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Subject Index

Auction Catalogs

Abe Lincoln Company[column by Joel J. Orosz]XI/4:18-19
American Nineteenth-Century Catalogue Census[census by Karl Moulton] XXIII/1:2-66
ANA Auction Catalogs  
 [article by Cal Wilson]II/4:27-31
 [article by Michael J. Sullivan]III/1:9-11
 [article by P. Scott Rubin]V/3:5-7;
 [survey by P. Scott Rubin]IX/3:12-19
Attinelli Idell Sale [column by Joel J. Orosz]XIII/1:11-14
Bibliotheca Americana by William Elliot Woodward (1869)[article by Charles Davis]X/1:13-21
Bolender Sale Catalogues[article by David Hirt]XII/4:19-20
British Numismatic Auction Catalogs 1710-1984[review by Randolph Zander] IV/3:24-25
Broadside Auctions [research request by John W. Adams]VI/1:26-27
Chicago Coin Club: Early Auctions[article by William A. Burd]XIV/2-4:31-33
Christie, Manson & Woods, 1860 (First photographically illustrated auction catalogue)[article by George F. Kolbe]XVI/2:25
CNA Auction Catalog Bibliography[article by Joseph Foster]III/3&4:4-6
Cogan, Coogan, or Bangs?[article by Charles D. Horning]XIII/4:26-27
Cogan's DeHaven Sale [article by John W. Adams] XV/2:16
Collecting Auction Catalogues [article by Raphael Ellenbogen] XII/3:9;
Collecting Auction Catalogues -2[article by Harrington E. Manville]XIII/1:3-7
Collecting Catalogs Solves a Mystery[article by Norman J. Cochrane]XIV/2-4:36
Development of the Cataloguer's Style[article by Michael Hodder]IX/4:5-9
Early American Catalogs[column by Joel J. Orosz]XI/1:8-11
Early Bowers Numismatic Literature Sale[article by David Hirt]XV/2:10
Early British Auctions[article by Harrington E. Manville]V/1:20-24
Frossard Sale No. 78[note by Charles Davis]X/2:18
Haseltine 1873 Sales: unusual format [note by Charles Davis]X/3:18
Haseltine 1881: The Randall Haseltine Type Table[article by Charles Davis]XI/4:17-
Heritage Rare Coin Galleries[article by Joel J. Orosz]IV/1&2:19
Kolbe Adams Library Sale (June 1990) [E-Sylum excerpts]XXI/1:31-32
Mehl's French Sale (May 1930)[article by Charles Davis]XII/2:3-7
New Netherlands' 60th Sale Catalog[article by Michael Hodder]X/2:3-8
Nineteenth Century Auction Catalogs[addenda and errata to Adams vol. I by author]VIII/3:7-9
(American) Nineteenth-Century Catalogue Census [census by Karl Moulton]XXIII/1:2-66
Nineteenth Century Canadian Material[article by Darryl A. Atchison]XX/1:14-21
Numismatic Fine Arts[article by Kerry K. Wetterstrom]XVI/1:4-7
Pre-Watkins Broadside Sale[column by Joel J. Orosz]XI/1:8-11
Rare Auction Sale Catalogs[articles by Remy Bourne]VI/4:116-118;
Rollin et Feuardent: A Final Farewell-[article by George F. Kolbe]XI/4:3-7
Roper Auction Sale 1851 Variants[article by P. Scott Rubin]XVI/4:37-38;
So How Much Did Priced Catalogues Cost, Anyway?[article by Wayne K. Homren] IX/3:21
Special Edition Nineteenth-Century Catalogs[column by Joel J. Orosz]IX/4:18-20
Stack's Catalogues[article by P. Scott Rubin]XIII/1:23-25
Stack's Farish Baldenhofer Sale (Dec. 1-12, 1955) [article by W. David Perkins] XXV/2:OFC,13-24
Thomas (M.) & Sons[column by Joel J. Orosz] XI/3:7-9
Thomas (M.) & Sons: Kline Sale[column by Joel J. Orosz]XIV/2-4:37-40
Thomas (M.) & Sons: Roper Sale[column by Joel J. Orosz]XIV/2-:37-40
Triple Cities Coin Exchange[column by Joel J. Orosz]IX/3:19-21
Try Collecting Catalogs[article by Q. David Bowers]I/1:10-11
Twentieth Century Auction Catalogs[review of Adams vol. II (anonymous)]IX/2:27-29
What People Will Put on eBay[article by Stephen Pradier]XX/4:112-114
Woodward: A Few Notes and New Plates[article by Charles Davis] X/1:13-21
Woodward Jan. 1881 Jenks Sale - Pescennius Niger Fake[article by John W. Adams]I/2&3:27-32
Woodward June 1881 Sale - Ichabod Crane Satire[article by John W. Adams]I/2&3:27-32
Woodward 92nd Sale (Dec. 21-22, 1886) [article by David F. Fanning]XXI/2:46-59
Woodward Sales[article by Frank Van Zandt]XIII/2:13-20
 [column by Joel J. Orosz] XII/4:10-13
Woodward's Scrapbooks[article by Charles Davis]X/2:17-18
Wylie Hoard[article by Frank Katen]VII/4:8-12
 [article by John W. Adams]XI/1:3-5
YES...I Do Collect Catalogs![article by Raphael Ellenbogen]XIII/4:23;
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ANA Auction Catalog "Trial List"[article by Michael J. Sullivan]III/1:9-11
ANA Auction Catalogs of 1907 and Mid-Winter 1980 through 1987[article by P. Scott Rubin]V/3:5-7
ANS Numismatic Notes and Monographs Checklist[article by R. L. Bisordi]VI/3:83-88
Attribution Guide for "Sheldons"[article by John Kraljevich, Jr.] XI/3:18-21; (L)XII/3:23
Baker (William Spohn): Annotated Bibliography[article by Neil E. Musante]XII/1:3-9
Books About U. S. Silver and Gold Coins Prior to 1837 and Pioneer and Territorial Gold [articles by Jeff Rock]VIII/3:10-18;
Books on Copper Worth Their Weight in Gold[article by Jeff Rock]VI/1:18-25;
Bulletin (Chicago Numismatic Society)[article by William A. Burd]XIV/2-4:29-30
Checklist of Numismatic Fiction[by Forrest Daniel]IX/2:21-24;
Chicago Coin Club - Early Auctions[article by William A. Burd]XIV/2-4:31-33
CNA Auction Catalog Bibliography[article by Joseph Foster]III/3&4:4-6
Coins and Coinage by A. M. Smith (1881): A Trial List[article by Pete Smith]IX/4:13-8;
Embossed Coin Book Bibliography [by Kirby W. Brown]II/4:25-26
German periodical bibliography from East Germany[article by Reinhold Jordan]II/3:4
German States Bibliography [by Alfred Szego]VIII/3:19-21
Have You Checked Head's? [article by L. V. Reppeteau]IX/4:10-12
Medina (Don Jos? Toribio) Numismatic Works[article by Carling Gresham]III/3&4:21-28;
Muscalus (John) Numismatic Works[checklist by R. L. Bisordi]VII/4:21-23
Notgeld, Das [article by David Block]VI/4:102-115
Numismatic Minibooks [article by Reinhold Jordan] VI/1:13-14
Numismatics in Fiction - A Trial List[by Peter P. Gaspar and C. M. Carlisle]XV/3:20-43
Perturbations #1: Newlin's Half Dime Work[by Alan Meghrig] II/2:20-21
Quarterman Publications Trial List [by Charles Davis]IX/3:9-12
Rarity and Value of Large Cent Literature[article by John W. Adams]I/1:3-5
Review of Half Cent Literature[article by Walter H. Breen]I/2&3:33-38;
Ruddy (Jim) Fixed Price Lists [column by Joel J. Orosz]X/3:19-21
Sheldon's Early American Cents[article by John Kraljevich, Jr.]XI/3:18-21
Special Coin Letters (Bowers 1970-1981) [article by Michael J. Sullivan]XII/1:19-21
Steigerwalt's Periodicals (1878-1909)[article by Michael J. Sullivan]XIII/1:15-22
Woodward Sales: Index of Addenda, Supplements and Special Editions [article by Frank Van Zandt]XIII/2:13-20
You Name It [article by Michael J. Sullivan] IV/3:17-19
(General) American journals 1860-1960 [review (anonymous)] IX/1:17-23
(General) Overview of Obscure Numismatic Periodicals[article by Remy Bourne]IV/3:10-13,16
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Biographical Information

Adams, John W.[candidate bio]XIX/2:55
 [article by Bob Schuman]XIX/3:87-88
Ahwash, Kamal [article by Robert Zavos]VIII/1:20-21
Allan, John [article by David Hirt]X/1:6-9
Anderson, P. K.[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:5-7
Anthon, Charles [article by Frank Van Zandt]XI/4:10-12
Attinelli, Emmanuel Joseph [column by Joel J. Orosz] XI/1:8-11
 [column by Joel J. Orosz]XIII/1:11-14
