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Wayne Homren 2017-03-15 full

Thank you for reading The E-Sylum. If you enjoy it, please send me the email addresses of friends you think may enjoy it as well and I'll send them a subscription. Contact me at anytime regarding your subscription, or questions, comments or suggestions about our content.

This week we open with remarks on our anniversary, a numismatic literature sale announcement, three new books, a review, an obituary, updates from the Newman Numismatic Portal, and more.

Other topics this week include engraved coins, a book launch event, Silver Dollar research, Robert Ramsay, Holland Wallace, Jeff Garrett, Lane Brunner, logotypes, Karl Goetz medals, tons of auction previews (great numismatic eye candy!), Nova Constellatio coppers, coded coins, and the junk on the 1932 Sun Yat-Sen dollar.

To learn more about the new MEGA RED, Type Two Double Eagles, twenty-cent pieces, Operation Bernard, 'Story of Money' Trade Cards, the Shortage of Shipping Tonnage medal, the American Colonization Society, the Edward VIII brass pattern Threepence, Dutch medals, Confederate coins, and Mint custard, read on. Have a great week, everyone!

Wayne Homren
Editor, The E-Sylum

Saville E-Sylum ad02


On September 4, 1998 the first issue of what we now call The E-Sylum was emailed to a list of members and friends of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. Now archived on our web site as Volume 1, Number 1, that first message started the ball rolling. That email went to 49 people. As the word spread, subscription requests arrived from around the world and by September 15 there were 90 subscribers.

WHAT'S WITH THE FUNNY NAME? Well, our organization is the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, a group for people who love coin books and are crazy for any and all information about numismatics. Our print journal is The Asylum, so our electronic publication naturally became The E-Sylum. While The E-Sylum is free to all, only paid members of NBS receive The Asylum.

An excerpt from the September 4, 1998 message:

"A number of folks signed up at the meeting in Portland. To that initial group we've added the addresses of other current and former members that the Board is aware of, plus a few numismatic pen pals we thought might be interested.

This is intended to be a moderated, low-volume mailing list, with no more than one message every week or so. Its purpose and use will evolve over time - please send us your comments and suggestions.

In the meantime, please visit our web site, and forward this note to any other email pen-pal you think might have an interest. Remember, the list isn't limited to only NBS members. Don't assume they're already on the list; we're starting small, but with your help we can grow."

Read more here

  Stacks-Bowers E-Sylum ad 2022-09-04 Consign


Alan Workman has a new website and his latest sale is open for registration. -Editor

  Workmans Book logo

Workman's Books has published a new website that is being hosted through the online payment company Square. In an effort to modernize our website and to provide a better shopping experience, Workman's Books has chosen to develop and stock a new website. The new site will provide better organization, better search capabilities, better item photo hosting, and will provide for a better experience for users of mobile devices. Eventually, all inventory will be moved over to the new site. As of this announcement, only new acquisitions are being listed for sale. Following the end of our October sale, site updates featuring new inventory will resume so stay tuned to your inbox for future update announcements.

Read more here

Charles Davis ad01


Dennis Tucker forwarded this press release on the new edition of MEGA RED, the pumped-up edition of the Red Book. Thanks! -Editor

  Odd U.S. Coins are Featured in
Whitman Publishing's New 8th Edition of MEGA RED

Mega-Red_8th-edition_cover The eighth edition of MEGA RED (the Deluxe Edition of the Guide Book of United States Coins) made its coin-show debut at the 2022 American Numismatic Association World's Fair of Money. The 1,504-page MEGA RED can now be ordered online (including at and is available from booksellers and hobby shops nationwide.

Every U.S. coinage series has been updated and revised in the eighth edition. The book includes nearly 300 pages of expanded study of two-cent pieces, copper-nickel three-cent pieces, silver trimes, half dimes, twenty-cent pieces, and $1, $3, and $4 gold coins.

