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Wayne Homren 2017-03-15 full New subscribers this week include: Ron Dayton. Welcome aboard! We now have 6,720 subscribers.

Thank you for reading The E-Sylum. If you enjoy it, please send me the email addresses of friends you think may enjoy it as well and I'll send them a subscription. Contact me at anytime regarding your subscription, or questions, comments or suggestions about our content.

This week we open with a numismatic literature sale, two new books, two obituaries, updates from the Newman Numismatic Portal, and more.

Other topics this week include James Astwood, David Lisot, Barbara Gregory, Kenny Sammut, 75-Year ANA members, the Travel Car troubadours, knife money, more auction previews, a suffragette medal, bad counterfeits, and George Ohr's racy clay tokens.

To learn more about Bengal coinage, New Zealand medals, Karl Moulton, Sam Buttrey, The Centinel, old book smell, the 1934 ANA convention, the Payteller token, the Brenner National Arts Club plaque, a hoard of Kellogg and Co. $20 gold coins, the twenty poond note and American Yodeling, read on. Have a great week, everyone!

Wayne Homren
Editor, The E-Sylum

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The Canadian Numismatic Company of Quebec is holding a numismatic literature sale January 17, 2020. Here are some selections. -Editor

  Austrian Coinage
Lot 1776

Lot 1776: Austrian Coinage
Literature; (MEDIEVAL AND MODERN NUMISMATICS) ÖSTERREICHISCHE MÜNZPRÄGUNGEN 1519-1938 - V. Miller zu Aichholz, V., A. Loehr and E. Holzmair. Chicago, Lot of 2 books two volumes.

Read more here

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The new 2022 Charleton Canadian Coins book is available now in both English and French versions. -Editor

  Canadian Coins Volume One 75th Edition English Canadian Coins Volume One 75th Edition French

2022 Canadian Coins Volume 1

Read more here

  TCNC E-Sylum ad 2021-12-12 2022 New Years Sale


Two more digital chapters have been released in the progressive update to Leon Morel's catalogue of NZ Commemorative Medals prior to 1940. Thanks to Martin Purdy of Upper Hutt, New Zealand for passing this information along. -Editor

  Morel's Catalogue of NZ Commemorative Medals 1920s Morel's Catalogue of NZ Commemorative Medals 1930s

Read more here

  Stacks-Bowers E-Sylum ad 2021-12-12 December Online

KARL V. MOULTON (1953-2021)

Steve M. Tompkins passed along this news about numismatic literature dealer and author Karl Moulton of Tombstone, AZ. -Editor

  KArl Moulton at his table 2019 ANA
Karl Moulton at the 2019 ANA

It is my sad duty to inform both the numismatic literature and coin collecting communities of the recent passing of former numismatic literature dealer, author and my friend Karl Moulton, on or about December 1st. He leaves behind one older brother who resides in Texas.

Karl was currently living in Arizona and working on a new book concentrating on the 1849 date of United States coinage. Sadly, that work will not be completed and is now lost to future numismatists.

Read more here

HLRC E-Sylum ad Generic Centerpieces

JAMES W. ASTWOOD (1934-2021)

Howard R. Engel of Richard Stockley Books in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada passed along this note about author J.W. Astwood from Jim Bailie (also of Winnipeg):

"Jim passed away on December 4, 2021. He was a giant of numismatics. Jim received the prestigious J. Douglas Ferguson Award at the RCNA convention in Toronto in 2014. He set a standard for writing tokens books."

  Ron Greene and J. W. Astwood
James Astwood (right) receiving the J. Douglas Ferguson Award from Ron Greene (left).

Read more here

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The latest addition to the Newman Numismatic Portal is Jeremy Bostwick's latest Numismagram pricelist. Project Coordinator Len Augsburger provided the following report. -Editor

  Three Kings Magi medal

Among the dealer fixed price lists archived on Newman Portal is Jeremy Bostwick's Numismagram, a periodic presentation of historical and art medals. To my knowledge, these lists have appeared in e-periodical format only and have not been published as hardcopies. Newman Portal preserves born-digital material such as Numismagram in addition to scanning hardcopies of other publications. A recent Numismagram issue for December 2021 (#70) featured an 1894 Swiss medal presenting the three magi.