 [article by Joel J. Orosz]XVIII/3:73-79
Baker, William Spohn [bibliography by Neil E. Musante]XII/1:3-9
Baldwin, Albert[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/2:20-21
Bangs, Merwin, & Co. [article by Charles D. Horning]XIII/4:26-27
Barlow, Joel (1754-1812)[article by Joel J. Orosz]XVII/3:5-11
Barnsley, Edward R. ("Ned") [article by Jim C. Spillman]XIII/1:8-9
Bass, Harry Wesley, Jr.[eulogy by Ed Deane]XVI/2:3-8
 [eulogy by Francis D. Campbell, Jr.]XVI/2:9-11
 [article by George Fuld]XVII/2:15-16
Bebee, Aubrey and Adeline [article by Q. David Bowers]V/1:16-19
Bekicz, Jan Ignatiewicz[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/2:23-24
Bergman, John Frederick[eulogies by friends, clients]XVIII/4:98-103
 [article by Wayne Homren]XVIII/4:104-107
 [article by George Kolbe]XVIII/4:108-109
 [article by Karl Moulton]XVIII/4:108-109
 [letter from Larry Turner]XIX/1:3
Bergne, John [article by William Malkmus]XI/1:17-18
Bilinski, Robert [columns by Joel J. Orosz]VII/4:24-26;
 [article by Joel J. Orosz]XV/1:5-13
Bogert, Rudolphus R. (1842-1907)[article by David F. Fanning]XX/3:85-86
Bolender, M(ilferd) H(enry) [article by P. Scott Rubin]X/2:20
 [article by David Hirt] XII/4:19-20
Bowers, Q(uentin) David [article by Q. David Bowers] V/1:16-19
 [article by Michael J. Sullivan]XII/1:19-21
Breen, Walter H(enry) [review (anonymous)]II/1:11-12
 [article by Michael Hodder]X/2:3-8
 [eulogy by Michael Hodder]XI/2:14
 [article by John Kraljevich, Jr.]XI/3:18-21
 [article by Jim C. Spellman]XIII/1:8-9
 [article by Joel J. Orosz]XIV/2-4:4-6
 [article by Jack Collins]XIV/2-4:25-28
 [column by Myron Xenos]XX/1:24-25
Bronson, Dr. Henry [article by Michael J. Sullivan]X/4:13-15
Brooke, George C(yril) [article by Peter Gaspar] XII/1:17
Brown, James A. [eulogy by George F. Kolbe]XIII/3:21-22
Browning, Ard W. [column by Fred Lake]XI/3:15-16
 [article by Carl Herkowitz]XV/3:8-12
 [article by Carl R. Herkowitz]XVIII/4:115-123;
Bud?, Guillaume (1467-1540) [article by Pete Smith]XI/4:12-15
 [article by William Malkmus]XVII/2:18-21;
Bullowa, David[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/2:21-22
Burd, William A.[candidate bio]XIX/2:55
Burgon, Thomas (1787-1858)[article by William E. Daehn]XIX/4:120-126
Burns, Edward (c1822-1886)[article by Lord Stewartby]XVIII/2:36-49
Buttrey, Theodore V. [article by Joel J. Orosz]XVII/3:23-29
Byrne, Ray[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:11-12
Carter, John [article (anonymous)]VII/4:27
Castenholz, Bill J. [article by William Malkmus]XI/1:17-18
Chalmers, Robert [article by L. V. Reppeteau]VII/3:14-17,21
Champa, Armand [article by Carling Gresham]VI/3:80,C1-C4
 [letter from Judge J. Roger Persichilli]VIII/1:5
 [article by Charles Davis]IX/4:24-25
 [sale report by Michael J. Sullivan] XII/4:17-19
 [sale report by Philip J. Carrigan] XIII/2:26-27
 [eulogy by Joel J. Orosz] XV/2:3-5
Chapman, H(enry) [copy of 1904 letter]X/4:17,19
 [article by P. Scott Rubin] XIII/3:23-24
Chapman, S(amuel) H(udson) [copy of 1904 letter]X/4:17,19
 [article by Denis W. Loring]XII/4:14-15
 [article by Randolph Zander]XVI/2:19
Clapp, George H(ubbard) [article by Jack Collins]VIII/1:14-15
 [article by Charles Davis] XII/2:3-7
Cochran-Patrick, Robert William[article by Lord Stewartby]XVIII/2:36-49
Coe, Billy[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:8-9
Cogan, Ed. [article by Charles D. Horning]XIII/4:26-27
Colburn, Jeremiah[article by Joel J. Orosz]XIX/1:21-28
Collins, Jack [eulogy by Joel J. Orosz]XIV/2-4:4-6
 [eulogy by George F. Kolbe]XIV/2-4:7-9
 [notice of memorial]XIV/2-4:9
 [eulogy by P. Scott Rubin]XIV/2-4:10-11
 [eulogy by Michael J. Hodder]XIV/2-4:11
 [eulogies, letters to editor]XV/1:15
Crosby, Sylvester Sage [article by George F. Kolbe]I/1:12-14
 [article by Robert I. Wester]II/1:1-4
 [article by Eric P. Newman]II/1:5-7
 [article by Frank Van Zandt]XII/2:8-9
Curtis, John K. [column by Joel J. Orosz]X/4:9-11
 [article by Joel J. Orosz]XVII/1:5-9
Daggett, John[article by William A. Burd]XVI/2:26-27
Davenport, Frances Gardiner [article by John J. Ford, Jr.]X/4:3-9
Davids, Richard Wistar [column by Joel J. Orosz]XIV/2-4:37-40
Douglas, Ben[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/3:3
Dunham, William F. [article by David H. Cohen]VIII/1:16-20
Durbin, Leonidas W. (1849-1887)[article by David F. Fanning]XX/3:85-86
Du Simiti?re, Pierre Eug?ne [column by Joel J. Orosz]XI/1:8-11
Eastwood, Sydney K. [article by Randolph Zander]IV/4:9
Eckfeldt, Jacob Reese [column by Joel J. Orosz]VII/2:20-21
Eklund, Ole P. [article by Randolph Zander]XVI/3:5-6,12
Elder, Thomas L. [article by P. Scott Rubin]X/2:10-14
 [articles by David T. Alexander] XIII/3:10-21;
 [article by Randolph Zander]XVI/2:17-19
Fanning, David F. [candidate bio]XIX/2:55-56
Farouk (King) [article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:4-5
Feldman, Aaron [article by Pete Smith]XIII/4:24-25
Fessenden, Marvin [article by Bradley S. Karoleff]XV/1:27-28
Feuardent, F?lix Bienam? [report by George Kolbe]XI/4:3-7
Ford, John J., Jr. [article by John J. Ford, Jr.]I/2&3:17-24;
 [article by Michael Hodder]X/2:3-8
Frossard, Edouard [article by John W. Adams]I/2&3:27-32;
 [columns by Joel J. Orosz]IX/4:18-20;
Fuld, George J. [article by George J. Fuld]XI/3:3-6;
Gartner, John[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:5
Gibbs, Howard [article by Randolph Zander]XVI/3:7-8
Gilbert, Ebenezer [article by P. Scott Rubin] X/2:10-14
Gilmor, Robert, Jr.[columns by Joel J. Orosz]VII/2:20-21;
Gnecchi, Ercole [article by Alfred Szego]VIII/2:9-11
Gowans, William (1803-1870)[article by Joel J. Orosz]XVIII/4:124-128
 [article by Joel J. Orosz]XIX/3:75-80;
Grace, Alan [article by Cal Wilson]III/1:3
Granberg, H. O. [letter from Dave Hirt]X/4:17
Green, E. H. R. [report by Pete Smith]XIX/2:52-54
Groux, Daniel E. [column by Joel J. Orosz]XII/4:10-13
Grunthal, Henry[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:9-10
Haseltine, John [article by Charles Davis] XI/4:17-18
Hawkins, Edward [article by William Malkmus]XI/1:17-18
 [article by Marvin Lessen]XVI/1:27-28
Haylings, George W. [column by Joel J. Orosz]VIII/1:22-24
Hays (or Hayes), William Wallace[article by Bob Schuman]XIX/3:87-88
Head, Barclay V(incent) [article by L. V. Reppeteau]IX/4:10-12
Heath, Dr. George F. [column by Joel J. Orosz]VI/2:60-61
 [article by Pete Smith]XIV/2-4:41-43
 [column by Joel J. Orosz]XV/1:21-26
Heath, Laban [article by Kirby W. Brown]II/1:9-10
Henfrey, Henry William (1852-1881) [article by Marvin Lessen]XIII/4:5-6
Hess, Adolph [article by John F. Bergman]IX/3:5-8
Higgins, Frank C.[articles by David T. Alexander]XIII/3:10-21;
Hirt, David[candidate bio]XIX/2:55-56
Hock, Al [article by Charles Davis]IX/3:9-12
Hodder, Michael[article by Joel J. Orosz]XVII/3:23-29
Idell, C. W. [column by Joel J. Orosz]XIII/1:11-14
Idler, William [article by Dave Hirt]XV/1:3-4
Jackson, Glenn E. [article (anonymous)] II/2:28
Jenison, O(rien) A(ustin) [column by Joel J. Orosz]XII/4:10-13
Johnson, Byron [speech by Byron Johnson]XI/3:12-14
Katen, Frank [article by John W. Adams] XI/1:3-5
 [sale report by Michael J. Sullivan]XII/2:22-23
 [sale report by Ken Lowe]XII/4:20-22