Read more here

HLRC E-Sylum ad 2022-08-28 1879 Trade Dollar


This press release discusses the new Fuljenz book on Type Two Double Eagles. -Editor

Type Two Double Eagles cover An updated, expanded version is now available of the award-winning United States gold coins reference book, Type Two Double Eagles 1866-1876, a Numismatic History and Analysis, by prominent rare coin dealer and author Dr. Michael Fuljenz.

At the World's Fair of Money®, the Numismatic Literary Guild honored it as the 2022 Best Investment Book of the Year. It is the second time Fuljenz has been honored with an Investment Book of the Year award on the topic of Type Two Double Eagles.

The Type Two design was the first Double Eagle to include the motto, IN GOD WE TRUST, and is an important part of United States coinage, said Fuljenz.

Read more here

Kahn E-Sylum ad03 banner


Michael Zachary submitted this announcement of his new book on the Twenty Cash coins of China. Thanks, and congratulations. -Editor

the twenty cash commentary book cover I'd like to announce the publishing of my new guidebook, The Twenty Cash Commentary: The General Issue Twenty Cash, Two Fen, Two Xian, and Two Cent Coins of the Republic of China (1912-41), which is now available on Amazon. The title is a mouthful, but it fully explains the scope of the book, which is 33 pages long. I attach a copy of the book's cover.

As reflected by its title, the guide covers all of the general issue twenty cash, two fen, two xian, and two cent coins of the Republic of China issued from 1912 to 1941, including the dragon restrikes issued under Republic-era governments. It covers 49 varieties, as compared to the 16 varieties in the Standard Catalog of World Coins. For example, it covers the four varieties of Y-308, the three varieties of Y-308a, the three varieties of Y-312, and the several varieties of each of the Hu-Poo dragon restrikes, Y-5, Y-5.1, and Y-5.2 (and explains the easy way to distinguish Y-5.1 from Y-5.2).

Read more here

  Jewell E-Sylum ad 2021-10-24


Carol Bastable published a book review in the August 2022 issue of the Love Letter, which she edits for the Love Token Society. With permission, we're republishing it here. -Editor

Forget Me Not book cover I came across an engraved coin book on eBay about a month ago and I was quick to purchase it so I could add it to my library of love token books. I recall a LTS member asking me about a book previously this year and I think this is the same book. At the time, when I was described the nature of the book, I thought that it might have been the prisoner token book that came out around the millennium. However, the title was different than I had recalled. I would say this is a new love token reference book, but it was published back in 2004 in England. Good news sure travels slowly.

The problem with books sold on the internet is that you cannot leaf through the pages to see what is included in the book. Upon reading the description about the book, I learned that there were 140 pieces covered with nearly 300 pages of text and images and 16 pages of color plates. The author Sim Comfort states, Contained in this octavo volume is the first full study of maritime engraved coins and all the various types of ships found in this rare art form. The time span is from the mid 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. Included are 140 pieces that depict the great men-of-war during the age of fighting, Indiamen, privateers, convict ships, slavers and numerous merchantmen.

Read more here

DWN E-Sylum ad06 New Orleans Book 2020


American Numismatic Biographies author Pete Smith submitted this article on numismatic author and ANA staffer and instructor Lane Brunner. Thanks. Thanks also to David Lisot for passing along the initial announcement from the University of Texas at Tyler, where Brunner was the founding Dean of the College of Pharmacy. -Editor

Lane J Brunner Lane Brunner was born on June 23, 1963. He was married to Molly Ann with three children.

Brunner received a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Washington School of pharmacy in 1987. He followed with an M.S. from the University of Texas in 1992 and a PharmD from the University of Georgia in 1995.

He had instructor positions at the University of Houston 1986-1990, University of Georgia 1991- 1993, Medical College of Georgia 1993-1994, and The University of Texas 1994 to 2004.