Bostwick's description notes Presenting the iconography of the Three Kings on the reverse, this medal has a festive holiday feel even though it celebrates the opening of the new church in Zürich, which took place in the summer of 1894. Nevertheless, the Three Kings (or Magi), guided by the Star of Bethlehem (or Christmas Star), are associated heavily with the Christ tradition, bearing the gifts of gold (representing earthly kingship), frankincense (representing the divine), and myrrh (representing the end of life). Three Kings' Day, also known as Epiphany, is traditionally celebrated on 6 January, which corresponds to the twelth day of the mass of Christ, and the day on which the Three Kings are to have arrived to bear their gifts to the Christ child.

Link to Numismagram on Newman Portal:

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These are selections from the David Lisot Video Library that feature news and personalities from the world of coin collecting. David has been attending coin conventions since 1972 and began videotaping in 1985. The Newman Numismatic Portal now lists all David's videos on their website at:

Here's a real table-turner - David becomes the interviewee. -Editor

  PAN21 David Lisot-Franklin.Still003

David Lisot Interviewed by Ben Franklin
at the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists Convention 2021.
VIDEO: 16:09.

Patrick McBride, Ben Franklin, Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists, David Lisot, October 29, 2021.

Imagine being interviewed by Benjamin Franklin! Entrepreneur and veteran coin reporter for David Lisot had just that opportunity at the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists on October 29, 2021. Mr. Franklin asks David about his extraordinary experience videotaping the numismatic hobby. He delves into the intricacy of David's s experiences and what were the most important aspects. If you want to see David Lisot who championed preserving the history of numismatics for more than 40 years on video then watch this interview!

An excerpt of the video is available for viewing on the Coin Television YouTube Channel at:

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Barbara Gregory will replace retiring Gerry Tebben as the editor of The Centinel. Here's the press release. -Editor

  Gerald Tebben Barbara J. Gregory
Tebben and Gregory

Barbara J. Gregory, the former Editor of The Numismatist, the monthly magazine of the American Numismatic Association, has been named Editor of The Centinel, the quarterly journal of the Central States Numismatic Society. She will succeed Gerald Tebben who is retiring this coming summer after 12 years as Editor of the award-winning CSNS publication.

"When Gerry informed me of his desire to retire, the first name that came to my mind was that of Barbara Gregory. I was so pleased when I contacted her and she said she was interested in the position with CSNS, recalled CSNS President Mitch Ernst.

Read more here

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Reader Ron Haller-Williams is quick with his research on E-Sylum topics, but it can take a while for me to pull his findings together for another issue. Here's a distillation of some of his discoveries relating to the post-WWI coin-covered "Travel Car" Carol Bastable discovered pictured on a postcard last month. But it's worth the wait, for Ron can dig up information from the most obscure areas of the internet, such as this passage translated from a German-language webpage on the history of Country Music. Ron bolded some phrases that seem to reference the "travel car". -Editor

Read more here

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  Currency Museum of Canada slab Knife money

Read more here

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Correction: "Emergency Chinese Money"

  Chinese Yunnan Tael Emergency Money
Howard A. Daniel III writes:

"The November 21 issue of The E-Sylum has an item; "A Tael of Emergency Chinese Money", which has several errors in it. I believe these pieces were first cataloged in Eduard Kann's Illustrated Catalog of Chinese Coins, and the writer of your item likely used it as his primary source. Eduard Kann was completely misinformed about these pieces being used to pay Chinese troops on the Burma front because he had been told the old Lao characters on the reverses were Burmese and they were from Yunnan.

These pieces were circulating in the French Protectorates of Laos and Tonkin, until the Chinese troops from Yunnan province were sent south by the United Nations to take the post-WWII Japanese surrender above the 16th parallel in French Indochina. When the Chinese returned to Yunnan, they were carrying the French Indochina opium bullion coins, which they then sold to silver and goldsmiths, who eventually sold them into Hong Kong where many entered the numismatic marketplace. At that time, numismatists identified them as Yunnan-Burma pieces because of Kann's misidentification.

The first error in the item is the title because they are not emergency Chinese money. They were minted in Hanoi to assist the government in buying opium from the highland people in Tonkin and Laos, and not Yunnan province in China. The largest percentage of taxes for the French, and especially during WWII, was from the sale of opium and they badly needed silver coins because the highland people did not accept banknotes.

Since they were not meant for anywhere outside of French Indochina, the ounce and half ounce pieces are in Vietnamese weights of about half (19 grams) or one lang or luong (38 grams), and the reverses have the old Lao for half or one bheuy pure silver. The Vietnamese used Chinese calligraphy but some were altered over time. The obverse of the first varieties had the Vietnamese character Phu, which did not have any changes from the Chinese Fu, for prosperity. Most of the highland people could not read or write so designs were more important to them. The second series changed the obverse character to a deer design. The first deer design did not satisfy the highland people so a second design was created for them.