 [article by Pete Smith]XIII/4:24-25
 [eulogies by friends, clients]XIX/1:5-8
 [article by Joel J. Orosz]XIX/1:9-11
 [eulogy by George F. Kolbe]XIX/1:12-13
 [article by Wayne K. Homren]XIX/1:14-15,OBC
 [article by Pete Smith]XIX/1:16-17
 [article by D. Wayne Johnson]XIX/4:127
Keele, Ben[candidate bio]XIX/2:56-57
Klein, George Marion[articles by Jordan Hugh McInnis, Jr.]XVI/4:36; X
Kline, A. C. [column by Joel J. Orosz]XI/3:7-9
 [column by Joel J. Orosz]XIV/2-4:37-40
Kolbe, George F. [article by Joel J. Orosz]XIV/2-4:4-6
Kosoff, Abe [article by Q. David Bowers]V/1:16-19
"Koulz" (see Ruolz, Montchal)  
Kowalski, Arnold[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/3:8-9
Kraljevich, John[candidate bio]XIX/2:56
Kreisberg, Abner [article by Q. David Bowers]V/1:16-19
Landry, Peter[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:5-7
Le Pois, Antoine [article by David Block]IX/2:12-17
Levick, Joseph N. T.[article by Frank Van Zandt]XI/4:10-12
 [article by Frank Van Zandt]XII/2:8-9
Lohr, Lenox R. [article by Q. David Bowers]V/1:16-19
Low, Lyman H. [Dec. 1915 Numismatist ad]X/2:20
 [article by Wayne K. Homren]XIV/2-4:19-23
Lowe, Ken[notice by Michael J. Sullivan]XVI/2:2
 [eulogy by Joel J. Orosz]XVI/2:11-12
 [eulogy by Harold Welch]XVI/2:13-14
Luedeking, Alan [article by Alan Luedeking]XV/3:3-7
Mackenzie, Mortimer L. [article by Charles Davis]XI/1:6-8
Malburn, William Peabody[article by Mike Carter]II/3:12-13
Manville, Harrington E. [review by Randolph Zander]IV/3:24-25
Maples, Kenneth Eason [eulogy by Cal Wilson]VI/2:58
Marotta, Michael E.[candidate bio]XIX/2:55
Marshall, Mrs. (?) [article by David Hurt]XIV/2-4:43
Mason, Ebenezer Locke[letter from Raymond Williamson]VI/1:5
 [article by D. R. R. Pepper]XVII/4:5-9
Mattingly, Harold[article by Douglas Saville]XIX/2:39-45
Mayers, Frederick W.[article by Joel J. Orosz]XIX/2:46-51
Maynard, E. J. [article by Russell Hibbs]X/3:10-11
McLachlan, Robert Wallace [article by Frank Van Zandt]XIII/2:13-20
Mease, James [article by Eric P. Newman]X/3:3-9
 [article by Joel J. Orosz]XIX/4:128-134
Medina, Don Jos? Toribio[article by Carling Gresham]III/3&4:21-28;
 [article by Carling Gresham]III/3&4:21-28; IV/1&2:9-18
Meghrig, Alan [article by George F. Kolbe]XIV/2-4:7-9
Mehl, B. Max [article by Q. David Bowers]V/1:16-19
 [article by Charles Davis] XII/2:3-7
 [article by Joel J. Orosz]XII/3:3-8
Mendelson, Dennis [report (anonymous)]X/2:21-22
 [article by Charles Davis] X/4:11-13
Metzger, Bob[candidate bio]XIX/2:57-58
Mickley, Joseph [column by Joel J. Orosz]XII/1:9-12
Miller, Henry C. [article by Jim C. Spillman]XIII/1:8-9
Mooney, Glenn A.[report by Pete Smith]XIX/2:52-54
Morelos, Jos? Mar?a [article by Wayne K. Homren] XIV/2-4:19-23
Morris, Robert [article by Elizabeth M. Nuxoll]VII/2:5,7-12
Mosiondz, Peter, Jr.[candidate bio]XIX/2:58
Newcomb, Howard R. [reproduction of letter]X/2:21-23
 [article by Phil Ralls]XV/2:28
Newlin, Harold P. [article by Alan Meghrig]II/2:20-21
Newman, Eric P. [report (anonymous)]X/2:21-22
 [article by Wayne K. Homren]X/3:12-18
Ordway, Nehemiah George [article by Kirby W. Brown]II/1:9-10
Ormsby, Waterman Lilly [articles by Robert I. Wester]III/1:4-9;
Orosz, Joel J. [column by Joel J. Orosz] VI/3:90;
 [candidate bio]XIX/2:58-59
Paschal, Dorothy [article by John Kraljevich, Jr.]XI/3:18-21
Persichilli, Judge J. Roger [letter from J. Roger Persichilli]VIII/1:5
Peus, Busso [article by Randolph Zander]XVI/3:12
Pinkerton, John (1758-1826)[article by William E. Daehn]XIX/4:120-126
Piper, Richard [article by John W. Adams]XI/1:3-5
Pittman, John [report (anonymous)]VIII/4:5
Powills, M. A.[article by Wayne K. Homren]XIX/1:14-15,OBC
Prince, Russ Alan [column by Joel J. Orosz]XIII/3:5-9
Randall, J. Colvin [article by Charles Davis] XI/4:17-18
Raymond, Wayte [article by Thomas D. Harrison]VIII/1:7-13
 [article by David T. Alexander]XIII/2:6-13
 [article by Pete Smith]XIII/4:24-25
Reis, Artur Alves [review by Wayne K. Homren] IV/3:23-24
Robinson, Terence J. [review by Randolph Zander]IV/3:24-25
Rollin, Charles [report by George Kolbe]XI/4:3-7
Rood, Charles C.[column by Joel J. Orosz]XVI/2:28-32
 [article by Pete Smith]XVI/4:29-36;
Roxburghe, John, Duke of [article (anonymous)]VII/1:22-23
Rubin, P. Scott[candidate bio]XIX/2:59
Ruddy, James F. [column by Joel J. Orosz]X/1:4-6
Ruggles, J. Francis [article by Tom Nicely]VI/3:71-80
Ruolz, Montchal (1809-1887)[article by David Cassel]XX/2:54-58
Sage, Augustus B. [column by Joel J. Orosz]X/1:4-6
St. Oswald, Major the Lord [article by Michael Hodder]XII/4:3-7
Salvesen, Harald [article by Norman Cochrane]XIII/1:14-15
Schilke, Oscar [article by Q. David Bowers]V/1:16-19
Schirmer, William[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/3:9-10
Schulman, Hans[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/3:6-7
Schwab, Carl O. [article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:12-13
Seitz, Paul [article by P. Scott Rubin]X/2:10-17
Sheehan, Tom[candidate bio]XIX/2:59
Sheldon, William H. [article by John Kraljevich, Jr.]XI/3:18-21
Sigler, Phares O. [article by Pete Smith]XIII/4:24-25
Sklow, Dave[candidate bio]XIX/2:60
Slafter, Edmund F. [article by Robert I. Wester]IV/4:5,8
 [article by Tony Carlotto]XII/2:16-22
Smith, A(ndrew) M. [article by Pete Smith]IX/4:13-18;
Smith, Pete[candidate bio]XIX/2:60
Sobota, Jan[column by Joel J. Orosz]VI/4:121-122
S?dermann, Leonid[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:12
Stack, Shirley [article by P. Scott Rubin]VII/4:12-13
Stack Family [article by George F. Kolbe]XIV/2-4:46-52
Steigerwalt, Chas. [article by Michael J. Sullivan]XIII/1:15-22
Stewart, Arthur B. [article reprinted from Stack's catalog]V/3:12
Storer, David Humphreys (1804-1891)[article by Frederick N. Dyer]XX/3:89-91
Sureck, Jake[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:7-8
Syllavan (or Sullivan), Owen (counterfeiter, hanged 1756)[article by Eric P. Newman]XIX/4:110-115
Szego, Alfred [eulogy by George Kolbe]IX/4:27
Venn, Theodore J. [column by Joel J. Orosz]IX/3:22-23
Verly, Charles-Narcisse [article by Richard Margolis]VII/4:16-19
von Sandro, Alex[article by Randolph Zander]XVI/3:11
Walcutt, Doug[report by Pete Smith]XIX/2:52-54
Warren, Matt [article by Harry F. Campbell]V/3:11-12
Wilson, W. W. C. [column by Joel J. Orosz]VI/2:60-61
Woodside, William W. [article by Randolph Zander]IV/4:9
 [article by Randolph Zander]XVI/4:10-11
Woodward, William Elliot[article by John W. Adams]I/2&3:27-32;
 [articles by Charles Davis]X/1:13-21;
 [columns by Joel J. Orosz]XI/1:8-11;
 [column by Frank Van Zandt]XIII/2:13-20
Wylie, Alexander Parker [article by Frank Katen]VII/4:8-12
 [article by John W. Adams]XI/1:3-5
 [article by Joel J. Orosz]XVII/2:7-10
Yeo[man], Richard S.[articles by Frank Calvin]VIII/4:18-21;
 [article by John and Nancy Wilson]XVIII/3:89-90;
Yudin, Gennadi Vasilievich[article by Randolph Zander]VI/1:11-13
Zander, Randolph[reminiscences]XVI/2:16-25;
Zerbe, Farran [article by David T. Alexander]XIII/3:10-21;
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Book Collecting (General)

Basics of Book Collecting [article by Steven Helfer] V/1:11-12
Becoming a Bibliomaniac [comments by G. C. Adams, 1905]I/1:2