Read more here

  Sullivan E-Sylum ad01


These are selections from the David Lisot Video Library that feature news and personalities from the world of coin collecting. David has been attending coin conventions since 1972 and began videotaping in 1985. The Newman Numismatic Portal now lists all David's videos on their website at:

Here's Lane Brunner's Coin Collecting Basics talk. See Brunner's obituary elsewhere in this issue. -Editor

  Brunner, Lane-Wide

Brunner, Lane-Close Coin Collecting Basics
Speaker: Lane J. Brunner, Ph.D.

Videographer, David Lisot.
Presented at the American Numismatic Association Convention,
Numismatic Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri, 2005.
Length: 39:04

An informative introduction of the many ways to benefit and learn about collecting coins. Presented by Lane Brunner, ANA Education Director, you will learn about: * the meaning of numismatics * coins as a reflection of culture * examples of state quarters and their significance as well as earlier coins and paper money * changes in money brought about by way * importance of condition and grading * history and value, handling and storage, cleaning, and things for which collectors should watch out.

David adds:

"Lane Brunner was a professor at the University of Texas at Tyler and 25-year member of the ANA. He joined the American Numismatic Association in 2004 as Director of Numismatic Curriculum. He eventually became Deputy Executive Director until he returned to academia as a founding dean of the School of Pharmacy for Regis College. He taught numerous numismatic courses, seminars and workshops at ANA conventions, Summer Seminars and at The University of Texas.

"Lane was one the best lecturers I ever videotaped. I was fortunate to be able to get Lane on video discussing multiple numismatic topics many of which can be found on the Newman Numismatic Portal. He presented his ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. He was gentle and knowledgeable. He never lost his love for the coin collecting hobby continuing to go to local coin conventions. He was a friend to all and will be missed. Numismatics has lost one of its great proponents."

An excerpt of the video is available for viewing on the Coin Television YouTube Channel at:

Atlas E-Sylum ad02


The latest addition to the Newman Numismatic Portal is a video of Bob Evans discussing silver coins from the SS Central America. Project Coordinator Len Augsburger provided the following report. -Editor

Silver Coins from the SS Central America

  Bob Evans LSCC talk SS Central America silver coins

While gold grabs the public mindshare like nothing else, the recovery of silver coins from the most recent SS Central America salvage effort is remarkable in its own right. At the recent ANA convention, Bob Evans spoke to the Liberty Seated Collectors Club on the silver coins recovered from the SS Central America. These pieces survived in amazingly original condition (many were certified by CAC) in what is normally a harsh, corrosive environment for silver objects. Bob explains the science of this surprising preservation and enthusiastically conveys his continued fascination with this bit of American maritime history.

  Bob Evans LSCC talk SS Central America silver coins 2

Link to Bob Evans' ANA presentation on NNP:

E-Sylum Northeast ad02 buying


Louise Boling published an article about the Forging Secrets book launch event at last month's ANA convention in the latest issue of MPC Gram, the newsletter for collectors of Military Payment Certificates and other military numismatica (MPCGram Series 23 No. 2538 3 Sep 2022). With permission, we're republishing it here. Thank you. -Editor

  Forging Secrets book release Danny Spungen, Joe Boling
Danny Spungen and Joe Boling

Collectors of military currency celebrated an event of great significance this evening: the release of the book Forging Secrets: Faces and Facts Inside the Nazi Operation Bernard Scheme. The publication of this book marks the culmination of the work of many workers, including several Festers. Among the attendees at this festive event were Festers Steve Feller and Ray Feller, Roger Urce, Dave Frank, Jim Downey, and Danny Spungen, co-authors, Joseph Boling, co-author and general editor, as well as Festers Danah Downey, Neil Shafer, Brian Geise, Louise Boling, Kathy Freeland, and Jeffrey Daniher [Zoom fester].