My primary source about these pieces is Dr. Francois Thierry, who has since retired from the National Library of France. He has written detailed articles about these pieces and assisted me in my research. The old Lao was not correctly translated until Dr. Allan Barker's wife Soi assisted me. Soi's father was a linguist and taught her about the old Lao. I also did research in the current National Library of Viet Nam, which has many of the French Indochina WWII era newspapers and official documents. "

Thanks, Howard! -Editor

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see:

Other topics this week include Removing Published Material, Dr. Henry D. Cogswell, Sam Buttrey, and old book smell. -Editor

Read more here

  Steinbergs E-Sylum ad 2012-12-05 January 2022 shows


Here's another entry from Dick Johnson's Encyclopedia of Coin and Medal Terminology. -Editor

Gold Medal. A medallic item made of gold, often as an award – usually the highest in rank – and infrequently that highest ranking award, but not necessarily made of gold.

Such quasi gold medals usually bear an inscription calling itself a gold medal (Olympic, exposition and medals awarded in quantity fall in this category). There is no requirement to identify the metal components on the medal itself, unless, of course, the item does indeed have some gold in the composition.

Read more here

Holabird E-Sylum ad 2021-12-17 sale


Michael Kodysz submitted this nice article with more information about Robert H. Lloyd, the longest-standing member of the American Numismatic Association. Thank you! -Editor

Thank you for publishing the interesting biography of Robert H. Lloyd, who lived to be 103 and holds the record for the longest ANA membership of 83 years. Based on what I gathered from this and the linked article about Robert L. Hendershot, it seems that the three people who were members of the ANA the longest are:

83 years - Robert H. Lloyd (1906–2009)
82 years - Eric P. Newman (1911–2017)
74 years - Robert L. Hendershot (1898–2005)

Read more here

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American Numismatic Biographies author Pete Smith submitted this article on 75-Year Members of the American Numismatic Association. Thanks! -Editor

1891 ANA LOGO The ANA created the 75-Year Membership Award in 2000 in anticipation that Robert Hepworth Lloyd would qualify in 2001.

Robert H. Lloyd joined the ANA in 1926 as member 3024. He was honored as a 75-Year Member in August 2001. He died at age 103 and had been an ANA member for 83 years, holding the record for longest ANA member.

Read more here

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The October 2021 issue of The Clarion from the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists included an article titled "Five Questions Answered By Kenny Sammut." With permission, we're republishing it here. Thanks to editor Rich Jewell for forwarding this. -Editor

Five Questions Answered by Kenny Sammut

1. When and why did you become a coin collector?
Kenny Sammut Back in 2007, my father purchased some of the newly released Presidential Dollars. I immediately took an interest to them and started to flip through the Red Book. Although at my age (I was only 5 or 6), I only truly understood values and dollar signs, however over time I grew to appreciate their history and designs. After a while, I decided to branch out into world coins. I started to skim the phone book sized Krause catalogues and fell in love with the beautiful designs. And over the years, I have branched out even further and now I know a little bit about exonumia and numismatic literature.

Read more here

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Here is the press release for the December 2021 Holabird Western Americana sale. Great variety of material! -Editor


The auction has more than 1,900 lots in a wide array of collecting categories and at price points that will appeal to both novices and veteran collectors alike. Important collections will be sold.

Read more here

Kolbe-Fanning E-Sylum ad 2020-05-17


And here is the press release for World Banknote Auctions Live Sale 19. -Editor

  WBNA sale images

This week World Banknote Auctions launched Live Sale 19, which takes place in two parts on December 22 and 23, with live bidding starting both days at 10 AM PST. As usual, live bidding will take place on the website and on the mobile apps of World Banknote Auctions. Combined, the sale features a total of 722 lots from around the world.

Read more here

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Here's the press release for the Canadian Numismatic Company January 2022 sale. -Editor

TCNC E-Sylum ad 2021-12-12 2022 New Years Sale Welcome to The 2022 New Year's Auction sale event. This auction of more than 1600 numismatic lots features three major collections joined by selections from 75 other consignors across North America. The first and second Sessions are highlighted by three attractive coin and banknote collections. The Little Collection Part III of Canadian Copper, The MacFadyen Collection of Militaria and Canadian banknotes, The Gem Collection of Canadian banknotes and coins.