Between the Covers[column by Bill Murray]XVII/1:3-4
Bibliomania Defined [quotations]VII/2:21-23
A Bibliophile's Paradise (Eric Newman Library)[article by Wayne K. Homren]X/3:12-18
The Bookend [article by Steven Helfer]V/1:11-12
Books at Auction [quotation]VIII/4:16
Browsing Through the Stack's Stacks[article by George F. Kolbe]XIV/2-4:46-52
Buying Books at Auction [letters to editor]IV/3:4-5;
Collecting Numismatic Auction Catalogues [articles by Raphael Ellenbogen]XII/3:9;
Collector Loses Library[letter from Edward B. Kirk]IV/3:5-6
A Day at the Street Fair [by Denis W. Loring]XI/1:18-19
Describing Books [article (anonymous)]VIII/2:12-18
Exhibiting Numismatic Literature[by Wayne K. Homren]X/1:21-24;
Friends Over Generations Through Numismatics[article by Bradley S. Karoleff]XV/1:27-28
German Numismatic Bibliomaniacs (bookplates)[article by Reinhold Jordan]II/2:22-23;
The Incomplet Collector [article by Forrest W. Daniel]I/4:63-64
Introduction to the Fascinating World of Numismatic Literature[article by George F. Kolbe]V/2:9-10;
The Kind of Telephone Calls I Like[article by Reinhold Jordan] IV/3:19-21
Largest Private Library (Stack's of N. Y.)[article by Alfred Szego]VII/2:17-18
The National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints[article by Charles Davis]XI/4:3-7
Numismatic Book Collecting in the 50s[article by George J. Fuld]XI/3:3-6;
Numismatic Books -An Adventuresome Pursuit[article by Alan Luedeking]XV/3:3-7
Ramblings of an Acute Bibliomaniac [article by Jeff Rock]V/3:9-11
Reading Books When You Don't Know the Language: Hungarian[article by William Malkmus]VIII/2:4-8
The Reprint - Don't Knock It [article by Alfred Szego]I/4:64
Searching for Elusive Coin Books[article by Wayne K. Homren]II/3:14-15
Seven Steps to Protect Your Library Investment[article by Doug Andrews]XX/4:105-109
Shelving Your Library[article by Jack Collins]I/1:9
?Show and Tell![column by Wayne K. Homren]XIII/4:17-19
Tips on Moving a Library[article by Wayne K. Homren]XV/1:16-20
Which Books You Should Buy ...[article by Fred L. Lake]XII/3:12-14
Why Collect Books About Coins?[article by Joel J. Orosz]IX/2:18-21
Yudin Library (in Library of Congress)[article by Randolph Zander]VI/1:11-13
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Book Sale Reports (Contemporary)

Katen #52 (MANA, Oct. 24, 1980)I/2&3:38
Katen #53 (April 24-25, 1981)I/4:58
Kolbe (COIN, June 12-13 1981)I/4:59-62
Wilson #1(Dec. 8, 1981)II/1:12
Kolbe/Spink #1 (Dec. 12, 1982)II/2:25-26
Wilson #2 & #3#2 (May 31, 1982);
#3 (Nov. 20, 1982)
Bergman (April 27, 1985)III/2:9-10
Wilson #11(May 25, 1985)III/2:11-12
Kolbe #21 (June 4-8, 1985)III/2:18-20
Spink (Oct. 10, 1985)III/3&4:9-10
Kolbe #36 (May 30-31, 1988) VI/3:81-82
Davis (three in 1988)(L)VII/1:8
Bowers and Merena: Norweb III (Nov. 14-15, 1988)[by R. A. Bagg]VII/2:13-14,16
Kolbe-Spink (Dec. 10, 1988)VII/2:14
Money Tree #5 (March 13, 1989) VII/2:14-15
Function Associates. I (May 17, 1989)VII/2:15
Kolbe (Oct. 17, 1992
Mendelson Library Sale)
Drouot-Richelieu Sale (Rollin-Feuardent Library) (Nov. 26, 1993)[by George F. Kolbe]XI/4:3-7
Katen Library Sale, Part 1 (March 25-26, 1994)[by Michael J. Sullivan]XII/2:22-23
Katen Library Sale, Part 2 (Nov. 18-19, 1994) [by Ken Lowe]XII/4:20-22
Bowers & Merena: Champa Library Sale, Part 1 (Nov. 17, 1994)[by Michael J. Sullivan]XII/4:17-19
Bowers & Merena: Champa Sale, Parts 1 and 2 (Nov. 17, 1994 and Mar. 23, 1995) [by Philip J. Carrigan]XII/2:26-27
Remy Bourne First (Sep. 9, 1995)XIII/3:9
Charles Davis sale (1997)[report by John W. Adams]XV/2:16
Punchard (Dick) Library Sale (Remy Bourne, Sept. 12-13, 1997)[article by Pete Smith]XVI/1:8-11
Auction Calendar (1996-97)XIV/2-4:35
Lowe (Ken) Library Sale (Money Tree, Nov. 27, Dec. 4, 1999) [article by John and Nancy Wilson]XVIII/3:80-83
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Books by Title

ABC for Book Collectors by John Carter (1952)[article (anonymous)]VII/4:27
American Bond Detector, The, by Nehemiah George Ordway (1869)[article by Kirby W. Brown]II/1:9-10
American Numismatic Biographies by Pete Smith (1992) [review by Joel J. Orosz]XI/2:11-13
American Numismatic Literature: An Annotated Survey of Auction Sales 1980-1991 by Charles Davis (1992) [review by Pete Smith]XI/2:18-19
American Numismatic Periodicals 1860-1960: An Illustrated Collectors Guide by Remy Bourne (1990) [review (anonymous)]IX/1:17-23
Anatomy of Bibliomania, The, by Holbrook Jackson[review by William Malkmus]XX/2:59-61
Art and Craft of Coinmaking, The, by Denis R. Cooper (1988)[review by Frank Van Zandt]XI/3:10-11
Art of Medal Engraving, The, by Elizabeth M. Harris (1991)[review by David Block]X/2:21
Attribution Guide for United States Large Cents 1840-1857 by J. R. Grellman and Jules Reiver (1986)[review by Chris Victor-McCawley]V/1:25-26
Bibliomania in the Middle Ages, by F. Somner Merryweather[review by William Malkmus]XX/2:59-61
Bolivian Proclamation Coinage by Davis Burnett, Jr. (1987)[review by Joel J. Orosz]V/3:25
British Numismatic Auction Catalogs 1710-1984 by Harrington E. Manville and Terence J. Robinson (1986)[review by Randolph Zander]IV/3:24-25
Building, Maintaining, and Disposing of a Numismatic Library by Pete Smith (1994) [review by Bill Murray]XII/3:9-10
Catalog of Modern World Coins ("Brown Book") by Richard S. Yeoman[articles by Frank Calvin]VIII/4:18-21;
 [article by Kenneth E. Bressett]XI/1:12-17;
 [article by David T. Alexander]XIII/2:6-13
Catalogue of the Manuscripts, Maps, Medals, Coins ? of the Maryland Historical Society by Lewis Mayer (1856) [article by Joel J. Orosz]XVII/3:5-11
Classification of the Early Half Dimes, A, by Harold P. Newlin (1883)[article by Alan Meghrig]II/2:20-21
Coin Dealer Directory Who's Who in Numismatics, The, by McGouldrick (1974)[article by Pete Smith]XVIII/1:18-20
Coinage of Scotland, The, by Edward Burns (1887)[article by Lord Stewartby]XVIII/2:36-49
Coins and Coinage by A(ndrew) M. Smith (1881)[article by Pete Smith]IX/4:13-18;
Coins of New Jersey, The, by Edward Maris (1881)[from May 1884 Mason's Coin Collector's Magazine]VI/1:18
Coins of Pontius Pilate, The, by Jean-Philippe Fontanille and Sheldon Lee Gosline[review by David F. Fanning]XX/3:92-93
Coins of the World by Wayte Raymond[article by Thomas D. Harrison]VIII/1:7-13
 [article by David T. Alexander]XIII/2:6-13
Communion Tokens of the World by Lester M. Burzinski
[review by Larry Dziubek]XVII/4:19
Comprehensive Guide to United States Commemorative Coins by James S. Iacovo[review (anonymous)]II/1:11-12
Confederate and Southern States Currency by William West Bradbeer (1915) [article by Jeff Brown]III/3&4:8-9
De Asse et Partibus Eius ... by Guillaume Bud? (1514)[article by Pete Smith]XI/4:12-15
Description des M?dailles, Jetons, Monnaies, ... Napol?on III ... by Charles-Narcisse Verly (1853)[article by Richard Margolis]VII/4:16-19
Description of Ancient and Modern Coins in the Cabinet at the Mint of the United States, A, by James Ross Snowden (1860)[article by Kirby W. Brown]II/1:9-10
Description of the Present System of Bank Note Engraving, A, by W. L. Ormsby (1852) [articles by Robert I. Wester]III/1:4-9;