Others in attendance were Agnes Ohm, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial, Curator and Historian and co-author, Debbi Walter, daughter of Hans Walter, co-author, Kiel Majewski, executive director of the Spungen Family Foundation and book publisher, Douglas Mudd, curator of the ANA Money Museum, Joel Shafer, Glen Jorde, Oded Paz, Simcha Kuritzky, and many other luminaries of the numismatic world. Following is a description of the event and the book, taken from the Florence and Laurence Spungen Foundation invitation to the event:

Read more here

  Workman E-Sylum ad06 2022-10 sale


These press releases discuss the founding of the new Institute for Silver Dollar Education and Research. I added the Morgan dollar reverse image. -Editor

  Introducing The Institute for Silver Dollar Education and Research

1921-S Morgan Dollar, SP64_Heritage_Autions_2 Michael S. Fey, Ph.D., Jeff Oxman, and John Baumgart have formed a new not-for-profit Delaware corporation called, The Institute for Silver Dollar Education and Research, (The Institute). It was formed to continue the educational contributions of Leroy Van Allen and A. George Mallis (VAM) during their lifetimes of research and cataloging. The product of these efforts was published in their ground-breaking reference book, The Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan and Peace Dollars, along with more than a dozen other volumes dealing with VAM collecting. Ultimately, focus of the Van Allen/Mallis team was to help the public attribute and collect U.S. silver dollars, and that remains the Institute's mission, as well.

An 1896 $1 Silver Certificate (Educational Note) forms the basis of the Institute's new corporate logo, and images of the 2nd U.S. Mint, a Morgan and Peace silver dollar, and the corporate name are all featured in the artwork.

Read more here

Album E-Sylum ad Sale 44


'Story of Money' Trade Cards List Found
Regarding Steve Woodland's question about the 'Story of Money' Trade Cards, Julia Casey writes:

"I searched the newspapers and located the advertising campaign for Steve Woodland's Story of Money trade cards. It seemed to have started in most places on January 17, 1921 and was to run for 56 days with a new card each day. There are some outliers though, most notably the October 4, 1921 Seattle Star had an ad from the National Bread Company, which I have attached because it has some elaborate prize details.

"I hit the jackpot with the attached ad in the February 18, 1921 Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky) from the Whiteside Bakery Co. (Betsy Ross Bread-Dixie Tea Biscuits), which contained a list of the 56 cards. And they offered a "bright, new silver dollar" for a complete set!"

  Bread Story of Money Bread Story of Money 2

The truth is often out there - we just need to find it. Thanks, Julia! -Editor

To read the earlier E-Sylum article, see:
NOTES FROM E-SYLUM READERS: AUGUST 28, 2022 : 'Story of Money' Trade Cards Information Sought (

Other topics this week include Orville "Jim" Grady. -Editor

Read more here

Gadoury E-Sylum ad 2022-15 sale front cover


Pete Smith submitted this article about National Currency researcher and author Robert M. Ramsay. Thank you! -Editor

This week I get to correct an error in numismatic literature that has existed for 45 years. The co-authors and compilers of National Banks of the United States, 1863-1935 are always listed as Robert M. Ramsey and Robert V. Polito. The first author was actually Robert M. Ramsay.

  National Banks of the United States 1863-1935 book cover A Tentative Checklist of Spanish-American Bust-Type Silver

Read more here

  Garrett Mid-American E-Sylum ad07a


Kentucky Colonel Dennis Tucker of Whitman Publishing wrote an article on Coin Update about Red Book Editor Jeff Garrett. -Editor

Red-Book_2022_Hardcover_front_flat For many decades, starting in the 1930s, the city of Racine, Wisconsin, was home to the numismatic powerhouse of Whitman Publishing—the firm that popularized coin collecting during the Great Depression and World War II, mass-marketed coin boards and coin folders, and created the best-selling Guide Book of United States Coins (the hobby's popular Red Book). Later, Whitman was managed in New York City, then for many years, it was headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, where much of its editorial work still takes place.

And for the past several years, the Red Book has also had a vibrant Kentucky connection.