Also featuring in this auction; an elusive 1888 50 cents in Mint State-63. An ultra rare 1875H 25 cents in Mint State-62, a fantastic and original roll of 1935 silver dollars, a very scarce 1913c-Sovereign in Choice Mint State-64. A beautiful 1917 50 cents in Gem Mint State-66, a stunning 1932 50 cents in Specimen-64.

  1888 Canada 50 cents

Read more here

  CNG E-Sylum Ad Triton XXV


Here's a press release of some highlights of the January 2022 New York International Numismatic Convention sale. -Editor

  NYINC sale catalog covers

January 2022 will welcome the return of the New York International Numismatic Convention after its cancellation last year, to the delight of the numismatic market as a whole. One auction that always stands out from the many sales taking place during the convention is the New York Sale, a collaboration between Sovereign Rarities, Goldberg Coins, Dmitry Markov and M&M Numismatics. 2022's New York Sale will take place between the 11-13 January and includes a trio of superb catalogues; one will be dedicated to Russian coins and medals, another to Ancient coins, and the last to World coins.

  2022 NYINC Sale Cleo1 2022 NYINC Sale Cleo2
The highlight of the strong selection of gold and silver ancients on offer may certainly be the Tetradrachm of Cleopatra and Mark Antony struck in 36 BC. This coin symbolises the famous union of two of the ancient world's most prominent historical figures and is perpetually popular with followers of the classical numismatic series.

Read more here


OVER 500 NUMISMATIC TITLES: Wizard Coin Supply has over 500 numismatic titles in stock, competitively discounted, and available for immediate shipment. See our selection at


Here's a selection of interesting or unusual items I came across in the marketplace this week. Tell us what you think of some of these. -Editor

Kushan Empire, Vima Kadphises Gold Double Dinar

Kushan Empire, Vima Kadphises (c.113-127), gold Double Dinar, 15.99g, bilingual series, Bactria, king enthroned facing with bearded head left, he sits on a low cushioned throne with ornamental legs, his feet on a footstool, wearing a tall round cap with upturned peak, diadem ribbons to right, flames emerge from his right shoulder, he wears an open robe with double clasp, trousers fastened in similar manner, and heavy padded boots, he holds a branch in his raised right hand, his left hand concealed in sleeve of jacket rests on his left thigh, a heavy club in left field, tamgha in right field, Greek legend around starting at 1 o'clock: baiey ooh - mo ka?Fh(King Wima Kadphises), rev. Oesho stands facing, head to left, flames emanating from top of head, ithyphallic and naked except for a diaphanous garment, amulet string across chest, he holds a trident in his right hand, an animal skin in left, he leans against a bull standing right, nandipada symbol in left field, Kharoshthi legend around: maharajasa rajadirajasa sarvaloga isvarasa mahisvarasa vima kathpisasa tradara (of great king, king of kings, lord of the world, great lord, Vima Kadphises, saviour) (Göbl 11; Jongeward & Cribb 260; Sunrise 523), some surface flecks, good extremely fine, rare

From the Spink auction of Ancient, Indian and Islamic Coins closing on 16 December 2021. -Editor

To read the complete lot description, see:

Other topics this week include a 1664 Charles II Two Guineas, a Civil War Token error, and the Brenner National Arts Club Plaque. -Editor

Read more here

E-Sylum Leidman ad03 coin


In his Stack's Bowers blog Dave Bowers has been covering the topic of coin finds. This week he published an article about an interesting find of pioneer gold coins. -Editor

  Kellogg and Co. $20 coin

In August of 1908, two boys named James McFarland and John May were swimming in the Little Blue River in Thayer County, Nebraska. While resting on a small sandbar near the limestone bluff, John May kicked up a gold coin. It turned out to be a Kellogg and Co. $20 coin minted in San Francisco during the Gold Rush. John, an orphan who lived in Belvidere, was able to rake two more coins from the sand near the bluff.

Read more here

NumisPlace E-Sylum ad01


The November-December 2021 issue of The TAMS Journal from the Token and Medal Society has a fascinating article by Ellen Lippert about the pottery of George Orr. At my request editor Greg Burns kindly forwarded text and images for this excerpt of the article, republished here with permission. Thank you! -Editor

The pottery of George Ohr is captivating. Deformed and manipulated shapes that sag and bulge are often coated in vibrant glazes that bubble, run, or ooze. Their lopsided statures and crumpling physiques possess an irreverent liveliness made all the more apparent when placed alongside the stoic Greek and Chinese pottery forms that were popular during Ohr's time. Mirroring these unique wares is the potter himself, whose personality and life story is just as vibrant, irreverent, and, now, legendary.