Descriptive Catalogue of Coins, Greek and Roman Medals Belonging to the Historical Society of Maryland by Daniel E. Groux (1851)[article by Joel J. Orosz]XVII/3:5-11; (L)XVII/4:4
Discours sur les M?dailles et Graveures Antiques Antoine Le Pois (1579)[article by David Block]IX/2:12-17
Eagle and the Shield, The, -A History of the Great Seal of the United States, by Richard S. Patterson and Richardson Dougall (1978) [column by Wayne K. Homren]XIV/2-4:44-45
Early American Cents by William H. Sheldon (1949)[article by John Kraljevich, Jr.]XI/3:18-21;
Early Coins of America by Sylvester S. Crosby (1875-1878)[article by George F. Kolbe]I/1:12-14
 [article by Robert I. Wester]II/1:1-4
 [article by Eric P. Newman]II/1:5-7
Early Quarter Dollars of the United States, 1796-1838 by Ard W. Browning (1925) [article by Carl Herkowitz]XV/3:8-12
Encyclopedia of Liberty Seated Half Dimes by Kamal Ahwash (1977)[article by Robert Zavos]VIII/1:20-21
Encyclopedia of United States Silver and Gold Commemorative Coins 1892-1954, The, by Anthony Swiatek and Walter Breen (1981)[review (anonymous)]II/1:11-12
English Coins, from the seventh century to the present day by George Cyril Brooke (1932)[article by Peter Gaspar]XII/1:17
Essay on Medals, An, by John Pinkerton (1784/1808)[article by William E. Daehn] XIX/4:120-126
European Treaties Bearing on the History of the United States and its Dependencies by Frances Gardiner Davenport (1917)[article by John J. Ford, Jr.]X/4:3-9
Fantastic 1804 Dollar, The, by Eric P. Newman and Kenneth E. Bressett[article by Ken Bressett]XIX/3:71-72; (L)XIX/4:109
 [article by Wayne K. Homren]XIX/3:73-74
Gentle Madness, A, by Nicholas Basbanes[review by William Malkmus]XX/2:59-61
German periodical bibliography (exact title unknown) [article by Reinhold Jordan]II/3:4
Gold and Silver Coins of the World by Clarke E. Gilhousen (1919)[article by Mike Carter]II/1:7-8
Guide Book of English Coins by Kenneth E. Bressett[article by Kenneth E. Bressett]XI/1:12-17
Guide Book of United States Coins ("Red Book") by Richard S. Yeoman (1946-date) [note on first copy]IX/2:10-11
 [article by Kenneth E. Bressett]XI/1:12-17
 [article by John and Nancy Wilson]XVIII/3:89-90;
Guide to Coin Investment, A, by Robert Bilinski (1957)[columns by Joel J. Orosz]VII/4:24-26;
 [article by Joel J. Orosz]XVII/1:15-29
Hand Book of United States Coins ("Blue Book") by Richard S. Yeoman (1942-date) [article by Kenneth E. Bressett]XI/1:12-17
Hand Book of United States Type Coins (Whitman) (1943, 1948)[article by Kenneth E. Bressett]XI/1:12-17
Heath's Infallible Counterfeit Detector by Laban Heath (various years)[article by Kirby W. Brown]II/1:9-10
 [article (anonymous)]II/2:28
Histoire Numismatique de la R?volution Fran?aise by Michel D. Hennin (1826) [article by David Block]III/2:5-12
Historia Numorum by Barclay V. Head (1877)[article by L. V. Reppeteau]IX/4:10-12
Historical Account of Connecticut Currency, Continental Money, and Finances of the Revolution, An, by Dr. Henry Bronson (1865)[article by Michael J. Sullivan]X/4:13-15
Historical Sketch of Continental Paper Money by Samuel Breck (1843)[article by Joel J. Orosz]XVIII/2:50-59
History of...Cumberland County, New Jersey and of the Currency... by Lucius Q. C. Elmer[column by Wayne Homren]XVI/4:24-28
History of Currency in the British Colonies by Robert Chalmers (1893)[article by L. V. Reppeteau]VII/3:14-17,21
History of the First United States Mint by Frank H. Stewart (1924)[note by Charles Davis]X/3:18
Illegal Tender - Counterfeiting and the Secret Service in Nineteenth-Century America by David Johnson (1995)[column by Wayne K. Homren]XIV/2-4:44-45
Indian Peace Medals in American History by Francis Paul Prucha[column by Wayne K. Homren]XVI/4:24-28
John Hull -A Builder of the Bay Colony by Hermann Frederick Clarke (1993)[note by P. Scott Rubin]XV/1:2
Kurioses ?ber M?nzen by H. Caspar (1984)[article by Reinhold Jordan]VI/1:13-14
Man Who Stole Portugal, The, by Murray Teigh Bloom (1966)[review by Wayne K. Homren]IV/3:23-24
Manual of Gold and Silver Coins of All Nations, A, by J. R. Eckfeldt and W. E. DuBois (1849/50)[article by Kirby W. Brown]II/1:9-10
M?dailler de Napol?on le Grand, Le, by Ludwig Bramsen (1904-1913)[article by David Block]III/2:5-12
Medallic History of Napoleon Bonaparte by Ann Mudie Scargill (1820)[article by David Block]III/2:5-12
Memoirs of the Generals and Commodores of the American Army and Navy by Thomas Wyatt (1848)[article by Robert I. Wester]III/1:4-9
Modern World Coins by Richard S. Yeoman (1957-c1983)[article by Frank Calvin]VIII/4:18-21;
Money of the American Colonies and Confederation by Philip L. Mossman (1993)[review by Frank Van Zandt]XII/1:13
M?nzen im Brauchtum des Eichfelds by P. Lauerwald (1984)[article by Reinhold Jordan]VI/1:13-14
National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints (Library of Congress)[article by Charles Davis]XI/4:8-9
Numisgraphics by Emmanuel J. Attinelli (1876)[columns by Joel J. Orosz]XI/1:8-11;
Numisma: 1954-1960 ed. John J. Ford, Jr. (1996)[review by David Gladfelter]XIV/2-4:55-56
Numismatic Guide to British and Irish Periodicals by Harrington E. Manville (1993)[review by Michael Hodder]XII/3:10-12;
Numismatic Bibliography by Elvira Eliza Clain-Stefanelli (1985)[review by George F. Kolbe]III/1:21-23
Numismatics - Window to History by Members of IAPN (1986)[review by Randolph Zander]V/3:25-26
Numismatiker Exlibris by Walter Grasser (1979)[article by Reinhold Jordan]II/2:22-23
Ordonnance et Instruction (1633)[article by Reinhold Jordan]IV/3:19-21
Papers of Robert Morris, The, ed. Elizabeth M. Nuxoll (1989)[article by Elizabeth M. Nuxoll]VII/2:5,7-12
Patriotic Civil War Tokens (2 vols.) by George and Melvin Fuld (1959)[article by Kenneth E. Bressett]XI/1:12-17
Passion for Books, A, by Lawrence Clark Powell[review by William Malkmus]XX/2:59-61
Pennies and Linen Towels: -The Story of the Royal Maundy by Brian Robinson (1992)[review by Frank Van Zandt]XIV/2-4:54
Penny Whimsy by William H. Sheldon, Walter Breen, and Dorothy Paschal (1958)[article by John Kraljevich, Jr.]XI/3:18-21;
Picture of Philadelphia... , The, by James Mease (1811/1831) [article by Joel J. Orosz]XIX/4:128-134
Portraits and Vignettes ... (United States Treasury Specimen Books)[article by Mike Carter]II/3:12-13
 [article by Raphael Ellenbogen]XVI/1:12-18;
Profit March ..., The, by George W. Haylings[column by Joel J. Orosz]VIII/1:22 24
Records of the Coinage of Scotland ... by R. W. Cochran-Patrick (1876)[article by Lord Stewartby]XVIII/2:36-49
Register of Half Dollar Varieties, A, by M. L. Beistle[column by Wayne Homren]XVI/4:24-28
Riches of Coins, The [CD], (Smithsonian, 1992)[column by Joel J. Orosz]XVI/3:13-18
Roman Imperial Coinage, (Spink) [article by Douglas Saville]XIX/2:39-45
Romance and Tragedy of Banking, The, by Thomas P. Kane (1922)[review by Bob Cochran]VI/1:25-26
Scottish Currency [CD], (National Museum of Scotland)[review by E. Tomlinson Fort]XVIII/3:91-92
Short Account of the Life of John +++++ alias Owen Syllavan, A, (anon. pamphlet c.1756)[article by Eric P. Newman]XIX/4:110-115
Silver Coins of England, The, by Edward Hawkins (1841-1887)[article by William Malkmus]XI/1:17-18
 [article by Marvin Lessen]XVI/1:27-28