Read more here

Kolbe-Fanning E-Sylum ad 2020-05-17


Here's another entry from Dick Johnson's Encyclopedia of Coin and Medal Terminology. -Editor

Logotype. A single punch containing more than one figure or letter; a gangpunch. Logotypes are used by engravers or diesinkers for example, to punch the date in coin hubs or dies. Christian Gobrecht first used a 4-digit logotype on the date of his 1836 silver dollar. Use of the engraving department of the United States was a common practice thereafter. Counterstamped pieces have also been stamped with logotypes, sometimes with the effect of raised lettering within a sunken panel. maker's marks are a form of logotype, often composed of a monogram, symbol or trademark and/or name forming the design of the punch, these were often used on edge or the reverse. The famed American Brasher doubloon was punched with a logotype of the issuer's EB initials.

Read more here

Fricke E-Sylum ad03 Obsolete Paper


Last week we discussed Jeff Garrett's article on the billionaire collectors in today's red-hot numismatic market. Is the market showing signs of cooling? Patrick Ian Perez discusses the current numismatic marketplace in a September 2022 Greysheet column. Here's an excerpt. -Editor

1864 Proof $10 obverse One thing that stands out to me as of late is the seemingly-unending announcements of very rare and important items coming to market in the near and long-term future. While it is true that in every calendar year there are landmark collections and important individual pieces sold, during the past 15 months—and the coming six months—there have been a tremendous amount of rare United States coins changing hands. The rare coin market has cooled off a bit over the past three months, in concert with the wider global economy, but owners of valuable numismatic material are still willing to consign to auction.

Read more here


AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS: Are your books carried by Wizard Coin Supply? If not, contact us via with details.


Jeremy Bostwick of Numismagram passed along these highlights from his recent upload of new medals to his site, with all of the medals being from the hand of famed medalist Karl Goetz. A number of these focus upon events during or shortly after the conclusion of World War I, with some even having a tie-in to the United States. For all of the new items from this month, please visit -Editor

  Goetz Serbian Assassin medal

102044 | GERMANY & EUROPE. The Russian Ambassador receives the Serbian Assassin cast bronze Medal. Dated 1914, though likely a later casting. "Serajewo/Der Funke des Weltbrandes"—on the spark of the global conflagration (57mm, 57.09 g, 12h). By K. Goetz in München. DER RVSS GESANDTE VON HARTWIG EMPFÄNGT SERB MÖRDER, Russian ambassador Hartwig standing left, receiving Serbian assassins and presenting them with a bag of money / DER FVNKE DES WELT-BRANDES, assassin advancing on a road to Sarajevo, holding bomb behind back. Edge: Plain. Kienast 132; Klose 1.1; Art of Devastation p. 81, fig. 5. Mint State Details. Deeper brown surfaces, though a few spots of corrosion are noted. An important and scarce issue recounting the events leading up to what would cause the first of the two great world wars. $495.

Starting merely as a local issue between Austrian-dominated Serbia and the Russian Empire (who wished to have greater influence in the Balkans), World War I escalated upon the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian crown prince, Franz Ferdinand, along with his wife Sophie in the streets of Sarajevo in 1914. Conducted by Serbians who were members of the Black Hand, this caused Austria to punish Serbia, with Russia then coming to the aid of Serbia. In turn, Germany's decades-old alliance with Austria brought her into the conflict against Russia, with France and Great Britain (owing to their own alliance with Russia) in against Germany and Austria. Through numerous alliances, this Balkan issue quickly spiraled into the largest conflict then seen by the world.

To read the complete item description, see:
102044 | GERMANY. Russian Ambassador receives Serbian Assassin bronze Medal. (

Read more here

E-Sylum Leidman ad03 coin


Here are some highlights of the Archives International Auctions sale closing September 6, 2022. Some interesting items here. -Editor

  Archives International Sale 79 cover front Archives International Sale 79 cover back

Read more here

NumisPlace E-Sylum ad01


Here are some highlights of the upcoming World Banknote Auctions Auction 31. -Editor

World Banknote Auctions has now launched Live Sale 31 at Live Sale 31 starts on September 15, 2022, with live bidding that day at 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific. Please note that Sale 31 is divided in two parts, each selling on a different day. The first live sale with 527 lots takes place on September 15 at 10 AM PST. The second timed sale with 731 lots closes on September 18 at 3 PM PST (special bidding rules apply for the timed sale, please see our website for details). Our bidding platform can be accessed directly by going to or through our mobile apps.

