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Past Officers and Governors


No President1979-1982
Cal WilsonJanuary, 1982 - Summer, 1985
George F. KolbeSummer, 1985 - Summer 1987 *
*(Remy Bourne was nominated but refused to run
Kolbe was elected as write-in candidate)
Armand ChampaSummer, 1987 - Summer, 1989
Remy BourneSummer, 1989 - September, 1989  **
**(Resigned after holding office three months)
Kenneth LoweOctober 1, 1989 - Summer, 1991
P. Scott RubinSummer, 1991 - Summer, 1997
Michael J. SullivanSummer, 1997 - Summer, 1999
Wayne HomrenSummer, 1999 - Summer, 2001
Pete SmithSummer, 2001 - Summer 2007
John W. AdamsSummer, 2007 - Summer, 2009
Dan HamelbergSummer, 2009 - Present


No Vice-President1979-1982
Armand Champa January, 1983 - Summer, 1987
Remy BourneSummer, 1987 - Summer, 1989
Kenneth LoweSummer - 1989 - September, 1989
Armand ChampaOctober 1, 1989 - June, 1991
Wayne K. HomrenSummer, 1991 - Summer, 1995
Fred L. Lake (resigned)Summer, 1995 - May 15, 1996
May 16, 1996 - Summer, 1997Office Vacant
Wayne HomrenSummer, 1997 - Summer, 1999
David Sklow (resigned)Summer, 1999 - December, 1999
No Vice PresidentJanuary - March, 2000
Thomas Sheehan [source: Numismatic News, 4-25-2000]April, 2000 - Summer, 2001
John AdamsSummer, 2001 - Summer, 2005
Dan HamelbergSummer, 2005 - Summer, 2009
Dan Friedus Summer, 2009 - Present


Linda Kolbe1979 - Summer, 1987
Office of Secretary abolished, becomes part of Secretary-Treasurer Office, Summer of 1987


1979-1982: No Treasurer (finances seem to have been handled by the Secretary)
Alan Meghrig1983 - Summer, 1987
Office of Treasurer abolished, becomes part of the Secretary-Treasurer Office, Summer of 1987


Jeff Rock1987 - 1988 Resigned - 1988
John Bergman1988 - 1991
Kenneth Lowe1991 - 1993
Frank Van Zandt1993 - 1996 Resigned - 1996
Dave Hirt1996 - 2001
David Sklow2001 - 2003
David Perkins2003 - 2005 Resigned
David Sundman2005
Appointed Positions
Editor: The Asylum
1979-Summer, 1984 Jack Collins and George Frederick Kolbe
Summer, 1984-Summer, 1986 Carling Gresham
Summer, 1986-Summer, 1988 Joel J. Orosz
Summer, 1988-Summer, 1991 David Herman Block
Summer, 1991-Summer, 1995 Charles Davis
Summer, 1995-March, 1996 Martin Gengerke
April, 1996-December, 1998 George Frederick Kolbe
January, 1999-September, 1999 Marilyn Reback
October, 1999-December, 2006 E. Tomlinson Fort
January, 2007 to Present David Yoon
Editor-in-Chief, The Asylum
January, 1999-June, 2001Robert F. Metzger
July, 2001-December 2006David F. Fanning
[Position created, 1999, abolished after 2006]
Editor, The E-Sylum
September 4, 1998-Present Wayne K. Homren
[The E-Sylum was created on the above date by Homren]
Summer, 1993 - Present Joel J. Orosz
[The position was created by the NBS Board, at their 1993 meeting]
Convention Chairman
Bourse Chairman
[These two posts were suggested by NBS members meeting at the Long Beach Coin and Stamp Exposition in early October, 1982. This was the meeting at which the first slate of NBS officers was nominated (Cal Wilson as President, Armand Champa as Vice-President, Alan Meghrig as Treasurer, and Linda Kolbe as Secretary. They also nominated Austin Ryer, Jr. for Convention Chairman, and John Bergman for Bourse Chairman. There is no evidence in The Asylum, The E-Sylum, or the NBS Archives to suggest that these two posts were ever created].

Board Members

1979-Summer, 1984: No Board of Trustees
Summer, 1984-Summer, 1985: Remy Bourne, Q. David Bowers, Carling Gresham, Don Pfau, Dick Punchard
Summer, 1985-Summer, 1987: Michael Bourne, Carling Gresham, Mary A. Leeuw, Dick Punchard, Cal Wilson
Summer, 1987-Summer, 1989: John Bergman, Charles Davis, Carling Gresham, George Frederick Kolbe, Joel J. Orosz, Cal Wilson
Summer, 1989-Summer, 1991: Charles Davis, Carling Gresham, Joel J. Orosz, P. Scott Rubin, Michael J. Sullivan, Barry Tayman
Summer, 1991-Summer, 1993: Armand Champa, Charles Davis, Joel J. Orosz, Jeffry M. Peck, Michael J. Sullivan, Barry Tayman
Summer, 1993-Summer, 1995: Armand Champa, Charles Davis, Michael Hodder, Fred L. Lake, Joel J. Orosz, Michael J. Sullivanv
Summer, 1995-Summer, 1997: Armand Champa, Charles Davis, John J. Ford, Jr., Michael Hodder, George Frederick Kolbe, Joel J. Orosz
Summer, 1997-Summer, 1999: George Frederick Kolbe, Bill Murray, Joel J. Orosz, P. Scott Rubin, Pete Smith, Frank Van Zandt
Summer, 1999-Summer, 2001: Robert F. Metzger, Larry Mitchell, Bill Murray, Joel J. Orosz, P. Scott Rubin, Pete Smith (starting April 12, 2000), Thomas Sheehan
Summer, 2001-Summer, 2003: David Hirt, John Kraljevich, Jr., Robert Metzger, Joel J. Orosz, P. Scott Rubin, Thomas Sheehan
Summer, 2003-Summer, 2005: Phil Carrigan, John Kraljevich, Jr., Karl Moulton, Joel J. Orosz, P. Scott Rubin, David Sklow
Summer, 2005-Summer, 2007: John W. Adams, Dan Friedus, Joel J. Orosz, P. Scott Rubin, W. David Perkins, David Sklow
Summer, 2007-Summer, 2009: Leonard Augsburger, Dan Friedus, Joel J. Orosz, P. Scott Rubin, W. David Perkins, David Sklow
Summer-2009-Summer, 2011: John W. Adams, Leonard Augsburger, Frank Campbell, David Fanning, Martin Logies, Sydney Martin, P. Scott Rubin, W. David Perkins, Marc Ricard