbrook on U.S. House of Representatives letterhead dated March 13, 1919;

31) photocopy of typewritten letter from R.H. Williamson to Neil Carothers at Lehigh University about a young Walter Breen dated May 2, 1951;

32) photocopy of typewritten letter from R.H. Williamson to Walter Breen dated May 8, 1965 (refers to previous letter);

33) three typewritten letters to Wayne Homren from the ANA about ANA activities, all from 1996;

34) two typewritten letters from Joe Boling to Wayne Homren about 1996 ANA activities;

35) typewritten letter from Roland P. Burnham to Wayne Homren dated October 25, 1992;

36) typewritten letter from John Kraljevich to Wayne Homren dated February 21, 1993;

36) typewritten letter from Wayne Homren to Denis Loring dated March 19, 1995;

37) photocopy of a handwritten letter from Glenn Mooney to Mr. Johnson dated November 19, 1992;

38) list of ANS materials on Jacob Perkins sent from Eric P. Newman;

39) handwritten letter from Russ Sears to Wayne Homren dated January 7, 1993;

40) typewritten letter from Thomas W. Sheehan to Wayne Homren dated November 13, 1992;

41) typewritten letter from Wayne Homren to Pete Smith dated March 2, 1993;

42) Christmas card with insert from John and Regina Adams to Wayne Homren, dated December 1, 2014;

43) typewritten letter from Richard Graham to Wayne Homren dated June 22, 2011 about the U.S. Frigate Constellation medals (one enclosed);

44) card with handwritten note from David Hirt to Wayne Homren dated March 10, 2019 about the 500 Hungarian note (2 enclosed);

45) two comics from Dick Johnson to Wayne Homren (2016 & 2017);

46) typewritten thank-you note from Andy Newman to Wayne Homren dated December 7, 2017;

47) mail from Steve Roach to Wayne Homren dated December 17 2018 with Santa-stamped elongated penny and clipped article;

48) letter from Barry Tayman to Wayne Homren (2019). Generally fine or nearly so.

A very rich binder in terms of content. The letters from Fred Baldwin, George Clapp, Albert Frey, R.M. Patterson, John Hickcox, and H.R. Linderman could all be single lots of their own, and the letter from Utah forger and murderer Mark Hofmann is certainly noteworthy. The more modern letters make one realize just how much of the history of our current hobby is lost by our reliance on email. Ex Wayne Homren Library.

Numismatic ephemera collections today are typically the result of happenstance, and mine is no exception - these are typically groupings of diverse material the collector had the opportunity to receive, purchase or otherwise rescue from an uncertain fate. Future collectors may be able to draw from earlier offerings of material to assemble more specialized collections, such as correspondence related to particular numismatic topics, institutions, collections or collectors. If I live long enough for the market in numismatic ephemera to sufficiently advance, we may well see items like these ensconced in slabs and graded and traded like sports cards and comic books. -Editor

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