Read more here

Guth E-Sylum ad02 Detective Agency


Here's the press release for the Sovereign Rarities sale on September 21, 2022. -Editor

Sovereign Rarities are pleased to present to the numismatic community their seventh auction - taking place on 21st September 2022 - consisting of 360 lots of Ancient, British and World Coins and Commemorative Medals. The sale features a superb run of ancient, world and British offerings, and pre-bidding will open within the next month at until the live auction on the day.

Read more here

Hedley Betts ad01


Here's a press release with highlights from the upcoming Künker auction sale 372. -Editor

This fall, Künker publishes seven catalogs with as many as 4715 lots and a total estimate of 9 million euros. Since it would be impossible to cover all the material in one week, the seven auctions will take place over the span of two auction weeks. From 26 to 30 September 2022, coins and medals from medieval and modern times will be on offer, moreover, an order auction will be held. The four catalogs contain, among other things, gold issues from the collection of a Swedish-Swiss entrepreneur, including mainly pieces from Sweden, Austria and Hungary, as well as the collection of the Verschoor brothers with coins from the Kingdom of Holland and Dutch medals.

Read more here

CNG E-Sylum Ad Auction 121


Here's a press release with highlights from the upcoming Künker auction sale 373. -Editor

Catalog 373: Gold Issues
If you are interested in gold coins, you should not miss out on taking a close look at auction catalog 373. The collection of a Swedish-Swiss entrepreneur contains many interesting pieces of above-average quality from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The offer covers the entire world, although the collector had a special preference for Nordic countries and the Habsburg hereditary lands. The price spectrum of this auction sale contains everything from estimates at the current gold price to estimates in the five- and six-digit range. Let us mention two tenfold ducats as an example for the upper price segment, both of them from the collection of a Swedish-Swiss entrepreneur. The first is from the city of Danzig and features the portrait of Sigismund III. The second was minted in Prague in 1629 by Ferdinand II and presents the ruler in full armor with crown, scepter, orb and cross on the obverse.

Read more here

WBNA E-Sylum ad Sale 31


Here's the press release for the October 2022 auction from Éditions Victor Gadoury. -Editor

On 15 October, Éditions Victor Gadoury will hold their traditional autumn auction sale. There is a wealth of high-quality rarities on offer – from ancient to modern times. A special focus is on France and Italy, as well as on world gold coins from every time period.

Read more here

DWN E-Sylum ad01


Here's a selection of interesting or unusual items I came across in the marketplace this week. Tell us what you think of some of these. -Editor

Syracuse Silver 5 Litrai
Syracuse Silver 5 Litrai

Sicily, Syracuse AR 5 Litrai. Time of Hieronymos, circa 215-214 BC. Diademed head to left / Winged thunderbolt; BASI?EOS and ?A above, IEPONYMOY below. Holloway 60; SNG ANS -; SNG Lloyd 1566; HGC 2, 1568 (R2). 3.99g, 18mm, 5h.

Good Extremely Fine; beautifully centred on the flan with hints of iridescence. Extremely Rare with these letters on rev.

From the Roma Numismatics E-Live Auction 5. -Editor

To read the complete lot description, see:
E-Live Auction 5: The Italo Vecchi Collection, 27-09-2022, Lot 236 Sicily, Syracuse AR 5 Litrai. (

Other topics this week include portrait medals, and love tokens. -Editor

Read more here

Kenny E-Sylum ad01 eBay store


Greg Reynolds published the first part in a Greysheet series on the Nova Constellatio Coppers. Here's a short excerpt - see the complete article online. -Editor

  1783 Nova Constellatio Copper, Blunt Rays
1783 Nova Constellatio Copper, Blunt Rays.

In 1785, Nova Constellatio Coppers were minted in or near Birmingham, England. The history of minting and numismatic die preparation activity in the Birmingham area during the 1780s is very unclear in 2022, as few records survive. Demand, supply and circumstances relating to private copper coins changed dramatically circa 1789. There were business failures and changes in the industry of minting Coppers. I capitalize Copper to refer to circular copper items that were widely accepted as a medium of exchange, at least for a while, and were of a denomination understood by those who spent and received them in transactions.