Sketch of the Coinage of the Mexican Revolutionary General Morelos Based upon an Important Find, A, by Lyman Low (1886)[article by Wayne K. Homren]XIV/2-4:19-23
Soho Mint and the Industrialization of Money, The, by Richard Doty[article by Carl C. Honor?]XVII/2:12-13
Something About Coins by E. A. Barra (1863)[letter by David Hirt]XVII/3:3-4
Standard Catalog of Canadian Coins, Tokens, and Paper Money by James E. Charlton[article by Kenneth E. Bressett]XI/1:12-17
State Bank of Iowa, The, by Hoyt Sherman[column by Wayne Homren]XVI/4:24-28
Suggested Plan for a Building for the Numismatic and Archaeological Society by A. N. S. (1906)[article by Robert Wester]III/3&4:6-7
Tokens of Southern Africa by E(dith) J(oan) Maynard (1966)[article by Russell Hibbs]X/3:10-11
Trade Dollars and Trade Coinage of the World by Harald Salvesen[article by Norman Cochrane]XIII/1:14-15
Tr?sor de Numismatique et Glyptique by Charles Lenormant (1834-1858)[article by David Block]III/2:5-12
Ultimate Guide to Attributing Bust Half Dollars, The, by Glenn R. Peterson[review by Michael M. Marotta]XIX/3:89-90
Understanding Ancient Coins by P. J. Casey (1986)[review by Hugh Cooper]VI/2:59-60
United States Cents of the Year 1794, The, by S. H. Chapman (1923/26)[article by Denis W. Loring]XII/4:14-15
 [column by Wayne K. Homren]XIII/4:18-19
United States Cents of the Years 1798-1799 by George Hubbard Clapp (1931)[article by Jack Collins]VIII/1:14-15
United States Cents of the Years 1801-1802-1803, The, by Howard R. Newcomb (1925)[article by Phil Ralls]XV/2:28
United States Coins with a Good Numismatic Future by Theodore J. Venn (c. 1921)[column by Joel J. Orosz]X/3:22-23
United States Half Cents, The, by Ebenezer Gilbert (1916)[article by Walter Breen]I/2&3:33-38
 [letter from Walter Breen]I/4:57-58
 [article by P. Scott Rubin]X/2:10-14
United States Large Cents 1793-1814 by William Noyes (1991)[review by Chris Victor-McCawley]X/1:9-1
United States Large Cents 1816-1839 by William Noyes (1991)[review by Chris Victor-McCawley]X/1:9-11
United States Numismatic Literature, Vol. I, Nineteenth Century Auction Catalogs by John W. Adams (1982)[addenda and errata by author]VIII/3:7-9
 [letter from George F. Kolbe]XIX/1:4
United States Numismatic Literature, Vol. II, Twentieth Century Auction Catalogs by John W. Adams (1990)[articles by John W. Adams]II/2:29; IV/1&2:7
 [review (anonymous)]IX/2:27-29
Universal Counterfeit ... Bank Note Detector ...,The (1849/53), by Henry C. Foote [article by Michael J. Sullivan]XVI/1:20-26
Varieties of the Copper Issues of the United States Mint in the Year 1794 by E. Maris[article by Bob Schuman]XIX/3:87-88
Vermont Coinage, The, by Reverend Edmund F. Slafter (1870)[article by Robert J. Wester]IV/4:5,8
 [article by Tony Carlotto]XII/2:16-22
Vignette Book (Portraits by U. S. Treasury Dept.)[article by Mike Carter]II/3:12-13
Watkins broadside (1828) [article by Joel J. Orosz]XVIII/3:75-76
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Books (Preservation, etc.):

About the Size of It[anonymous]VII/4:14-15
Binding vs. Casing[anonymous]VII/4:20
Book "Doctor" (Alan Grace) Arrives from England[by Cal Wilson]III/1:3
Describing Books[anonymous]VIII/2:12-18
Gabrielle Fox, bookbinder[meeting reports]XVI/1:3;
How to Pack Books[by John F. Bergman]VIII/2:19-21
Jan Sobota (Bookbinding/Conservation)[column by Joel J. Orosz]VI/4:121-122
Lubrication of Leather Joints[by Dominic Riley]XIV/2-4:34-35
Museum of Bookbinding (Bath, England)[by Michael J. Sullivan]IX/3:24-25
Paper Marbling in Numismatics[by Forrest Daniel]XII/1:14-17
Preservation of Leather and Paper[by Joel J. Orosz]II/4:5-14;
Tips on Moving a Library[by Wayne K. Homren]XV/1:16-20
Your Local Printing Museum[by James Mosvick]IX/3:8-9
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Fixed Price Lists

Bogert and Durbin Co. [articles by David F. Fanning]XX/2:40-50;
 [article by Pete Smith]XX/3:83-84
Dunham's Easy Finding List[article by David H. Cohen]VIII/1:16-20
Fixed Price List: The Forgotten Part of Literature Collections[article by Remy Bourne]V/3:13,16-17
Kelly's Coins and Chatter[article by Michael J. Sullivan]XI/1:22; XI/3:11
Guttag Coin Bulletin [article by Mike Paradis]XVIII/3:71-72
Kelly's Coins and Chatter[article by Michael J. Sullivan]XI/1:22;
New York Coin and Stamp Co.[article by David F. Fanning]XX/2:40-60
Pre-1900 Fixed Price Lists and U. S. Coppers[article by Pete Smith]VII/1:9-15
Ruddy (Jim) Fixed Price Lists[column by Joel J. Orosz]X/3:19-21
Stack's Fixed Price List 1945-1946[column by Myron Xenos]XX/1:24-26
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Crosby's Heliotype Illustrations [article by Eric P. Newman]II/1:5-7
Embossed Coin Books[article by Kirby W. Brown]II/3:5-7;
Engraving Art, Science in Ormsby's Bank Note Engraving[article by Robert Wester]VII/1:21
First Photographically Illustrated Auction Catalogue (Christie, Manson & Woods, 1860)[article by George F. Kolbe]XVI/2:25
Origin of the Coin Plates in Ordway's The American Bond Detector[article by Kirby W. Brown]III/1:9-10
Photographic Illustrations in Numismatic Literature[article by George F. Kolbe]I/1:5-8
Water Immersion Photography[note by John Pittman] IX/3:20
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Literature (General)

Accidental Numismatist[article by L. V. Reppeteau]VII/3:14-17,21
Adolph Hess Library[article by John F. Bergman]IX/3:5-8
American and English Foreign Exchange Broadsides having no Date or Place of Issue[article by Eric P. Newman]XIV/1:3-5, insert
Beginning of Coin Investment Literature[article by Joel J. Orosz]XV/1:5-13
Book Prices Uncurrent (1812 Sale of John, Duke of Roxburghe)[report (anonymous)]VII/1:22-23
Books About U. S. Silver and Gold Coins Prior to 1837 and Pioneer and Territorial Gold[articles by Jeff Rock]VIII/3:10-18;
Books on Copper Worth Their Weight in Gold [article by Jeff Rock]VI/1:18-25;
Bookshelf Bibliomania[article by Jack Collins]I/1:9
Brief History of Canadian Numismatics[article by Philip J. Carrigan]XV/2:6-9
Byways of British Numismatics[article by Harrington E. Manville]V/1:20-24
Check Contemporary Sources[article by P. Scott Rubin]XII/4:7-9
Collecting Numismatic Literature in the 1960s[article by David Hirt]XX/3:87-88
Earliest American Publications on American Numismatics[article by Eric P. Newman]X/3:3-9
The 1877 Fifty Dollar Gold Patterns[article by David Hirt]XV/1:3-4
Elusive Coin Books[article by Wayne K. Homren]II/3:14-15
The Fascinating Challenge of Numismatic Research[address by Q. David Bowers]XX/3:72-82
Foreign Exchange Broadsides (undated American and English)[article by Eric P. Newman]XIV/1:3-5,insert
Have You Checked Head's? [article by L. V. Reppeteau]IX/4:10-12
Genealogical Methods in Numismatic Research[article by Leonard Augsburger]XX/4:110-111
The Incomplet Collector[article by Forrest W. Daniel]I/4:63-64
Introduction to the Fascinating World of Numismatic Literature[article by George F. Kolbe]V/2:9-10;
Krause Publications [report by John Wilson]VI/1:7-9
Life and Times of J. Francis Ruggles[article by Tom Nicely]VI/3:71-80
Napoleonic Medal Books Have Problems[article by David Block]III/2:5-12