Ohr in his pottery workshop

Existing within his famed oeuvre are lesser studied objects often termed trinkets. Among these are a small collection of six clay tokens bearing crude and highly sexualized messages made of letters, numbers, and images. Despite their provocative nature and famous maker they remain almost completely unstudied. This article will trace Ohr's history as a potter, businessman, and self-promoter during the last quarter of the nineteenth century in order to provide a better context from which to examine his provocative collection of six clay tokens.

Read more here

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This Antiques Trade Gazette article discusses a 1912 silver suffragette hunger strike medal. -Editor

Frances Outerbridge suffragette hunger strike medal Stroud Auction Rooms recently received a 1912 hunger strike medal engraved with the name Frances Outerbridge and the date March 1, 1912.

The accompanying case has a typical gilt inscription Presented to Frances Outerbridge by the Women's Social & Political Union in recognition of a gallant action, whereby through endurance to the last extremity of hunger and hardship, a great principle of political justice was vindicated.

Frances Outerbridge, a nurse born in Cardiff in 1847, does not appear in any Suffragette records but it seems she used her mother's maiden name Williams when arrested. A Frances Williams is mentioned in press cuttings following a window smashing on March 1, 1912 and in subsequent court records at the London Bow St Sessions. ‘Williams' was believed to have been imprisoned and went on hunger strike.

Read more here

Lipson ad 2021-04-04 Something for Everyone


The forthcoming new 1000 Piso note from the Philippines has been corrected after a mistake was called out on social media. -Editor

  Philippine 1000 Piso Note

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) said Sunday it has corrected the spelling and formatting of the Philippine eagle's scientific name seen on the circulated photo of what it said was a sample of the new P1,000 banknote.

"The BSP clarifies that the recently circulated photo of the new banknote was of a sample previously sent to the BSP for review," it said in a statement.

Read more here

  WBNA E-Sylum ad Sale 19 and Kabul


In the you-just-can't-make-this-stuff-up department, here's a tale from Scotland of counterfeit currency and a lack of quality control. -Editor

  fake twenty ‘poond' Note

A dad who bought games consoles with counterfeit cash after his family's benefits were cut was caught out because the dodgy notes were in poonds not pounds.

Read more here

DWN E-Sylum ad03


The Bechtler House in Rutherfordton, NC held a Christmas event this week. This place should be a destination for every American numismatist. -Editor

Bechtler House Christmas coin display December 4th was no doubt going to be a warm sunny day but some of the towns folk and out-of-town visitors were pondering about how a cold, frosty Christmassy day would be perfectly matched to the charm of the Bechtler home with rooms all aglow, blended into a German celebration….Western North Carolina style of course. All of the ingredients for a delightful and nostalgic afternoon were thoroughly mixed and enjoyed by all who entered.

One by one, guests moved from room to room, amidst simple but elegantly decorated trees, wreaths and fireplace mantels, totally engrossed in the history behind the exhibits, and the story of the North Carolina Gold Rush. Exhibits included the original Coin Press designed and used by Bechtler to mint over $2 million dollars in gold coins, one coin at a time. The press is on loan from the American Numismatic Society in New York. One of two known Bechtler Rifles in existence is prominently on display and music lovers admired Bechtler's 1840s square grand piano.

Children were immersed in learning about the gold history of the area alongside their parents and grandparents as they watched the Bechtler Gold documentary. On display was the largest collection of Bechtler coins — The Norman Jenkins Collection. Betty Jenkins graciously exhibited the collection for this event.

Christopher Bechtler minted America's first one-dollar gold coin, 17 years before the U.S. Mint. The Bechtlers minted more than $2.24 million dollars in gold coins, stimulating commerce in the Southeast leaving a permanent legacy to both Rutherford County and American history.

To read the complete article, see:
Bechtler Heritage Center celebrates Christmas with open house (

For more information on the Bechtler Heritage Center, see:
Bechtler House Heritage Center (

Kenny E-Sylum ad02 Books Literature


This week's Featured Web Site is the Money Tech Blog from Noll Historical Consulting. Found via News & Notes from the Society of paper Money Collectors (Volume VII, Number 25, December 7, 2021).

News and Views on the Technology of Money: Past, Present, and Future

Money Tech Blog logo


1946–2021: CELEBRATING 75 YEARS of the RED BOOK. The 75th edition of the Guide Book of United States Coins will release next week, April 7, 2021. Preorder now to reserve your copy—online at , or call 1-800-546-2995.

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