Read more here


BIBLE LORE AND THE ETERNAL FLAME —Kenneth Bressett's latest book is a numismatic and archaeological trip through Biblical times, a roadmap of the Old and New Testaments that explores history through coins. Beautifully illustrated and entertainingly written by a master of the craft. Order your copy online at , or call 1-800-546-2995.


This article from Künker discusses coin of the Kingdom of Holland relating to the family of Napoleon Bonaparte. -Editor

On 27 September 2022, Künker will auction off the collection of the Verschoor brothers. It contains what's probably one of the most important collections of coins from the Kingdom of Holland. Read about the fate of the short-lived kingdom and the numerous problems King Lodewijk had to deal with when introducing his new coins.

Read more here

Archives International Sale 79 cover front


While relocating a statue of a Confederate soldier, workers in Macon, GA uncovered two time capsules -Editor

  Macon GA time capsule

Two time capsules found during the relocation of Macon's Confederate monuments were opened during a ceremony on Friday.

Workers moved the statue of the Confederate private, which paid tribute to confederate soldiers of Macon, from downtown Macon to a park outside Rose Hill cemetery in June.

Read more here

Heritage E-Sylum ad 2022-09-04


In her Chinese Money Matters blog Helen Wang, Curator of East Asian Money, The British Museum discusses a photo of the junk pictured on the 1932 Sun Yat-sen silver dollar coin. -Editor

  1932 Chinese silver dollar

There are two photographs on the University of Bristol's Historical Photographs of China website that the caption associates with the junk on the 1932 Sun Yat-sen silver dollar.

Read more here

Sunshine E-Sylum ad01


Back in July the Royal Mint issued a commemorative 50-pence coin celebrating mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing. The designers incorporated a hidden code into the design. Now the Royal Australian Mint has released its own coded coin commemorating the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation. -Editor

  Australian Signals Directorate Coin obverse Australian Signals Directorate Coin reverse

Your spy skills could soon be put to the test by a new 50-cent coin covered in secret, coded messages.

The limited-edition commemorative coin will be released on Thursday to mark the 75th anniversary of the nation's foreign intelligence cybersecurity agency, the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).

Read more here

NBS Do You Love Coin Book card ad


Here are some additional items in the media this week that may be of interest. -Editor

Denver Mint Theft Details

In an article published August 25, 2022, Coin World reveals more details about the 2021 theft of error coins from the Denver Mint. This is why the hobby will always need fulltime journalists. -Editor


The 2021 theft of error coins from the Denver Mint involved 2021-D Kennedy half dollars and 2021-D America the Beautiful quarter dollars, according to Richard Delmar, deputy director of the Treasury Department's Office of Inspector General.

The errors were pieces that, after production, had been kustered — waffle-canceled in machinery manufactured by the Dutch firm Kusters Engineering. The machinery uses a series of equally spaced knives to deform a coin into a shape resembling a rippled potato chip.

Coin World was provided a redacted Report of Investigation Aug. 17 pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request. Coin World filed the FOIA request July 5 after Treasury Department officials did not provide responses to questions posed via telephone and email.

What is a coin collector's favorite treat? "Mint kustered", of course. -Editor

To read the complete article, see:
Treasury OIG report offers Denver Mint theft details (

Other topics this week include a Royal Air Force Vet's Debt. -Editor

Read more here


This week's Featured Web Site is Banknote Art Concept, a website devoted to money art.

Banknote Art Concept™ is an initiative that brings together creating professionals in art, marketing and communication, sharing a spirit and philosophy to communicate, educate and share individual and group experiences related to Money Art and Art Fiduciaire.

Banknote Art Concept logo

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