Non-Numismatic Books as Sources of Reference -Dr. Frances Gardiner Davenport [article by John J. Ford, Jr.]X/4:3-9
Notes on the Literature of South African Tokens[article by Russell Hibbs]X/3:10-11
Numismatic Book Collecting in the 50s[article by George J. Fuld]XI/3:3-6;
Numismatic Books - An Adventuresome Pursuit[article by Alan Luedeking]XV/3:3-7
Numismatics in the Age of Grolier[anon. exhibit report]XIX/4:135-136
Numismatics in Bibliomania[article by Hugh Cooper]VI/4:119-120
Numismatics in Non-Numismatic Publications[column by Joel J. Orosz]VIII/3:21-23
The Randall Haseltine Type Table[article by Charles Davis]XI/4:17-18
Raymond, Wayte[article by Thomas D. Harrison]VIII/1:7-13
The Reprint - Don't Knock It[article by Alfred Szego]I/4:64
Research Aids: Catalogs, NBS Friends, and Serendipity [article by Ed Price]XVII/2:27-31
Revolutionary Finances[article by Elizabeth M. Nuxoll]VII/2:7-12
Sitting on the Shelf[article by Karl Moulton]XIX/4:118-119
Teenager Wins Numismatic Literature Essay Contest[anon. notice]XVII/3:11
Triple Cities Coin Exchange[column by Joel J. Orosz]X/3:19-21
Vermont (Early) Literature[article by Tony Carlotto]XII/2:16-22
Which Books You Should Buy ...[article by Fred L. Lake]XII/3:12-14
Where Have all the Core References Gone? [article by Joel J. Orosz]XVIII/1:22-24
Whitman Publications[article by Ken Bressett]XI/1:12-17;
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Literature (Miscellaneous)

(Adams' 1905 Sale Catalog: Comments from Cover)[note by Geoffrey Carlton Adams]I/1:2
Adolph Hess Library[article by John F. Bergman]IX/3:5-8
ANA 1909 Election Ephemera[articles by David T. Alexander]XIII/3:10-21;
ANA 1942 Cincinnati ConventionPhotoXI/4:22
ANA (1980) Cincinnati Meeting Address[speech by John J. Ford, Jr.]I/2&3:17-24;
ANA (1991) Convention Notebook[article by P. Scott Rubin]IX/4:22-24
ANA (1992) Orlando Convention Diary[article by John Burns]X/4:20-25
Announcing the New Device: Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge [BOOK][anon. article]XVI/3:24
Annual "Shammies" Awards [columns by Joel J. Orosz]XVI/4:14-18;
ANS Plans New Building ... in 1906[note by Robert J. Wester]III/3&4:6-7
Armand Champa Exhibit[report by Charles Davis]IX/4:24-25
August 17, 1996 - Dazed and Confused (ANA Award)[article by Pete Smith]XIV/2-4:13-18
Authoring is the Collecting of Titles[article by Michael E. Marotta]XX/1:22-23
Between the Covers[columns by Bill Murray]XVI/1:19;
A Book Collector's Strategy[note by Forrest W. Daniel]IV/4:9-10
Case of the Missing Consonant[article by L. Miles Raisig]VII/3:8-11
C'mon in, the E-Mail's Fine[article by Wayne K. Homren]XII/4:16-17
Coin Albums: Numismatic Literature?[article by David W. Lange]XII/3:16-22
Coin Album Development[articles by David W. Lange]XV/2:17-27;
Confusion Rains Supreme[article (anonymous)]VII/2:19
Copyright Laws[editorial by David H. Block]VII/1:5
Copyright Law for Numismatists, Overview of [article by Ben Keele]XIX/1:18-20
Dealer Sees Market Upswing[article by Yasha Beresiner]II/4:15-16
A Difference of Opinion[article by Q. David Bowers]V/3:19-21
Don't Believe Everything You Hear about Coins; Check Contemporary Sources for Facts![article by P. Scott Rubin]XII/4:7-9
Early American Coppers Convention (1992)[article by Charles Davis]X/2:21-23
1804 Dollar Supposedly Sold to Scott & Co. ... [from N. Y. Daily Tribune, 1895]XII/1:9-10
Erratas (sic) and Such[article (anonymous)]II/2:28
Evolution of a Species[article by Bruce Banner]XV/1:13-14
Fire Destroys Miller Print Shop[note by James Mosvick]IX/3:20
Here's Looking Up Your Old Address[quiz, answers]V/3:23-24;
Hidden Treasures in Old Literature[article by David F. Fanning]XX/4:115-116
Modern Photocopy Machine[article by Alfred Szego]VII/3:12-13
Moving into the New Millennium[article by Arthur Crawmer]XVI/3:19-23
My Amazing Story by a 1795 B-10 Dollar[article by W. David Perkins]XX/1:3-6
North American Indians -McKenney & Hall[article by Don Graves]XIII/4:19-21
A Numismatic Book [poem by Eric P. Newman]VI/4:100
Numismatic Literature and the Computer[article by Arthur Crawmer]XI/1:20-22
Plea for Help and Understanding - and a Warning[article by J. D. McCarthy]XIX/3:81-86
Professional: Smile When You Call Me That[article by Randolph Zander]V/1:9-10
Professionals, Pet Rocks, Pet Food and Pet Peeves[article by Carling Gresham]IV/3:22-23;
Research: Necessity, Curiosity, and a Roll of the Dice[article by Carling Gresham]V/2:10; V/3:7-9
Revisiting the Early 1950s[article by Q. David Bowers]V/1:16-19
Saga of Utah's Largest Manhunt[article by Harry F. Campbell]V/1:10-11
The Saga of the West[article by Harry F. Campbell]V/3:11-12
Seed Money Twenty Five Dollars[note by Fred Lake]VIII/4:17-18
Shammy Awards[columns by Joel J. Orosz]VIII/2:21-23;
Some Notes on Archives[article by Q. David Bowers]XX/2:51-53;
Some Particular Advice to Those About to Start a Collection of Coins[article by James C. Risk]V/1:24-25
Support Your Local Printing Museum[by James Mosvick]IX/3:8-9
Trivia Department[quiz, answers]X/2:8-9; X/3:22
Who Was Major the Lord St. Oswald?[article by Michael J. Hodder]XII/4:3-7
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Literature (U. S. Colonial and Copper)

Attribution Guide for "Sheldons"[article by John Kraljevich, Jr.]XI/3:18-21;
Books on Copper Worth Their Weight in Gold[article by Jeff Rock]VI/1:18-25;
Breen's Annotated "Miller" (Connecticut Coppers)[article by Jim C. Spillman]XIII/1:8-9
Chapman's United States Cents of the Year 1794[article by Denis W. Loring]XII/4:14-15
 [column by Wayne K. Homren]XIII/4:18-19
Clapp's United States Cents of the Years 1798-1799[article by Jack Collins]VIII/1:14-15
Continental Paper Money[article by Joel J. Orosz]XVIII/2:50-59
Crosby's Early Coins of America[article by George F. Kolbe]I/1:12-14
 [article by Robert J. Wester]II/1:1-4
 [article by Eric P. Newman]II/1:5-7
Dr. Henry Bronson: Physician and Historian[article by Michael J. Sullivan]X/4:13-15
Early American Coppers Convention (1992)[report by Charles Davis]X/2:21-23
 [report by Wayne K. Homren]X/3:12-18
Execution of a Counterfeiter (1756) [article by Eric P. Newman]XIX/4:110-115
Gilbert's United States Half Cents[article by P. Scott Rubin]X/2:10-14
Key Large Cent Literature[help request by Denis W. Loring]V/1:13
Levick Plate of 1793 Cents[article by Frank Van Zandt]XII/2:8-9
Mendelson Exhibit[report (anonymous)]X/2:21-22
Mendelson (Dennis) Library Sale(Kolbe, Oct. 1992)[article by Charles Davis]X/4:11-13
Noyes' United States Large Cents 1793-1814[article by Chris Victor-McCawley]X/1:9-11
Noyes' United States Large Cents 1816-1839[article by Chris Victor-McCawley]X/1:9-11
Penny Whimsy by William H. Sheldon, Walter Breen, and Dorothy Paschal[article by John Kraljevich, Jr.]XI/3:18-21
Pre-1900 Fixed Price Lists and U. S. Coppers[article by Pete Smith]VII/1:9-15
Rarity and Value of Large Cent Literature[article by John W. Adams]I/1:3-5
Review of Half Cent Literature[article by Walter H. Breen]I/2&3:33-38;
Sheldon's Early American Cents[article by John Kraljevich, Jr.]XI/3:18-21
United States Cents of the Years 1801-1802-1803, The, by Howard R. Newcomb[article by Phil Ralls]XV/2:28
Vermont Literature[article by Tony Carlotto]XII/2:16-22
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NBS News and History

NBS National Meetings(1979) I/1:1
 (1980) I/1:15; I/2&3:17
 (1984) II/3:11
 (1985) III/2:3-4
 (1986) IV/1&2:3,4-5; IV/3:8-9
 (1987) V/2:8; V/4:5-6
 (1988) VI/2:39; VI/3:69
 (1989) VII/2:3; VII/3:3,5
 (1990) VIII/1:4; VIII/3:4; VIII/4:5
 (1991) IX/2:5; IX/3:4
 (1992) X/3:23; X/4:18
 (1993) XI/3:17
 (1994) XII/2:23;
 (1996) XIV/2-4:24
 (1998) XVI/2:14-15;
 (2001) XIX/3:88;
 (2002) XX/4:102-103
NBS Regional Meetings(1983) II/2:17
 (1986) IV/3:19; V/1:8
 (1987) V/3:5; VI/1:7-9
 (1988) VI/2:39
 (1989) VI/3:88; VI/4:100; VII/3:5
 (1991) IX/2:4,5
 (1992) X/1:12
 (1994) XII/1:24
 (1996) XIII/3:4
 (1997) XV/1:26
 (1998) XVI/1:19
Board Meetings(1986) IV/3:9
 (1987) V/4:5-6
 (1988) VI/2:39; VI/3:69-70
 (1988) VI/4:100
 (1989) VII/3:3
 (1990) VIII/2:4; VIII/3:4
 (1991) IX/4:4
 (1993) XI/3:16-17
Elections(1983) II/2:18
 (1985) II/4:3-4; III/2:7
 (1987) V/1:3; V/2:5,8; VI/1:7
 (1989) VII/4:3
 (1991) VIII/4:4; IX/2:4
 (1993) XI/1:24; XI/2:19
 (1995) XII/4:22-24; XIII/1:25-26
 (1997) XV/2:2
 (1999) XVII/2:2;
  (2001) XIX/2:38;
By-LawsII/2:18-19; VI/4:100; VII/3:3; XV/3:2
Constitution and By-Laws [center insert]XVI/3:i-iv
Awards, ContestsIV/3:9
The AsylumI/1:1
 (L) I/2&3:25-26
Asylum IndexesIII/2:16-17
The E-Sylum VII/3:2,14-15
Name ControversyI/1:1
NBS Officers (Past and Present) XV/4:IFC
Historical Photographs I/4:62
Other HistoricalI/1:1
From the Editor [Jack Collins]I/1:1
 [Carling Gresham] II/3:16;
 [Joel J. Orosz]IV/1&2:4-6,8,20;
 [David Block]VI/3:70;
 [Wayne K. Homren (guest editorial)]IX/2:6
 [Charles Davis]X/2:18-19;
 [Martin Gengerke]XIII/2-5
 [George F. Kolbe]XV/1:28
From the President[Cal Wilson]II/3:3-4;
 [George F. Kolbe]III/3&4:3-4;
IV/1&2:3; V/1:3;
 [Armand Champa]V/4:2
 [Remy Bourne]VII/3:6-7;
 [Ken Lowe]VII/4:3
 [P. Scott Rubin]IX/2:5;
 [Michael J. Sullivan]XV/3:2
 [Wayne K. Homren] XVII/3:2;
 [Pete Smith] XIX/4:106-108;
Treasurer's Report(1989) VII/1:3;
 (1993) XI/3:12
 (1995) XIII/3:25
 (1997) XV/3:2
 (2002) XX/2:39;
Membership Reports XVI/1:3;
News from the Net[articles by Pete Smith]XVI/3:40-41;
Web SiteXVI/2:27;
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Numismatic Libraries, Exhibits

John Allan Library [article by David Hirt]X/1:6-9
Champa (Armand) Library[article by Carling Gresham]VI/3:80,C1-C4
Champa Exhibit [report by Charles Davis]IX/4:24-25
Champa Library Sales (1994-95)[report by Michael J. Sullivan]XII/4:17-19
 [report by Philip J. Carrigan]XIII/2:26-27
Exhibiting Numismatic Literature[article by Wayne K. Homren]X/1:21-24; (L)X/2:19
George Fuld Library[article by George Fuld]XVII/2:15-16
Hess (Adolph) Library Sale[report by John F. Bergman]IX/3:5-8
Katen (Frank) Library Sales (1994)[report by Michael J. Sullivan]XII/2:22-23
 [report by Ken Lowe]XII/4:20-22
 [article by Pete Smith]XIII/4:24-25
Largest Private Library (Stack's)[article by Alfred Szego]VII/2:17-18
Lowe (Ken) Library Sale[article by John and Nancy Wilson]XVIII/3:80-83
Mendelson Exhibit[report (anonymous)]X/2:21-22
Mendelson (Dennis) Library Sale (Kolbe, Oct. 1992)[article by Charles Davis]X/4:11-13
Mercantile Bank Money Museum Library (Newman, St. Louis)[report (anonymous)]X/2:21-22
 [note by Wayne K. Homren]X/3:18
Newman (Eric P.) Library[article by Wayne K. Homren]X/3:12-18
Numismatics in the Age of Grolier[anonymous notice]XIX/4:135-136
 [article by George F. Kolbe]XX/1:11-13
Punchard (Dick) Library Sale[article by Pete Smith]XVI/1:8-11
Rollin-Feuardent Library [report by George Kolbe]XI/4:3-7
Roxburghe (John, Duke of) Library[article (anonymous)]VII/1:22-23
Smith, Building, Maintaining, and Disposing of a Numismatic Library[review by Bill Murray]XII/3:9-10
Smith 1996 Exhibit[article by Pete Smith]XIV/2-4:13-18
Stack's Library[article by George F. Kolbe]XIV/2-4:46-52
Tips on Moving a Library[article by Wayne K. Homren]XV/1:16-20
Yudin Library (in Library of Congress)[article by Randolph Zander]VI/1:11-13
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Periodicals by Title

American Antiquarian, The [column by Joel J. Orosz]XII/1:9-12
American Journal of Numismatics[note by Charles Davis]X/2:19
 [article by Frank Van Zandt] XI/4:10-12
 [letter from Q. David Bowers]XI/4:20-21
 [article by Frank Van Zandt]XII/2:8-9
American Numismatist, The (1886-87)[front page, first issue]VII/2:16
 [column by Joel J. Orosz]XV/1:21-26
American Society of Curio Collectors Bulletin[article by Wayne K. Homren]XI/2:3-10
Asylum, The [note by Carling Gresham]II/3:16
 [index by Alan Meghrig]III/2:16-17
 [editorial by Joel J. Orosz]V/2:3
Biblio: The Magazine for Collectors of Books, Manuscripts, and Ephemera[anonymous notice]XIV/2-4:28
Bulletin (Chicago Numismatic Society)[article by William A. Burd]XIV/2-4:29-30
Celator, The, - Journal of Ancient Art and Artifacts[anonymous notice]IX/4:21
Coin Journal, The (Steigerwalt, 1878-82)[article by Michael J. Sullivan]XIII/1:15-22
Coin News[article by Michael J. Sullivan]IV/3:17-19
Coin Press[article by Michael J. Sullivan]IV/3:17-19
Coins Magazine[article by Michael J. Sullivan]IV/3:17-19
Coins Unlimited (Bill & Cris Johns)[talk by Remy Bourne]II/2:24
Curio, The (Steigerwalt, 1878-1909)[article by Michael J. Sullivan]XIII/1:15-22
Decorah Numismatic Journal (1875)[talk by Remy Bourne]II/2:24
Detroit Philatelist, The[article by Pete Smith]XIV/2-4:41-43
Flying Eaglet, The[article by Michael J. Sullivan]IV/3:17-19
Henfrey's Journal (1864-66)[article by Marvin Lessen]XIII/4:5-6
Heritage Numismatic Journal[article by Joel J. Orosz]IV/1&2:19
John Reich Journal[review by Joel J. Orosz]V/3:25
Journal of the Pacific Coast Numismatic Society[review by Joel J. Orosz]IV/1&2:19-20; (L)IV/3:4
 [article by David W. Lange]IV/3:23
Mason's Coin and Stamp Collector's Magazine[column by Joel J. Orosz]XIV/2-4:37-40
Mehl's Coin Circular[article by Joel J. Orosz]XII/3:3-8
New England Journal of Numismatics[review by Steven Helfer]V/1:26-27
Notgeld, Das[article by David Block]VI/4:102-115
Numisma (Sydney K. Eastwood)[article by Randolph Zander]IV/4:9
Numisma (Ed. Frossard)[article by John W. Adams]I/2&3:27-28
Numisma (New Netherlands)[article by David Gladfelter]XIV/2-4:55-56
Numismatic Messenger, The [article by William Malkmus]XI/1:17-18; (L)XI/2:23
Numismatic News (1895-96)[article by Michael J. Sullivan]XIII/1:15-22
Numismatist, The[column by Joel J. Orosz]VI/2:60-6
 [article by Ken Lowe]VII/1:18-19
 [article by Pete Smith]XIV/2-4:41-43
 [letter from Jack W. Ogilvie]XIV/2-4:53
 [column by Joel J. Orosz]XV/1:21-26
 [article by David J. Sklow]XVII/3:18-22
Out on a Limb[article by Darryl A. Atchison]XX/1:14-21
Plain Talk (first ANA)[talk by Remy Bourne]II/2:24
Special Coin Letters (Bowers 1970-1981)[article by Michael J. Sullivan] XII/1:19-21
Steigerwalt's Coin Journal (1883-84)[article by Michael J. Sullivan]XIII/1:15-22
Whitman Numismatic Journal [article by Bob Christie]XVI/4:21-22
You Name It[article by Michael J. Sullivan]IV/3:17-19
(General) American journals 1860-1960[review (anonymous)]IX/1:17-23
(General) German periodicals [article by Reinhold Jordan]II/3:4
(General) Overview of Obscure Numismatic Periodicals[article by Remy Bourne]IV/3:10-13,16
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